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Due to the Almighty's Will & Grace that you have visited my blog. After having thoroughly studied the various branches of Occult Sciences like Astrology, Numerology, Gem Therapy, Signature reading, vastu, Palmistry & Face reading, I am destined to serve people like you. Astrology is great science given by our rishis. This great science they used for serve mankind and humanity. Today this purpose is changed, everyone running for money. This is the reason prediction going fail. Astrology is strong science after that predictive astrology comes into a picture. Here I am trying to give more n more concepts of astrology to everyone. I feel our views on predictive astrology needs to review/change because everyone wants only prediction, no one wants dig-in planet nature/functionalties, its characters and power of the planet. How planets are affecting human body-system. We just translate one little sloka of Sanskrit in different-different ways/words and telling same to everyone and then prediction goes wrong. Need to study and learn every concept in deep, but in this fast moving world everyone want to become master of astrology in a month.

Prateek Bhatt : Prateek Bhatt born in Kanpur,India. I came from spiritual family.I always interested in this mystical world and started learning at the age of 12 , even I still remember my first book, which i read vrihad hast rekha shastra at the age of 12 .After learning so many books all type of mysterious branch of astrology like Astrology/Palmistry/Face reading/Dream Interpretation/Reiki, I started my research on astronomy at the age of 17 with different vision and trying to represent astrology in my own way,where people should not fear from Kall-Sarp dosha or Mangalik etc . 

Prateek Bhatt has been the resident indian astrologer for a number of newspapers and magazines(Rastra-Chintak, Jyotish patrika), even writes columns for politics and celebrity astrology articles for print and web media. He is consultant astrologer in AAJTAK & Tez Channel. He hosts very famous group (Vedic Jyotish) in Facebook on Astrology. Mr.Bhatt is master of Indian horoscope/Western and chinese horoscope with 20 year of experience.

Prateek Bhatt was initially self-taught in astrology, immersing himself for many years. Later he taught & benefited to many learner or young new astrologer and that journey of learning continues.
He has taught many highly esteemed debatable astrological topic.His work on Autism remarkable international level.He gave very specific reason of autism in Astrology.In addition, Prateek Bhatt has written a number of highly acclaimed Articles which have international recognition.

For Contact/Consult: astrobhatt10@gmail.com

Life is like stairs, it takes time to reach on top 
but going downstairs is much more easier - Prateek Bhatt

वक़्त बदलता है, ज़िन्दगी बदलती है ,लोग बदलते है , इस बीच सब पाकर भी जो नही बदलते और जिनकी मेहनत भी नहीं बदलती, वही मुक़दर के सिकंदर बनते है - भट्ट प्रतीक


  1. Thank you Prateek for my Astrology report and financial report. I will highly recommend your consultations to friends and family. You have given me a deeper understanding of the power the planets have in my life. In fact, I have decided to have you report on each of my childrens Astrology as an upcoming gift as opposed to any material gift that would soon be set aside.
    I am extremely grateful to you and thank you for stirring this need to learn more of our planets nature and power.
    Marian. McM.

  2. Can you help me Prateek?Me and my family are suffering from a lot many problems..

  3. sir, thank you so much for detailed analysis of my horoscope.and predictions given by you are so accurate.yes year 2016 was not good for my health.. sir i am definitely going to follow the remedies given by you..need your blessings sir..and i must say i have never seen such a different approach of horoscope analysis... Thanks and regards..

  4. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the report.

    Your insights on my past and present are very much true! I'm amazed by your ability, precision and advice.

  5. Dear Prateek,

    Thanks for detailed Lifetime Astrology report, which indeed provide deep insight in to my life and career.

    As I said previously, if time and situations permit me, I look forward to meet you during my next visit to Kanpur.

    I thank you for the fact that your reading / analysis of my chart is absolutely through and complete.

  6. Brother thank u soo much for the analysis.i must say you are point on...like extremely accurate in ur readings.i very greatful to God that I connected with u.thank u soo much.very rarely one finds people with soo much real knowledge.

  7. "Mr. Bhatt has very accurate and detailed knowledge of vedic astrology and looks at the horoscope in a very unconventional and modern approach. 99% of his predictions are correct and his remedies are very useful. I would recommend him to all seekers of astrological advice" thanks

  8. Hi Prateek Ji
    Hari Om!

    Excellent report. You have covered everything very well and delivered the report on time as promised.
    Thank you so much. The moon-saturn combination, as you said, I get depressed easily. If there are any specific remedies for making the moon (mind) stronger, please let me know.

