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Gaja Kesari Yoga in Astrology

What is meaning of Gaja Kesari yoga in astrology or what is gajakesari yoga in astrology: First we need to understand the meaning of word or gajakesari yoga means “Gaja-Kesari”. Gaja means elephant and Kesari means lion, elephant and lion both are most powerful in forest and you can imagine when they will come together how much power they can deliver. It exact means “king elephant” or Best king or king rulership.

When Gaja kesari Yoga Forms: Gajakesari yoga jyotish (गज केसरी योग) whenever Jupiter moon conjunct in Kendra angular houses this yoga forms. This is general meaning which we you found in many charts but all are not king why? Yes because of this big why from audience, I had written this article for you guys. When Jupiter is in quadrant 1st 4th 7th and 10th (Kendra Sanskrit) from Moon then Gaj Kesari yoga takes place as per Vedic astrology.

Gaja kesari yoga vedic astrology shows angular position Jupiter moon, Gajkesari Yoga can take place when Jupiter and Moon is in quadrant from each other (gajakesari yoga jupiter). Here is much confusion and loopholes are there such as where Moon should be in Kendra from Jupiter or vice versa, so I will start gajakesari yoga analysis and discuss this gajakesari yoga details in gajakesari yoga in kundli.


केन्द्रस्थिते देवगुरौ शशांकाद्योगस्तादाहुर्गकेसरीति ।।
दृष्टे सितार्येन्दु सुतेः शशाङ्के नीचास्त हिनैर्गजकेसरीति ।।
गजकेसरिसंजातस्तेजस्वी धनवान् भवेत् ।।
मेधावी गुणसंपन्नो राजप्रियकरो भवेत् ।।
अनेकयोगाध्याय, बृहद पाराशर बृहत्पाराशर  होराशाष्त्रम्

This shloka tells us Gajkesari happen when Jupiter is in quadrant from ascendant or Moon. This is the reason many astrologers take lagna chart (ascendant) into consideration for this yoga. Native born in Gaj Kesari Yog will be splendorous, wealthy, and intelligent, endowed with many laudable virtues and liked by king/ governing body.

 Gaj Kesari Yoga effect or gajakesari yoga benefits
Who is born with Jupiter moon Yoga destroys enemies, like a lion kills.
They become successful in all ventures in early age of life, they have full command over language and their oratory skills are full of maturity the native is respected by learned and educated people. The person attains governing position. 

In Indian Astrology Jupiter is called Guru or Brihaspati and Guru of Devtas. The word Guru in Sanskrit means big, large, and heavy. In Astrology Dev Guru (priest of deities) Brahaspati (Jupiter) is planet for Knowledge, destiny, expansion, wisdom, eloquence, religion, principle and righteousness.

Why this combination is so auspicious:
Jupiter is most benefic planet in vedic astrology and Jupiter exalted in Cancer. Moon is lord of cancer becomes highly benefic for Jupiter and both are great friends with same kind of behaviour, pure hearted nature which conveys easy fortune to individual. Moon which directly governs our man mind and knows for silver spoon, silver spoon mean is our luck so planet of luck and expansion if together then great heights in life. Even Jupiter also knows for wisdom, destiny. In association Jupiter and Moon or Jupiter moon conjunction enhances each other’s effect.

Prateek Bhatt Vision on Gaja kesari: Gaja kesari as you know Kendra from moon or conjunct or even some peoples follows from moon chart and D-9 (gaja kesari yoga in navamsa/ significance of gajakesari yoga), I will say BIG NO because I saw many charts where from moon chart or Kendra from each other not gives as per said results but yes from my experience I will tell you some conditions to predict this yoga perfectly.

Millions are people having this yoga but all are not benefited (gajakesari yoga chart), reason is simple some certain condition which only founds in hundreds of charts in millions get heights of this greatest yoga of astrology. Many gajakesari yoga calculator present in the market which also give confusion to learners.

