Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra

Punarvasu nakshatra is one of the gifted nakshatra of god, I saw and feel many times this naksahtra always takes extra advantage of blessings of God. Punarvasu Nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet mercury (Gemini 20° 00’) and moon (Cancer 3° 20’) ruled by planet Jupiter.

Punarvasu which means Good Again, Bounce Back, Rich Again, Wealthy Again,‘’The Star of Renewal’’.
All of them say is return to riches and back to position after several setbacks.

Punarwasu govern by Jupiter so obviously it will give something better in life.This nakshatra represented by Arrow.
These arrows have divine power to return back once they finish their goals (ruled by Jupiter governed by mercury).

Aditi the mother of 12 aditya’s is deity of this passive naksthra where aditi is unbounded. Often seen as goddess of abundance, Aditi is mother of space and without space there is nothing no time no motion nothing. Aditi rulership to punarvasu shows this naksthra has to do to material things caring sensitive reasonable accommodation approach to things situations circumstances

Punarvasu gives souls a Chance to redeem themselves from whatever negative actions they might have done in the past

Its relationship with Aditi, mother of all the gods, Punarvasu is a very nurturing nakshatra, which always gives a second Chance

One Strange quality of Punarvasu is that everything happens in two goes for the natives under its strong influence. They almost always tend to fail or not get far in their first attempt in any pursuit, but the good part is that they almost always succeed if they try a second time but rahu presence here makes success easily.

Rahu in Punarvasu deals with the wandering mind and gives expansion in life.

Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra Pada 1: Rahu in pad 1 gives energy to work hard for achieve their goals. This Falls in Aries Navamsa and is ruled by Mars. This pada relates to the moveable, adventurous and pioneering side of Punarvasu. Rahu here gives fire brand leader who are  very clever to covert opportunity into success.

Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra Pada 2:  This is best pada for rahu to do well in media/entertainment/Fashion/glamour/art industry. This Falls in Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. This pada relates to the materialistic, aspect of life. This is luxury oriented and enjoys group of females. Women, wine and luxury are most important for those. They earns huge amount of health and fulfils their dream and luxury desire.

Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra Pada 3: Best placement again to dealing with peoples in public domain. These peoples are good speaker and very witty in public domain. They possess huge success in life after age of 32. This Falls in Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury so mercurial intelligence will be there. This pada focus on mental activities, imagination and science. They are scholar in studies and do well in professional life.

Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra Pada 4: This rahu gives emotional nature and they takes advantage of others emotion. This Falls in Cancer Navamsa ruled by Moon. This pada is a maternal, nurturing and serve to mankind pada, which brings out the mothering quality of Punarvasu to the fullest. Rahu in this nakshatra depends on moon placement much.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

2016 Year in Astrology

Every year I publish year prediction (2016 astrology horoscope/ 2016 astrology forecast), so this time we are near to enter in New Year 2016.
2016 is one of the important years from past 2 years because its sum is 2+0+1+6=9 which is rules by the planet “MARS” last two years under Saturn and ketu which are slow planet and their on human for long time. Now mars energy do all things fast and results will come early.

All given condition and prediction works well if planet well placed in horoscope as well as in Transit specially Jupiter/Rahu-Ketu/Saturn/Mars.
We hope our predictions will provide you a good guidance about your future endeavours. (2016 astrology prediction/ 2016 astrology predictions in tamil/ 2016 astrology in hindi)

Aries sign 2016 Prediction
2016 astrology for aries year positive energy of Jupiter will give you stable life with good growth. Year 2016 would be full of energy and enthusiasm for all the Aries natives. First half of 2016 will be favourable as the lord of ninth house is in fifth house, it will also help you to keep you family life beautiful. This year you can expect travel abroad. Year 2016 is also in favour of love and marriage and also for the married couple who wishes for a baby will be blessed.
Year 2016 shall bring in many changes and modifications in your career field. You can expect unwanted changes. Due to Saturn in 8th house transit, Stress is possible to come in domestic life; however, professional life seems bestowing abundant success on you.

