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Saturn transit Sagittarius 2017

Saturn, King of Kaliyug, King of Gains, King of Sorrow in Sagittarius which is king of Discipline so one of the great transit going to happen because Saturn never control by any planet except till some extent Jupiter can change or control his behaviour and Saturn act as disciplined student in his sign.

When does Saturn enter Sagittarius, Saturn Dhanu transit will start from 26 January 2017 to Jan 2020 (शनि का धनु राशि में गोचर 26 जनवरी 2017, 21:34). Saturn transits the sign Sagittarius (Saturn transit 2017 January), Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by auspicious planet Jupiter. In these long 3 years Saturn influence 3 different nakshatras which are ruled by Ketu, Venus and Sun. So overall prediction depends on many such things, so before conclude anything please check thoroughly and deeply your horoscope. saturn transit in 2017 effects, You can do some remedies for Saturn Transit good results which is mentioned in end of this articles.

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Everyone`s eye on this planet transit, next Saturn transit 2017, what next he will deliver for mankind. In last Scorpio transit everyone saw Saturn power and justice.
Saturn transit Sagittarius vedic astrology, This is one of the best times for everyone because all slow planets in good sign, Rahu-Ketu also coming in July.

What is Saturn and his importance in transit: Saturn is reality of life, Saturn is harsh but true, Saturn is slow but stable, Saturn is clever but successful in Kaliyug, Saturn is struggle but gain also, Saturn is black but not lack, Saturn is sorrow but not narrow, Saturn is grief but brief also, Saturn is poor but also supports poor/lower society. Hope you will understand the importance of Saturn transit. 1 very simple reason is if any planet more than 2.5 year in 1 signs then how much it can impact on that particular sign, we can feel as well as understand.

Effects of Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn is generally taboo breaking planet which wants to create his own boundary as per his thinking but In Sagittarius sign picture will be different because in both Jupiter sign Saturn follows boundary and react as a most principled as compare to other 10 signs. Saturn will do very well in this time because good positive ray of Jupiter will help to create new things rather than destroys. Main good point is Saturn govern from Jupiter positive energy from Jan 2017 to 2020. This time will be especially good for hard-working, honest, principled, ambitious service oriented peoples. Jupiter and Saturn will support fully to those peoples who has strong Jupiter and Saturn and their placement. Government sector employee will be happy and satisfy from their job.

Favorable sign for Saturn transit 2017: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces.

Average sign for Saturn Transit 2017: Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn.

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शनि गोचर 2017  शनि धनु राशि में  शनि धनु में 2017

Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit for Career/Business/Service: Transit of Saturn in Jupiter sign will be good because Jupiter is planet of hard-work principle, destiny and expansion. It will increase auspiciousness in results and people will do well in their job/service/business. Saturn and Jupiter is karmic planet so both planets will help to service peoples in their career specially. Both planet known for their hard-work and obviously after hard work planet of expansion and planet of big gains will give big success and achievement also.

Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit for Wealth: Wealth wise this period will be good because both major planet in good sign especially when Jupiter will enter in Libra in 2017, that time people and India will flourish in economy wise. Saturn gives very good results in wealth accumulation, land purchase and great earning benefits. Real estate market will do well after July 2017.

Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit for Love/Relationship: Saturn transit 2017 to 2020 predictions are people will find out stable partner for long lasting relationship not like previously placed scorpion Saturn when People were fulfilling their desire only like scorpion king Saturn. Who are waiting for marriage/partner will try to knot someone. Overall this Saturn will give good marriages in this year.

Let’s start discussing Saturn transit effect on Sagittarius.

Saturn transit for Aries or Saturn transit 2017 in Aries
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Aries or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit (saturn transit for aries ascendant) in 9th sign which stands for principle, religion, foreign travel, luck and destiny. This Saturn transit will be good for Aries but nakshatra wise Saturn placement is average most of the time, so you can feel some delay in achieving your targets. Saturn will give rise but slowly in this time period. Foreign travel you can expect in this year. You can see big gains and upliftment in career with increase earning will be there.
Saturn sagittarius 2017 transit for aries, Sagittarius 9th house shows will start giving good result from 2018 when Saturn will enter in Venus nakshatra which increase wealth, property and money flow. In this tie period people who are earning from share/commodity market need to check 3 times their investment otherwise loss will be there.  Overall Saturn transit 2017 Aries will bring good amount of wealth, big gains, real estate gains, gains from father and good professional growth most of time in this transit.