My conditions for predicting such effects are/Gaja kesari yoga prediction: (how to find gajakesari yoga/ how is gajakesari yoga formed)
  1. Jupiter moon should be in same house means conjunction; this is the biggest situation to take benefit of this great yoga. They should have degree close within 5 degree and good nakshatra and only house of Kendra means 1st/4th/7/10th houses or in some extent in 5th/9th house, this is best gajakesari yoga. 
  2. Jupiter moon if in Jupiter nakshatra or moon nakshatra then more powerful.
  3. They are Kendra with each other and well placed in all aspects then gives good results but not as much which I mentioned in 1st point.
  4. Even I have chart where Jupiter in Capricorn (gajakesari yoga with debilitated Jupiter/ gaja kesari yoga retrograde jupiter) with moon in 10th house giving much wealthy, millionaire and very benefic results as said by ancient science. But this conjunction is not good in Scorpio sign in any house.
  5. This conjunction in any sign is good with above said conditions but should be more than 15 degree in any sign.
  6. Gaja kesari yoga with rahu get cancelled because of enemy and different quality planet in any house placed with rahu, even almost same for gaja kesari yoga with ketu.

Gajakesari yoga and its effects or Gajakesari yoga effect: If this yoga aspect by sun then gives more powerful results in early age of life with administrative and government power. You can find this gajakesari yoga horoscope in many peoples charts.

Gajakesari yoga in different houses

Gaja kesari yoga in 1st house: Gajakesari yoga in lagna one of the best placements in horoscope (strong gaja kesari yoga) because our holy text already wrote Jupiter in 1st house removed 100 dosha of the chart, this is one of the gajakesari yoga advantages. This placement gives all around success and very stable life and native with great fame, great skills, success, wealth and many other things. These peoples all works performs automatically or I can say some good forces work for these peoples but yes above said my conditions should be fulfil then this this yoga gives good results, this conjunction should be close in degree.

Gaja Kesari Yoga in 4th house: This is natural house of moon and Jupiter also delights in this house because Jupiter reaches exaltation in cancer sign so this is again very good placement to achieve success in easy way in the life. Gaja kesari or Jupiter moon conjunction in 4th house gives many houses, vehicles and huge wealth in life. Benefits of gaja kesari yoga are royal life, public fame, very learned and knowledgeable person.

Gaja Kesari Yoga in 7th house: This yoga in 7th house shows good results especially with wife, wife comes from very nice decent family. God always blesses these peoples to good wife, partnership, public fame etc. Jupiter moon conjunction in 7th house gives very intelligent and wealthy partner with religious mind, they enjoys full life. Gajakesari yoga marriage will take place early in life.

Gaja Kesari Yoga in 10th house:  Again very strong conjunction and gives very great wealth life. These people get great heights in career and attain health, wealth, fame and strong position in career. Jupiter moon conjunction in 10th house is one of the best placements for career; these people may become professor, politician and top post in government, they will become very powerful in their career/profession in mid age of life. These people get much opportunity in their career in easy way. Jupiter is planet for blissful knowledge which gives extra ordinary career.

Gaja Kesari Yoga in 5th house: Jupiter moon conjunction in 5th house also gives blessed children and children become pride for parents. These people get good heights in career and easy money flow in the life. Jupiter moon gives good education and sharp mind.

Gaja Kesari Yoga in 9th house: Jupiter moon conjunction in 9th house gives extra ordinary gains in foreign lands, person become very successful in early age of life. This guru Chandra yuti gives high income, religious nature, public love and huge wealth. Even in sign of gemini also means gajakesari yoga in gemini gives good results.

Now you can read gajakesari yoga effects in hindi/ gajakesari yoga effects in telugu/ gajakesari yoga meaning in tamil/ gaja kesari yoga in palmistry/ gaja kesari raj yoga/ moon conjunct jupiter natal chart.