Taurus sign 2016 Prediction
2016 astrology for Taurus, According to the astrology prediction of 2016, this year might be lucky and happy for you because lord Jupiter is in your favour. Your future will be on right direction and put some extra effort on your career which will bring you wealth and respect. But Saturn is in your seventh house so it will bring some difficulty in family.
In year 2016, Rahu is in 4th house, you can expect faraway place transfer or foreign travel. Year 2016 will be good if you are thinking of purchasing any new Flat/Land and also it will bring some good result for student with some extra effort. However, your focus might deviate owing to your sexual desires. This might give birth to illegal affairs. You will make good amount of money. 2016 has a lot to offer you financially.

Gemini sign 2016 Prediction
2016 astrology for Gemini, According to the astrology 2016 predictions upcoming year will bring average time. You will take interest in religious deeds and spirituality. Year 2016 will be in favour for the one who has business or planning to start but must have to work very hard to take their business to new heights. You can expect foreign travel in this year. Healthy diet and exercise should be there in your daily regime. In higher education struggle will be there.

Cancer sign 2016 Prediction                    
2016 astrology for cancer peoples can expect good results in this year, Good amount of wealth daily routine income will boost in first half of 2016. Chances of getting promoted and good growth in career. According to the astrology prediction of 2016 , year 2016 will be very good who are thinking about getting married. This year is excellent for job change; increase your efforts if planning to switch. Love affairs, chances of extramarital affair, illicit relationship, fall in love with someone belonging to other caste may possible in this year. It is suggested to control your sexual desires this year.

Leo sign 2016 Prediction
2016 astrology for Leo people will be wonderful year and you will reach on great height especially in first half. Sudden gains of power and wealth in this year. According to the astrology prediction of 2016 Lord Jupiter is in your 1st house and Saturn in the fourth so the first half of year 2016 will give you good result. You will face some trouble but don’t think about it too much. In year 2016 you will come across good career opportunity. Overall planets favouring you in this year.

Virgo sign 2016 Prediction
2016 astrology for Virgo is not very good year for mental peace but for earning in foreign lands and benefits from foreign will be there.  Losses related to finances are quite possible. Till August, don’t keep your expectations high. You will experience betterment only after this month. You must be careful about your health and your family. Don’t be disappointed if something went wrong just hold up and have some patience and deal the situation very carefully. In the second half of year 2016 Saturn in the third house, the natives will have difficulties in earning and saving.

Libra sign 2016 Prediction
2016 astrology for Libra overall wonderful year ahead, you can achieve success and growth easily. You will earn easily money. Professional life of service people looks better; however, businessmen might face difficulties in their business. A close gaze into your future reveals things going more extreme after August 11.  Your health in upcoming year will be good. Don’t take decision in hurry if you are thinking of investing in car or home. Love life and personal life of year 2016 will be full of sweetness filled by your loved ones. Year 2016 will be very grateful and might get you something special if you are working hard in your business or career. You also might have chances to get promoted.
Scorpio sign 2016 Prediction
2016 astrology for Scorpio will be good and wonderful for you. Sometime you might get some trouble because of the position of Saturn but not major. Personal life will go through continuous ups & downs. Keep your money secure and try to save as much as possible till August. Talking about love life, be calm and don’t let doubts and misunderstandings come in between your bond. Minor Health issue because of workload can create disturbance but nothing to worry about. Sudden gains and loss for these peoples depends on condition of Jupiter/Rahu.

Sagittarius sign 2016 Prediction
2016 astrology for Sagittarius will bring success and growth from faraway places or may from foreign lands. This is one of the busy years for you, you can achieve sudden unexpected growth in first half of 2016 but you have to handle your financial situations very carefully because Saturn is in twelfth house. Overall good year if you take decision after thinking carefully. This year is favourable for natives who are into job. Progress will improve further after August.

Capricorn sign 2016 Prediction
2016 astrology for Capricorn is not very good for you, you will see lot of pressure and struggle in mid of year because Jupiter with Rahu in your 8th house gives miserable and struggle life. Money will not be an issue in year 2016 because of ascendant lord in 11th house. Financial life will witness profits, if there is no Dasha of Ketu. Huge benefits will reach you via your job; thereby, fetching prestige and honour for you. Some of you will get new and better job. You have to take control on yourself and don’t be disappointed. If you thinking about investing money please take advise and don’t hurry in investing. Don’t give up, be strong everybody knows that you are capable of making things better.