  9. I would like to recommend you because you are not astrologer for peoples you are best counselor in the world and during consultation gives explanation of every facts also. Mind blowing technique. God Bless You.

  10. Thanks Prateek ji for such accurate life report of my life, I will transfer 200 $ for my wife report also soon. Again many thanks to you.

  11. Thanks Prateek sir

    you really did a great hard work and I found a very close relationship with my situation. this is really true what Iam fear I am facing presently when thinking of marry him. I appreciate your knowledge.

    I just talked to the boy and found that his time is not that much accurate as he is born through operation and one time his mom was telling that nurse has noted the time very late. I was thinking can you tell me something only from my kundali which can indicate about the boy I will be marrying for example may be his age, occupation, living area or anything which can help me.

    you have mentioned that my marriage yog if after april 2018 but I did not see any thing for boy. may be that will serve as another indicator. I just want to know if he is the same person. his parents wants him to marry soon as well as the boy.

    I will be happy if you can answer these.


  12. Thanks lot sir, your prediction came true and i got US Visa. Thanks again for guiding me.

  13. You are best astrologer on the earth, Because of you my life changed. Thanks for your guidance Sir.

  14. Hats off your knowledge, You are the MASTER of Astrology.

  15. Salute you Sir, You defined the astrology in simple manner and in new way where anyone can believe your scientific approach. Thanks lot Mr Bhatt.

  16. Thanks Prateek sir

    It is really much relief after taking to you. I think Iam lucky enough to find you and in this period of mental dilemma. I have never tried online astrology but it looks like with the god's grace I found you. you are really honest in your readings and have done much hard work. you helped me in realizing my weak points and motivated me to work hard on that. Hopefully I should also work hard and follow your remedies. I am really looking forward to send you more feedback after sometime when I will see things working out.

    thanks and regards

  17. Dear Prateek,

    Thank you for your work.

    I read what you wrote several times. you are a true Master in your work.

    You are right, i am an artist. i work as an actor, and a director on TV , radio, and stage. on the last 3 years i focus on creating TV and radio shows for young children. and i am well known in my country.

    I am now at the beginning of a new project. it is very complicated. it will be ready in 2018. i hope your map is telling the success of this project.

    but i wanted to ask you about an issue you did not noticed. a year ago i had a personal tragedy. i lost my beloved husband . his name was TAL. maybe you will remember him - he met you twice when you used to come to Israel. he had a brain cancer. ha died in April 2016. i miss him very much. i wanted to ask if you see a new partner in my future? i feel very lonely. and my 2 children need someone to look up to.

    another thing you wrote is about my health. i have strong digestion problems. i am allergic to many kinds of food. is that what you saw? can you recommend something to do about it?

    Thank you very much


  18. I recently got 10 years career predictions from Prateek Ji, I loved it and amazed by his in-depth knowledge of astrology, Brief explanation of career from 2017 to 2026 and covered every point to his best. I phoned him a couple of times to clarify certain doubts about my chart and his response was sweet and encouraging, I would highly recommend him those "who seek for best analysis".


  19. Dear Sir,

    Wishes for the day.

    Myself Abhijit Kundu, aged 37 years from Gandhidham, Gujarat. I have recently developed interest in occult study and for the last 3 months I have started gathering knowledge on this subject. till now I have been able to extract some of the planetary aspects related to my natal chart. while searching on the subject on internet, I came across your various articles published on this subject, and would like to thank you for such an wonderful write-up. Your articles are exact to the point and in simple language, as if you are yourself explaining in front. Thanks a lot for such wonderful writings.

    Regards Abhijit Kundu Gandhidham, Gujarat

  20. It was nice to have your consultation. I will surely refer you to my friends. Just one quick question: you referred that I have 7th lord sitting in 9th house forms a raj yoga. Since your voice was low, I could not catch it cleanly. It will be great if you confirm.


  21. Salute you and your depth in this , No words for interpretation. Thanks again Mr Bhatt

  22. True Master of this ancient science. My Salute and love to you.

  23. Hello Prateek,

    You have one of THE most insightful pages on moon + rahu in 12th house!!


    Incredibly spot-on information. I'd love to be able to do a consultation with you. Let me know your availability:

    Birth details: November 9, 1977 5:54am in Schenectady, NY USA