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Sun and Saturn Conjunction

Sun Saturn conjunction Vedic astrology is last article of 2016 and I will bring much more interesting articles on 2017 for you guys. Thanks for your support and love in 2016, Wishes for new year 2017 Stay Blessed and share more and more Prateek Vision website.

Sun & Saturn together or sun and saturn in same house vedic.……. Visualize the situation where extreme day light going to meet extreme dark light or night, yes this is the Saturn Sun combination. Assume situation of common man with King in same house or in same room, how the ego of King Sun and fear of Saturn common man will react in this situation. Sun is hot planet and Saturn is cold when hot cold will meet then what will happen?  Yes my friends this is real situation and CRUX of Vedic Astrology, this is the most uncomfortable conjunction but again before jumping in conclusion, start dig-in depth and go deeper and deeper in Prateek Bhatt Style because this unusual conjunction really happens in many peoples but affecting hardly 5 peoples out of 100 peoples, so let’s start me to throwing light on this.

Some are most important facts of sun conjunct Saturn natal conjunction:
  • Sun and Saturn Conjunction effects depend on their Nakshatra, sign, house and most important “their degree”.
  • Sun Saturn conjunction shows pessimistic approach.
  • Sun shows confidence on face and Saturn is generally serious and dull face shows confusing mind.
  • If Saturn is strong in this conjunction than person lack in self-confidence and sun conjunct Saturn relationship not fruitful many times.
  • Peoples face difficult situation in which house this sun Saturn conjunction occur.
  • Sun is confidence and power, this sun with Saturn gives lack in power, less confidence and gives fear.
  • Sun conjunct Saturn synastry or Sun and Saturn in same house or conjunction gives poor digestion. Sun is fire and Saturn is cold gives gastric problems.  
  • Sun conjunct Saturn woman face issues with husband and Obstacles with authority and government.
  • Sun and Saturn aspecting each other or saturn aspecting sun vedic astrology
  • Sun shows people welfare as King and Saturn is duty towards people; this is wonderful combination which may give extreme heights if well placed in sign/nakshatra house and 12 faraway atleast.
  • Sun dominance in this conjunction shows extrovert nature but Saturn dominance shows introvert nature.
  • Saturn dominance shows karmic debt as Saturn is a Karmic planet and the Sun is the soul or individuality.
  • Week sun and strong Saturn shows sometime bad past deeds.
  • Sun conjunct Saturn makes person very calculative and learn from past experience.
  • Sun and Saturn together people confuse and finding their own identity.
  • Sun conjunction Saturn either restricts them or extremely risk taker shows sense of duty that often limits your own potential. These peoples often confuse between ambition, life-goals, discretion, determination, and organisational ability. They are lacking in management and administration. Sun conjunct Saturn personality will not consider good.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 1st house: Sun and Saturn conjunction in 1st house is really sarcastic conjunction because Sun is self-identity, confidence and life giver. Sun with Saturn peoples sometimes completely in confusing states. Saturn damages their confidence in front of public because in 1st house in kal-purush chart Sun gets exalted and one of the favorite sign of Sun and but for Saturn 1st house is not good because Saturn get debilitation in Aries. Sun gives immense power to individual if strong in this house but in any situation Sun never feel good here if Saturn placed here with Sun. Sun with Saturn in 1st house definitely gives some issue with father in some phase of life because of child. If Sun is strong in this conjunction than person is serious, organized, disciplined, mature, have a strong sense of self identity, order and routine, and down to earth.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 2nd house: Sun with Saturn in 2nd house or Sun and Saturn conjunction in 2nd house is good for materialistic gains but it is bad for health and gives argument tendency with everyone or I can say Vani Dosh. Sun Saturn conjunction in 2nd house is really bad for relationship with other because people often become quarreler. Sun Saturn conjunction in 2nd house is good for wealth and asset. This may give issue in throat or harsh/heavy voice. This may give benefit from father if Sun is lord of kendra benefic house and sitting with dominance in 2nd house.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 3rd house: Sun Saturn conjunction in 3rd house is good house for this conjunction but Saturn should away from 12-15 degree attest from Sun. Sun and Saturn conjunction in 3rd house gives power and serious way of communication which impacts on people on large manner. Sun with Saturn in 3rd house may give government power with good respective post in politics. Sun and Saturn together in 3rd house is not good for siblings; peoples are not much attaching with their brother/sister and maintain just normal relationship. This conjunction often gives faraway place travel and peoples settle far from birth place. Gift of mercury in 3rd house in any manner boost this conjunction positive impact. Saturn always gives some difficulty in life especially in starting phase or childhood. These people are very realistic in life and ground with dignity. They know early on in their life who they are and what they want.