Aquarius sign 2016 Prediction
2016 astrology for Aquarius good year for business expansion, you can expect good growth and easy success in life. Domestic aspect looks as usual. Though minor issues are possible, but positioning of Jupiter in seventh house will not let situation go out of hands. 2016 will keep your financial life fabulous. Aquarians who are into jobs will feel this year pampering them with name, fame, prestige, and progress. Be it your seniors or colleagues, everybody will notice that skilful employee in you, showering you with appreciation. Don’t lose your heart, if you are a businessman, as 2016 is rewarding for you as well. Last but not the least; love life will also go in the right way
In second half of year 2016, your hard working will give you some good result and it’s time to party because good result will increase you income.

Pisces sign 2016 Prediction      
2016 astrology for Pisces you should need to take care of health. Wealth and Financial aspects look normal. First half may be little problems in initial stages of job but in 2nd half immense success will follow you. Progress in job will become a driving force for fetching luck and welfare for your life. Blessed event at home will bring happiness and good time. In year 2016 your career will be on right path. Duties and hard work will increase, don’t hesitate just be strong and take lead. Money will take your favour it means there is a chance of increment.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rahu in Mrigsira Nakshatra

Rahu in Mrigashira Nakshatra comes under sign Venus (Taurus 23°20) and Mercury (Gemini 06°40) and ruled by planet Mars. Mrigashira is the fifth Nakshatra called Searching Star. This is why this nakshatra is represented by dear head and dear searches in the forest for his food and calmness.
Mrigasira nakshatra characteristics, these peoples are very energetic, proactive, Fast-forward, sexual since Mars energy and Gemini charm easily seduce to others. These people truly flourish after the age of 32. Mrigasira nakshatra results generally comes after 30.

The first half of the Mrigashira is placed in the constellation of Taurus the bull. This part is ruled by Venus is very creative; the native is very poetic and have artistic talent.
The second half of mrigashira which resides in Gemini is very good in politics, general affairs or mrigasira nakshatra love life, publishing, writing, and public speaking. The person may also be very clever, curious, research oriented these are mrigasira nakshatra qualities. 

In our vedas mercury birth story connected with mrigashira nakshatra. This story tells moon attraction on Jupiter’s wife Tara. Moon seduced Tara and tara was Pregnant with moon’ child, the child name “Mercury”. In the Vedas, it is written, “out of the moon, the mind was born’’. That is analytical mind of mercury is create out of the perceptual mind of the moon. Mrigasira nakshatra details can be interrelated as involvement of sexual relation, birth of illegal child but reunion of family after troubles because mercury represents happiness and joyful nature as well. Now you can conclude mrigasira nakshatra good or bad.

Mrigasira Nakshatra Pada 1: Rahu in mrigasira charan 1 falls in Leo Navamsa and is ruled by Sun. Rahu in this nakshatra
makes native very Agile and diplomatic, they work generally in authority position, political and executive leaders in top mnc. They are born into royal families if Sun and rahu well placed. They rise to the after age of 32 in high position and receive fame and status in the society. Rahu in this nakshatra uses managing ability very intelligently. Rahu will begin, to search for materialistic pleasure. Rahu’s intellectual search for the answers we seek externally are not enough and at that point the inner journey can start.

Mrigasira Nakshatra Pada 2: Rahu in charan 2 falls in Virgo Navamsa ruled by Mercury. This pada represents the firmness of mind, intelligence and very witty peoples who become success in business at very early stage of life.
If rahu and moon is not well placed then problems in childhood and some issues with mothers are seen. They are good communicators.

Mrigasira Nakshatra Pada 3: 
Rahu in mrigsira pad 3 falls in Libra Navamsa ruled by Venus. This pada is related to sociability exploring the mental side of all types of relationships. This Rahu generally gives very good results in creativity side, media, acting, glamour industry.
These peoples like luxurious life and materialism, love pleasure, sensuality and riches. They earn much in less hard work.