Saturn transit for Taurus or Saturn transit 2017 in Taurus
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Taurus or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit in 8th house which will not consider good. This stands for hidden pleasure, occult knowledge, sudden and unexpected events. Saturn transit 2017 for taurus on 8th house will give heavy expenditures and bad for sexual pleasure and family life. This time period you may face some litigation or unusual desire of hidden pleasure which may damage your concentration and success of life. Be aware from any fraud, cheating, women and wines which may give you some harm even don’t try to cheat anyone, fraud and short cut earning.  They will do well from mid-2017 and will enjoy life if they will more incline towards spirituality and religions. Saturn sagittarius 2017 transit for taurus in 8th house shows Career wise you will do well main issue of health and unusual desire in this transit. You may face some sudden health issue such as spinal, gastric, paralysis, lower body parts these type issue you need to take care.

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Saturn transit for Gemini or Saturn transit 2017 in Gemini
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Gemini or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit in 7th house for Gemini which shows gains in marriage life, people who want to go marry and finding stable marriage partner will try knot and get benefitted from partners. This time period you will get new business ideas and will get benefited from business, any new business starts will give immense wealth after this transit. Saturn transit Sagittarius 7th house Service and business people will do well in their career. You may expect good start of new things in this transit and enjoyment with family. You may expect long time foreign travel in this transit which will give wealth from foreign lands. Saturn sagittarius 2017 transit for Gemini people will get support from your parents but health of parents will be your concern area in this Saturn Sagittarius transit.

Saturn transit for Cancer or Saturn transit 2017 in Cancer
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Cancer or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit in 6th house shows service, enemies, loans, obstacles, health issues and you will get victory on all these matters but try to avoid commence any new loan in this period. You may face spinal and health issues which may affect your daily life, so try to involve yourself in yoga and meditation then Jupiter will act as safeguard. This period will be good because Saturn in ketu nakshatra and Venus nakstra will give monetary gains as well. Saturn sagittarius 2017 transit for cancer in 6th house period shows promotion and success in service if peoples related with hard-work. Saturn transit effects on cancer peoples who are serving for mankind will get benefited in large manner get huge wealth, appreciation and fame for their work. They will enjoy their life if they will stay away from any loans, cheating and shortcuts.

Saturn transit for Leo or Saturn transit 2017 in Leo
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Leo or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit in 5th house shows new born baby in family, new affair, more reluctant mind and good period for students for getting success in education. Those who are targeting any research work they will get success in this transit. Saturn sagittarius 2017 transit for leo in 5th house People will find good love partner and will enjoy wealth in life but loss will be there in share market, so try to avoid invest money in those places. People will enjoy life with their family with wealth and gains. Strong Saturn and Jupiter peoples will get benefitted from marriage and enjoy upcoming years with family.

Saturn transit for Virgo or Saturn transit 2017 in Virgo
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Virgo or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit in 4th house is less good for family peace because angriness, arguments,  relationship will be in trouble. Land, property, new house wise this period will favour these Virgo peoples. Due to friendly sign of Virgo Saturn presence in 4th house somehow will not hurt much there and 10th aspect of Saturn in Virgo will give some gains in life. Saturn transit Sagittarius 4th house will get benefit in service, profession and victory over enemies. You will do well in career but due to large work in work places and due your busy schedule, your family life will get affected. You need to understand your family needs and spend more time with family and children. Children will become source of happiness in this transit(Saturn sagittarius 2017 transit for virgo).

Saturn transit for Libra or Saturn transit 2017 in Libra
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Libra or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit in 3rd house which represents communication, siblings and inner power. People confidence will increase; people will do well from their communication and getting power/name/fame. You may expect more power in your career, profession and more interaction with powerful peoples specially politician. There will be frequent issues with siblings in this period. Saturn transit Sagittarius 3rd house good for Libra peoples so they will enjoy good earnings, wealth, new land, vehicles in their home. They may expect child birth, new born baby in this year due to Saturn 3rd aspect in 5th house. They surely do travel in this year because Saturn aspecting in 9th house and 12th house as well. Especially Saturn sagittarius 2017 transit for libra over Venus nakshatra will give immense sudden wealth, property and growth in life. People will more inclined for their work and receiving power in this transit.