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 4th house: Sun Saturn conjunction in 4th house is naturally not considering good house for both planets because sun here losses all bal because of mid night. The person suffer from both the side, mother as well as from father. 4th house belongs to mother and Sun loses his power in 4th house which represent father in astrology. They will have frequent argument with family especially with father-mother. 4th house is known for family peace but both cruel planets in same house or sun with Saturn in 4th house shows family are not close and affectionate towards individual. This is the house of home, vehicles which is generally good with sun and saturn conjunction in 4th house peoples.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 5th house: Sun Saturn conjunction in 5th house which is the house of intelligence some time delivers high level intellectual and scientist because Sun shows intelligence and Saturn shows determination which gives immense thrust of finding hidden things but if sun and saturn conjunction in 5th house weak then completely destroys individual education, intelligence and wealth aspects. If Sun with Saturn in 5th house peoples involve in women, wine and share market they completely damage their life after initial few year successes.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 6th house: Sun with Saturn or Sun and Saturn conjunction in 6th house gives good results if in good dignity. This is house of routine job, enemies; health issue and Sun Saturn conjunction in 6th house gives success in these areas. Sun-Saturn gives good job and destroys enemies easily and gives stable routine job. 6th house strong these planets give debt free life. Sun with Saturn in 6th house peoples in work place will not get much respect but job will be stable.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 7th house: Sun Saturn conjunction in 7th house is not good placement for Sun but yes Saturn is good here, so if dominance of Saturn here in good nakshatra signs it will give some relief from sun heat but yes relationship with wife always will in trouble in this type of situation. If Sun and Saturn conjunction in 7th house occurs then person would have a lot of responsibility towards the partner (spouse) and other people. Sun with Saturn in 7th house people faces many losses in business and family peace will not be in family, Health issue may be there in lower body parts. Sun Saturn conjunction marriage not good in middle age.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 8th house: Sun Saturn yuti or Sun Saturn conjunction in 8th house is not good for life span; it may give sudden health issues or accident. Saturn sun combination in 8th house will give trouble from in-laws and in marriage. Sun and Saturn conjunction in 8th house may give inherited wealth from father or from forefather if sun strong in this house. Sun with Saturn in 8th house is good for astrology and occult research.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 9th house: Sun and Saturn conjunction in 9th house knows for natural house of principle, religion and father. Sun and Saturn in this conjunction gives immense success or huge failure because if Sun strong then sun can utilize Saturn obedient, disciplined nature to improve this house functionality.  Sun with Saturn in 9th house gives religious nature but enemy to father and less cordial relationship with father. Sun Saturn conjunction in 9th house may give foreign travel and long-time settlement in foreign countries.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 10th house: Sun and Saturn conjunction in 10th house is good sometime because both are natural significator of career. Sun Saturn conjunction in 10th house may give confusion in career and late settlement in professional life and career. Sun and Saturn both gives good results in 10th house but these 2 planet completely opposite nature gives confusion in career and people late settle or sometime not settle in life. Sun with Saturn in 10th house shows there is a strong need to be recognized as hard work done by individual, but some fear of the spotlight and fickle mind at the same time because confusion always in mind. Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn good for wealth.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 11th house: Sun Saturn conjunction in 11th house gives good gains in life but Saturn sun should be away 15 degree from each other. Sun gives good social circle name and fame but if both planet strong people become introvert and will not social and don’t life socialite and public domain. Sun and Saturn conjunction in 11th house gives benefits in middle age. Sun with Saturn in 11th house shows money comes in large chunk if both planet away from15 degree and strongly placed.

Sun conjunct Saturn in 12th house: Sun Saturn in 12th house is not good for spirituality because meditation or spirituality never completely comes in mind and people often confuse between them and sometime frustrate in life. Sun Saturn conjunction or Sun and Saturn conjunction in 12th house gives foreign residence and faraway place from father or birth place. Sun with Saturn in 12th house shows less mental peace.

Remedies for सूर्य शनि की युति remedies for sun+saturn conjunction:
Do Lord Vishnu Pooja
Give Water to Sun

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