Mrigasira Nakshatra Pada 4: Rahu in pada 4 mrigsira falls in Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars. Rahu in this pada relates to the hidden creature, argumentative, suspicious and angry nature.  These peoples are proactive and do well in sports.
These peoples are physically very charged. Always involves in some works don’t want sit on one place. Rahu in this nakshtra are well suited for occult science and finding hidden truth of life.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra is one of the favourite Nakshatra of the Moon. The deity of Rohini is prajapati, lord brahma, the creator of the universe (rohini nakshatra lord). Rohini nakshatra astrology means growing one. Rohini Nakshatra shows intelligence and creativity. Rohini nakshatra born characteristics and features have large and expressive eyes, feminine features and attractive face. Rohini nakshatra characteristics are beautiful, sensual, charming, graceful and prosperous. People generally asking rohini nakshatra good or bad, is rohini nakshatra good for marriage, rohini nakshatra marriage prediction, rohini nakshatra marriage compatibility, rohini nakshatra qualities.

Rahu effects in rohini nakshatra are generally good. Taurus is one of the most powerful earthy sign which represent beauty, love, charm, luxury and wealth. Rohini nakshatra vedic astrology person will be ambitious, attractive, sex pleasure, beauty seeker, materialistic and attached to love ones. Rohini nakshatra love life will generally good and peoples easily attached to opposite sex, love and sometime greediness, too much of comfort and love oriented. Rahu in rohini can be stubborn, short temper, love affairs, extra marital affair, illicit relationship, relentless search to experience love in many directions, easy to slip for women and wine, angry nature and jealous. Rahu in rohini constellation in ascendant or 7th house gives sexual addiction.

Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra 1st pada: Rahu falls in Taurus Sign and Aries navamsa (10 degrees to 13 degrees 20 minutes). It relate to passionate and dynamic nature.  They will act like soldier and fast worker. They may face indigestion and stomach issues if moon not well placed. You are fast lover and passionate for strong sex drive. Dental problems often seen for long duration. You will put many efforts to improve your wealth and savings. Rahu in rohini in 10th house shows very successful career if mars and moon also well placed.

Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra 2nd  pada: Rahu will be placed in Taurus Sign and Taurus Navmansha both rules by Venus(13 degrees 20 minutes to 16 degrees 40 minutes) . It relate to abundance and resourceful and fulfilment of desire and too much indulgence in materialism of the life. This rohini rahu indicates a strongwilled native who earns success and fame in business. These native are very intelligent and diplomatic and best suited for politics. These peoples will be tactful spokesperson with strong communication skills. You will be able to earn huge wealth. 

Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra 3rd pada: Rahu will be placed in Taurus Sign and Gemini Navmansha in this segment (16 degrees 40 minutes to 20 degrees). This relate to art, science and business. You are intelligent and know how to take work from others. Your statements will be very effective and indirectly shows many intensions. You are money minded person and know how to earn wealth and enjoy materialism in true manner.

Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra 4th pada: Rahu will be placed in Taurus Sign and Cancer Navmansha in this segment (20 degrees to 23 degrees 20 minutes). This rahu in rohini pad gives good results if well placed moon otherwise lot of depression. You are master of imagination and balanced moon or Venus gives extreme success in public and stable life. This placement of rahu will shine in fields related to fine arts, poetry. There may be health problems related to throat, tonsils, neck and abdomen. This relates to focus on home and material security, and possessive nature towards girlfriend. They may love literature and may be an author or good poet because their imagination and thought process are very agile.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Moon Conjunction Mars in Astrology

Chandra mangala yoga vedic astrology, Moon represents emotion and mars is planet of action. So these people are very practical and self-motivated. This conjunction makes very straight, fast-forward, quick decision maker. How is chandra mangala yoga formed? Mars man conjunct moon woman and but they should be in good influence with close degree but if week it gives tendency for women/wine. This yoga may give scandal and litigation. Many astrologers even consider this chandra mangal lakshmi yoga.

