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                                            PALMISTRY & HAST REKHA 


Today, I am explaining about PALMISTRY for BEGINNERS/ LEARNERS in very simple manner.I will focus on palmistry basics, palmistry palm reading,palmistry mounts,palmistry mounts of the hand,mounts of palm,palmistry mounts between fingers,double sun line palmistry,importance of sun line in palmistry,sun line in hand,marriage line in hand,marriage lines on palm,relationship line on palm,lifeline and head line not joined,head line from mount of jupiter,head line and life line not joined,line of mercury in the palm, palmistry travel abroad lines,palmistry lines for foreign travel, PALMISTRY and Astrology is very useful for prediction. If we will combine these two then really we can get excellent results. Combination of these two will take you very near to accurate predictions.
In very simple languages, now I want to share some knowledge with you gyes. You can start learning. I am putting some more light here on PALMISTRY:

Major lines on hands:
1)Life line
2)Heart line
3)Mind line
4)Luck Line (Saturn Line)
5)Marriage Line
6)Sun line    (Wealth Line)
7)Mercury Line
8)Foreign line

Major Mounts:
1)Jupiter      (1st Finger after thumb)
2)Saturn      (2nd Finger after thumb)
3)Sun          (3rd Finger after thumb)
4)Mercury   (4th Finger after thumb)
5)Venus      (Below Thumb area)
6)Rahu       (Middle part of palm also known as Dig of Rahu)
7)ketu         (Near wrist joint area)
8)Moon       (last part of palm near to rahu left side)
9)Mars        (Two areas below part of Jupiter mount aur 2nd mangal)

Now explaining one by one all Lines first:

1) Life Line:     Major line of any hands .It will give complete life view.
2) Heart Line:  Heart line gives various indications like Particulars views and commitments.
3) Mind Line:   It shows mental ability. Very long Mind line is generally not good,which ends below hand.
4) Luck Line:   Major line of any hand. It shows destiny support, Struggles in life. Long luck line with no cuts Shows Good destiny. If this line reach to Saturn mount then bhagoyaday 100% but may be some struggle in starting life but after very good life.
5) Marriage line: This line is also important bcoz it shows marriage related indication. If it is far from heart line then may be late marriage. But in mid so marriage in normal age period.
6) Sun Line: Small Sun line can able to give very strong and happy life with wealth, fame. Sun line can give celebrity status if trident is there.
7) Mercury Line: Health line also start same place and reach to mount of mercury if it is straight then very good health/wealth. Generally in most of the hands it is missing.
Even Griddle of mercury makes Ordinary person to Millionaire.
8) Foreign Line: I added this line (Astrologer generally not discuss about this line) lot of persons now a dayz want to know about foreign tours. Generally it is not specify in our classic. It starts from Below part of palm and Touch life line parallel to Venus mount below moon mount.
I will continue this.

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