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Neech bhang Raj yoga

Briefly, I will explain about Neech bhang raj yoga and its related terms like neecha bhanga raja yoga jupiter,neecha bhanga raja yoga benefits,neecha bhanga raja yoga effects,neecha bhanga raja yoga in navamsa,neecha bhanga raja yoga meaning, neecha bhanga raja yoga results,neecha bhanga raja yoga by mercury,neecha bhanga raja yoga by mars, neecha bhanga raja yoga by Venus, neecha bhanga raja yoga by Saturn. As per name we can understand, what is the reason behind this name. In actuality, classical says when a planet in neech bhang, it gives huge money or anything related with house where sited but in later age of life. As per my vision, I totally believe in karmic astrology or in karmas. Because of some good karmas and special god grace neecha planet comes in some condition and form neecha bhang. Try to understand my words here. What I told god grace? Its mean god wants to do something for you because of your previous birth some good deeds. But in straight-forward, it is neech so direct results you will not get. That is the reason in later age its results come into a picture. This is the powerful Yoga for persons born in ordinary conditions or in ordinary family to reach the tremendous heights in his life span. With this Yoga, one attains Name, Fame, Wealth and Success like anything in life.

The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu become debilitated in Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio and Taurus's signs respectively.
So now I will discuss with you all conditions which makes planet neech-bhang

My research or experience on this is : Here results will be modified (means depend on planet strength), It depends on planet & its strength likeKendra/Trikona, shadbal strength, astakwarg and sitting nakshatra and mostimportant point heredegree of planet etc .If planet strongly makes neecha bhnag thenalways goodbenefic results willcome. FromOne example, I will explain you.

How planet becomes neech bhang:
Some points are there, please read it.

1) If the lord of the house occupied by a debilitated planet is in a Kendra or in a trikona from the Lagna and well placed.

2) If the planet that gets exalted in the sign where a planet is debilitated is in a kendra from the Lagna . .(Very powerful bhnag)

3) If the lord of the exaltation house of the debilitated planet is in a kendra from the Lagn.

4) The debilitated planet is exalted in the navamsa.(Very powerful bhnag)

5) If a debilitated planet is aspected by another debilitated planet or by its own dispositor.

6) The lord of the navamsa occupied by the debilitated planet is in a Kendra or a trikona from the Lagna which rises in a movable sign or the lord of the Lagna is in a movable sign.

7) If the lord of the sign that gets exalted in the sign occupied by the debilitated planet is in a trikona from the lord of the exaltation sign of the debilitated planet.

8) If the lords of the debilitation and exaltation houses of the debilitated planet are in mutual Kendra’s or in trikonas from the Lagna or the Chandra-lagna.

9) Raja yoga occurs only if the debilitated planet owning a benefic bhava occupies a Kendra .

10) When there is a paraivartan yog (Exchange) between two planets getting deliberated.

For example when moon is placed in Scorpio and mars in cancer. Here you can see that both Moon and mars are getting debilitated but still in this case neech bhang is happening due to the exchange of rashi’s/sign happening between them. Result can further improve if there is more benefic influence on Moon and mars and also if both them are gaining shadbala.

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    que:meri kundli me he kya neech bhang rajyog????kya aap plz batayenge ki meri kundli me koun koun se yog he????

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