Moon Mars combination acts as a powerful factor in establishing one's financial status. The combination can be give influx of wealth if it occurs in the Ascendant, 2nd, 4th, 5th 9th, 10th and 11th house, if moon mars conjunction in navamsa also then best placement of chart. Now you can translate this article in hindi, chandra mangal yuti in hindi or chandra mangala yogam tamil. chandra mangal yoga in cancer or chandra mangala yoga in Taurus give very powerful results.

       Some key points for Chandra mangal yoga.
  • Benefits of chandra mangal yoga are immense wealth and luxurious life.
  • Mars in conjunction with moon shows materialistic gains and life in full of materialism.
  • If this conjunction ruled by Jupiter or Sun then extreme balanced and best yoga of astrology but govern by bad planet then Women/wine will be trouble for native.
  • Chandra mangal yoga in astrology specially in 10th house conjunction by these planet delvers top most executives or highly placed peoples with lucrative salary package.
  • Mars moon conjunction synastry earnings through unscrupulous means, a seller of women,
  • Chandra mangala yoga in navamsa chart gives powerful results.
  • Chandra mangala yoga effects or chandra mangal yoga in kundli gives results in early age.
  • Chandra mangal parivartana yoga also consider good.

Chandra Mangal yoga with benefic results is formed in the horoscope and accordingly the natives under the strong influence of such Chandra Mangal yoga are likely to get good or benefic results which can be different for different natives depending upon their overall horoscopes and the placement of this yoga in the horoscope.
For example, chandra mangala yoga in horoscope formed by benefic Moon and benefic Mars in any house of a horoscope can bless the native with very good creativity, intelligence, witty, immense wealth, top position in career, public fame, travels to foreign countries or permanent settlement in foreign countries, good family values, financial prosperity and many other things whereas the presence of same yoga in 10th house of a horoscope can bless the native with top class executive CEO`s cadre with huge financial and professional bliss.

Chandra-Mangala yoga in 1st house: chandra mangala yoga in 1st house or chandra mangal yoga lagna gives sudden rise and huge success in career in mid age. These peoples are charismatic in public.
Their dressing sense generally awesome and style of presenting themselves in very powerful manner, iconic personality, disciplined nature and life, competitive instincts. This is kings empire yoga which gives everything in life.

Chandra-mangala yoga in 2nd house: In a strong rashi and well supported by drishti, may indicate the lifetime accumulation of tremendous collections of lands, vehicle and wealth.
Generally, chandra mangala yoga in 2nd house gives financial benefit here in nearly any rashi. This is powerful wealth yoga or Dhan yoga. This gives lot of assets in life.

Chandra-mangala yoga in 3rd house: These peoples earn from their speech and takes lot public attention in early age of life. Chandra mangala yoga in 3rd house best suited career is Communications industry, planning and writing, advertising marketing and public relations, movies. Good for co-born and lucky for father.

Moon-Mars conjunction in 4th house or Chandra-mangala yoga in 4th house: One of the very good position for public domain success, it gives huge masses support in their life. chandra mangala yoga in 4th house all types benefits such as home, homeland, stabile family with protection, well placed parents, good schooling, home-shelter and attachment from mother seen from this placement.

Moon-Mars conjunction in 5th house or Chandra-mangala yoga in 5th house: chandra mangala yoga in 5th house is best position for speculation, peoples are very smart and intelligent. Benefits from lottery or sudden gains of huge wealth. Career in film, glamour industry, good education,  entertainments, politics, celebrity, creative genius, children.

Moon-Mars conjunction in 6th house: These peoples serve society and receive huge fame which spreads world-wide. Career may be in defence, Medicine, military, legal advisory.
Wealth comes from service medical clinics, exploitation, service industry, police-military industry. Chandra mangala yoga in 6th house peoples should not behave rudely with your servants and subordinates.

Moon-Mars conjunction in 7th house: This is not good position for marriage because chances of women/wine and extra marital affairs will be there but yes financial wise very good position.
You know how to business and bargain for your profits. Chandra mangala yoga in 7th house gives overall balancing nature, good deals for business and partnership. Benefits may come from life partner, adviser of legal settlements, broker, match-maker and contractor.