Saturn transit for Scorpio or Saturn transit 2017 in Scorpio
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Scorpio or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit in 2nd house is not good for routine income, salary, asset and family life. People will speech harsh and that will become the differences in family and even work life, you should control on your tongue in this period otherwise things will not go well in this transit. Saturn transit Sagittarius 2nd house wealth wise will be average and career/business will also be average in this time period. This year if you want buy your property/asset please avoid in this transit otherwise loss will be there. You don’t invest your money in any risky places otherwise you will lose your wealth. You should stay away from long journey through vehicle and take precaution during driving. Take care of your health and lower body parts. Buying any new property will be good for you but any risky and disputed wealth/property will may give pain to you so stay away from these matters.(Saturn sagittarius 2017 transit for scorpio)

Saturn transit for Sagittarius or Saturn transit 2017 in Sagittarius
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Sagittarius or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit in 1st house will give angriness, laziness, fast moving nature; easily conclude anything’s especially when Saturn will transit ketu nakshatra. This time period will be good for new born babies in this ascendant. Less mental peace, ego in nature you will feel in this time period. Saturn transit Sagittarius 1st house will give stubborn nature and unknown fear sometimes in mind you may think a lot. Siblings will do well in their life; you will get marry in this year with right partner and will get career gains in this transit. You will easily express yourselves to others in this period and get benefited in career. Saturn transit dhanu rashi 2017 or Saturn transit predictions for Sagittarius ascendant or Saturn Sagittarius transit shows many developments in many areas of life because planet of expansion and hunger ness of Saturn will work well if both planets well placed then push peoples for hard work and setting and achieving new goals in this 3 year period with rapid speed.(Saturn Sagittarius 2017 transit for Sagittarius)

Saturn transit for Capricorn or Saturn transit 2017 in Capricorn
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Capricorn or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit (saturn transit capricorn 2017) in 12th house is not good you may face sudden expenditure, loss, accident; less peace in mind will be there in this time period. In this time period you need to avoid your angriness and expenditure otherwise you will be in trouble. Saturn transit in Sagittarius for Capricorn this year you should more involve in spirituality even not more completely involve yourself in spirituality and lord Krishna Pooja which may save you from loss will give mental peace which is really very important in this transit of Saturn in Sagittarius. Effect of Saturn transit on Capricorn/Saturn transit 2017 for Capricorn ascendant this year may face some hindrance in your earnings, health and luck support. You should stay from taking any loans or new investment in this Saturn transit. Saturn transit predictions for makara rasi, Be aware from any legal issues and enemies in this Saturn dhanu gochar. Saturn transit Sagittarius 12th house shows you may face loss in foreign countries so take care your dealings and travel during this Saturn 2017 transit.(Saturn sagittarius 2017 transit for capricorn)

Saturn transit for Aquarius or Saturn transit 2017 in Aquarius
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Aquarius or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit in 11th house which will give great gains in life. This is the house of large gains which Saturn will give in this transit you will be in cloud 9 and will enjoy wealth, gains, good career and huge wealth from many places in this transit. Saturn transit Sagittarius 11th house shows you will do well in career and accomplish long term project which will give recognition and desire fulfilment. You will do well in foreign lands and lot of money, wealth will come from faraway places. You should in real estate and in large dealings you will get benefited full transit. You will get good amount of money or sudden wealth in this time period. You may get inherited wealth in this transit. You will enjoy your social circle and will get benefited from your friends, family. This time period good for gains and stable life with completely settlement of your life and career. This time period will give large gains and children will do well in life.(saturn sagittarius 2017 transit for aquarious)

Saturn transit for Pisces or Saturn transit 2017 in Pisces
Saturn Sagittarius transit for Pisces or Saturn 2017 Sagittarius transit in 10th house will give sudden gains in career and will give stable job which will prove very beneficial after some year. Saturn transit Sagittarius 10th house shows immense wealth, gains, property in this transit which will give large gains in future. This transit will be the base of future fruits which you can see after some years, you will be completely settle down in life and career in this time period. You will get long term project or long term stable job where you will settle for long time and reach on top position in this transit but after hard-work. You will see lot of work, very busy schedule, big duties, and responsibilities of work in this transit. This Saturn will give large gains from profession, you will fly for foreign countries many time in this transit and will get benefited from foreign money. You will feel mental peace and involve in spirituality and life will move more stability in this full Saturn transit. 11th house lord in 10th house and 10th house lord Jupiter in 7th means 10th from 10th clearly indicating you will be very fortunate in this transit in career, profession and will get name, fame, and executive post in this transit. You should take care of marriage life and partner and stay from any small fights or arguments.(saturn sagittarius 2017 transit for pisces)

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Remedies for Saturn transit 2017:

Chant Shani dev mantra on every Saturday and Thursday.

Chant Vishnu Shastranaam on every Thursday and below Mantra.

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