Moon-Mars conjunction in 8th house: Chandra mangala yoga in 8th houseis again bad position for marriage life, lot of hidden marital affairs and illicit relationship with many women it will be cause of your loss of wealth, health and stability in life.
You will take interest towards occult science, mystery, tantra, secrets, discovery, healing, hidden environments, rebirth, re-invention, sudden changes. Wealth generated via inheritance or from in laws if very strongly placed. Good for mining and harvesting of many types of hidden-assets, especially underwater.

Moon-Mars conjunction in 9th house: Chandra mangala yoga in 9th house, I will say silver spoon. Best position, big favour of god in this birth if both planets well placed. You will be in high position with all facelities of life or may be priest, professor, father, university chancellor, world travel, good speaker.
Wealth generated via teachings, travel, temples and deep faith in religion. Well placed father and family.

Moon-Mars conjunction in 10th house: Best placement of horoscope. chandra mangala yoga in 10th house gives extreme heights in career even without much effort and talents that`s why i told silver spoon. For example: SALMAAN KHAN Moon mars conjunction in 10th house gives leadership quality, public visibility, iconic roles, public appearances, governance, social ordering, regulatory duties, top position, elite privilege, responsibilities
These native expends so much energy in leadership duties (chandra mangala raja yoga). Wealth comes from position, sometimes from government service and via handling heavy responsibilities of social leadership.
Chandra-Mangala yoga here gives financial benefit here in nearly any sign. Special dignity and added income from business in public service, government and leadership, public positions, top executives of organizations.

Moon-Mars conjunction in 11th house: Best position for wealth in horoscope. You cannot assume how sudden and in easy way you will earn huge amount of wealth. You will achieve high achievements in life, social networks of friendly and gainful association, electronic device networks.
Chandra mangala yoga in 11th house house gives financial benefit in all sign. Special dignity and added income for business in marketplace activities, buy-sell, community development, interconnections between linked networks of association. The methods may not always be ethical, but financial success is assured
Moon-Mars conjunction in 12th house: Chandra mangal yoga in 12th house gives less financial wealth generation, wrong marriage, enemies from marriage.
Wealth generation from foreign business or trades via foreign relationships, dormitories and monasteries, works of the imagination, cloisters, dormitories, may be involved in immoral deeds such as prostitution. chandra mangala yoga in pisces also very fruitful.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Vargottam Planet in Astrology

Vargottam mean is Varg + Uttam means in division (Best position in divisional chart) it will be consider as strong planet not always benefic. I want to clear you more here vargottam means strong position in divisional charts but it will be benefic or malefic, we need to calculate carefully because badly placed planet in vargottam means it placed strongly may give more bad results.

When any planet in D-1 mean lagna chart and D-9 mean Navmansh chart will be in same sign will called as Vargottam. It gives very strong and fruitful results in life and gives lot of achievement special in the dasha period of that planet.

Effects of the Vargottama planet in dasha period will be strong (vargottama planet dasha). Vargottama graha has a similar effect upon both the native and one's partner. Two vargottama planet and more planets always good for individual.

People often enquire about vargottama planet astrology in their Vedic horoscopes and May people ask for what is varogottama? How planet comes in vargottam, effects of vargottam, Rahu vargottam, ketu vargoattam, rahu-ketu vargottam, vargottama debilitated planet, planet in vargottama, vargottama planet meaning, vargottama planets results, significance vargottama planets, neecha vargottama planets.

The very basic fundamental related to a planet being Vargottama is based upon planetary degrees. Another important aspect to be understood in this regard is the divisional charts. There are many divisional charts of which the most commonly used are categorized in different sets.
However, this term “Vargottama” is primarily used in reference to one specific division/varga and; that is the Navamsha Division (D-9). And, it is applicable only when the planet concerned is occupying the same zodiac sign/rashi in Lagna as well as in D-9 Chart.

Vargottama planet is auspicious, the planet gains in strength because there is a good flow of energy from the Soul (Navamsa) to this particular Body life time and the Vargottama calls attention to this. When a planet is strong (in its own sign or exalted) in the navamsa, it also gains in strength in the rashi chakra, i.e. in this life time. BUT if the planet is weak in the navamsa this will also weaken the planet in the rashi chakra. If the planet is bad, the Vargottama status will reinforce the fact of your karmic challenge.

So now we will discuss about planets and ascendant.
If your D-1 ascendant and d-9 Navamansha chart Lagna is Vargottama, it is best but planet should be in dignity.
First Understand D-1 and D-9 functionality, D-1 & D-9 act as body and soul. Whenever planet in vargottama sign then it impacts your body, soul and mind in strong manner.

What conditions make planet stronger in Vargottam:
Every time vargottam planet does not give strong results, it depends on many conditions, you need carefully examine those conditions on planet and then make conclusion for the same:
  • Planet if placed in Kendra/Trikona in both charts consider strong.
  • Planet placed in good nakshatra and its nakshatra lord in good position/house in horoscope.
  • Planet should not be debilitated or badly placed in bad houses.
  • Planet Mahadasha in middle age.
  • Ascendant lord should be strong.
  • Vargottam planet should have good points in Ashtakwarg.
Now we will discuss for all planets and vargottama planet effects.

Sun Vargottama: Vargottama sun effects sign if well placed shows you will achieve great success in life or what you want from life you will receive in some point of life. These people are good administrator, philosophical attitude, great thinker and writer, firmness of mind; sound health; status in life; popularity; desire to acquire knowledge, and self-satisfaction, highly ambitious. Vargottama surya gives high level links in society.

Moon Vargottama: Vargottama moon effects, Moon is our mind man it impacts deeply your soul, you will think something but you will something if moon is week if well placed then mind will work perfectly you will achieve easy success in life. These type people are compassionate, kind, impartial attitude, good memory and good imagination power. Vargottama chandra gives strong mind and silver spoon from childhood if well placed in birth chart

Mars vargottam: Effects of vargottama mars, Vargottama Mars gives stubborn nature with never die attitude and immense energy for doing any task. Mars is Vargottama then person would become good administrator, manger and Commander, fearless, administrative abilities. Vargottama mangal gives good success in army, police and land real state business.

Mercury Vargottama: Vargottama Mercury, Mercury is Vargottama then the person speaks very well – good learner and teacher. They are very intelligent and sharp intellect, capacity to convince others, desire to learn astrology. They become very successful after age of 32. Vargottama buddha gives great thinker and writer.

Jupiter Vargottama: Vargottama jupiter effect then - intelligent; well-developed physique, wealthy, powerful, searching
for truth; capacity to understand others, helping to others and proud. This planet gives strong on human when comes in vargottam sign and gives very stable life. V
argottama guru gives very religious mind. Vargottama jupiter effect gives good fame and wealth. In vargottama jupiter mahadasha this planet gives great results.

Venus Vargottama: Venus is Vargottama shows luxurious, peaceful life with all enjoyment. You will always get support women in your life, desire for worldly comforts, love for art and beauty, self-cantered.

Saturn Vargottama: Saturn is Vargottama (vargottama saturn effects) then person is a hard worker, sincere but possess huge success in later part of life. Saturn vargottam gives strong success in politics. Vargottama shani gives big success if related with 10th or 11th house. Effect of vargottama shani gives results after 44.

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पितृ दोष कारण-निवारण और श्राद्ध तर्पण

पितृ दोष कारण और निवारण - Pitru Dosha, How it forms and Pitra Dosha Remedies:

I already written about Pitra dosh long back, today only will tell you how to do worship in Shraadh which going to start from 28 sep 2015 to 12th October in this year. Many peoples demand this time in Hindi, so I am writing in Hindi.

Read below detailed article on Pitra dosh:

What is pitra dosh and How Pitra Dosha Forms? , Check in below link:
पितृदोष कैसे बनता है? 

नवम पर जब सूर्य और राहू की युति हो रही हो तो पितृ दोष बनता है .शास्त्रो, ऋषियों के अनुसार पूर्व जन्म के पापों के कारण पितृ दोष (Pitra Dosha) बनता है . इसके अलावा इस योग के बनने के अनेक अन्य कारण भी हो सकते है. कुण्डली के नवम भाव को भाग्य भाव कहा गया है . इसके साथ ही यह भाव पित्र या पितृ या पिता का भाव तथा पूर्वजों का भाव होने के कारण भी विशेष रुप से महत्वपूर्ण हो जाता है .
पितृ दोष से ग्रसित व्यक्ति को दु: किसी किसी रुप में उसके साथ बने ही रहते है, फिर वे चाहें, संतानहीनता, नौकरी में असफलता, धन हानि, उन्नति होना, पारिवारिक कलेश आदि के रुप में हो सकते है .

पितृ दोष के कारण - What is Pitra Dosh? 

परिवार में अकाल मृ्त्यु हुई हों, परिवार में इस प्रकार की घटनाएं जब एक से अधिक बार हुई हों . या फिर पितरों का विधी विधान से श्राद्ध किया जाता हों, या धर्म कार्यो में पितरों को याद किया जाता हो, पूर्वजो का अपमान हुआ हो.

Kal sarpa dosh:

पितृ दोष शान्ति के उपाय - Pitra Dosh Remedies और श्राद्ध का तरीका

आश्विन मास के कृ्ष्ण पक्ष में पूर्वजों को मृ्त्यु तिथि अनुसार तिल, कुशा, पुष्प, अक्षत, शुद्ध जल या गंगा जल सहित पूजन, पिण्डदान, तर्पण आदि करने के बाद ब्राह्माणों को अपने सामर्थ्य के अनुसार भोजन, फल, वस्त्र, दक्षिणा आदि दान करने से पितृ दोष (Pitra Dosha) शान्त होता है.

पितृ दोष (Pitra Dosha) निवारण के अन्य उपाय Other Remedies for Pitra Dosha 

पीपल के वृ्क्ष की पूजा करने से पितृ दोष की शान्ति होती है . इसके साथ ही सोमवती अमावस्या को दूध की खीर बना, पितरों को अर्पित करने से भी इस दोष में कमी होती है . या फिर प्रत्येक अमावस्या को एक ब्राह्मण को भोजन कराने दक्षिणा वस्त्र भेंट करने से पितृ दोष कम होता है.

प्रत्येक अमावस्या को कंडे की धूनी लगाकर उसमें खीर का भोग लगाकर दक्षिण दिशा में पितरों का आव्हान करने उनसे अपने कर्मों के लिये क्षमायाचना करने से भी लाभ मिलता है

सूर्य नमस्कार और उनको जल देना और माँ गायत्री की पूजा सर्वोच्च उपाय है

सोमवती अमावस्या (Somvati Amavasya) के दिन पितृ दोष निवारण पूजा करने से भी पितृ दोष में लाभ मिलाता है . आने वाले वर्षों में सोमवती अमावस्या की तिथिया निम्न हैं .
पितृदोष निवारण पितृशांति के उपाय:-
पितृदोष और पितृशांति के लिये श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता का पाठ करना सबसे उत्तम रहता है तथा पितृदोष और पितृशांति के लिए श्री कृष्ण चरित्र कथा श्रीमद्भागवत महापुराण का पाठ विद्वान ब्राह्मणों से करवाना चाहिए |

पितृदोष और पितृशांति के लिये सबसे पहले श्री कृष्ण ya विष्णु जी की पूजा करनी चाहिए और भगवद्गीता के 12 वें और 13वें अध्याय का पाठ, संकल्प के साथ करना चाहिए और इस पाठ को पितरों को समर्पित करना चाहिए |

इस मंत्र का जाप 1008 और आहुतियाँ देनी चाहिए :-

"ओम् नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय"

पितृदोष निवारण पितृशांति के उपाय के लिए इस मंत्र का भी जाप करे:

ऊँ श्री सर्व
पितृ दोष निवारणाय कलेशम् हं हं सुख शांतिम् देहि फट
स्वाहा: |

श्राद्ध कर्म में गया तीर्थ का स्मरण करते हुए 'ॐ गयायै नमः' तथा गदाधर स्मरण करते हुए 'ॐ गदाधराय नमः' कहकर सफेद पुष्प चढ़ाने चाहिए। साथ ही तीन बार 'ॐ श्राद्धभूम्यै नमः' कहकर भूमि पर जौ एवं पुष्प छोड़ने चाहिए।

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