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1 Million Thanks to All

मुकाम तक पहुंचना आसान न था
आसमान के तारे तोड़ना आसान न था
मझधार से कश्ती निकाल पाना आसान न था
आप लोगो के प्यार-भरोसे के बिना प्रतीक विज़न ऑफ़ एस्ट्रोलॉजी का ये मुकाम पाना आसान न था

धन्यवाद सलाम शुक्रिया इस मुकाम तक पहुंचाने के लिए, आपकी दुआओ प्यार और भरोसे के बिना ये संभव नहीं था, आप सब को तहे दिल से मेरा शुक्रिया.10 Lakh ka dum

When I started this site "Prateek Vision Of Astrology" never thought about this achievement, this is one of the milestone today morning i saw in left side bar in my website 10 lakh, it became true because of your love, faith and trust. I am very thankful to everyone for this response from bottom of my heart.
Thanks lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ईश्वर के आशीर्वाद से यही उम्मीद है की रात दिन आप लोगो की सेवा में ऐसे ही लगा रहु 

अभी बाकि मेरी कहानी है जो पूरी दुनिया को सुनानी है 

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Addiction in Astrology

Addiction in vedic astrology represent cross boundaries and try to achieve excess desire which destroy something surely in life, it depends on which type of addiction you have. Rahu is prime planet for addiction, any type of addiction. I found strong rahu, exalted rahu or debilitated rahu all gives addiction if placed in Kama house and in some cases 1st//2nd/3rd/7th/8th/11th/12th houses. Addiction may be any kind of such as forgery/wealth/desire/fraud/women/wine/Sex etc.

Rahu is master of cheating (rahu addiction) and when it specially connect with moon then it overtake and controls moon qualities. Moon main quality is runs or functioning of our mind and if mind or thoughts are not in control, you can do anything and moon with rahu this placement goes in wrong directions. In many cases I saw in some specific condition such as same nakshatra or pad or degree wise moon rahu close then this tendency comes. Peoples often to involve in wrong deeds.

Biggest wealth or Laxmi Yoga:

Real villain for drug addict is mainly 3:

Moon, why moon? Moon controls your mind and when your mind will week you cannot stop yourselves and easily involve in these things. Drug addiction is a complex brain disease. Moon is the significator of mind, emotions and inner states or can say inner thoughts.

Rahu, Why Rahu? Rahu represent cheating, smoke, darkness, drug etc. Rahu represents head and he has lust for worldly desire. Everyone saw fashion/entertainment industry peoples who were their peak on career sudden suicide or attempt suicide reason is this Rahu. Peoples having uncontrolled Rahu in horoscope usually become very successful in outer world but on the inner level they may be victim of frustration or addictions. In some part of life they definitely hurt themselves or addict for some wrong things.

Saturn: One more planet responsible for this but after these 2 it comes in picture, yes it is Saturn. Saturn is prime planet of alcoholism, Saturn is also gives addiction for alcohol, smoking or drug addiction because planet of dark/night/sorrow/introvert/silence etc. Saturn is a significator of sorrow, depression, darkness in life. Badly placed Saturn will obstruct in taking right suggestion or even some time right consultation of disease and the native may not get proper treatment for drug addiction. When Saturn is connected to Moon with conjunction, aspect or in the sign of Moon make the native uneven mind or uncertain or fearful about the future, helpless, unwanted always in unknown worry etc.
Some other planets also have role in addiction but they are like 12th player they will only support/harm on some particular conditions such as when rahu/moon/Saturn are bad or permit them.
Venus: Venus why? I always give equal weightage to Venus as Jupiter, reason is very simple this diplomatic king (Venus) importance everywhere in Kaliyug. Without Venus you cannot enjoy life, it doesn’t matter how much wealth you have, without Venus you cannot enjoy attractive wine bottle liquid, without Venus you cannot survive in corporate industry because diplomacy required every minute in these jobs, Venus presents beautifully your thoughts in front of world and always represent attractively to yourselves, This planet easy can convert desire to excess desire, it may be alcohol or sex addiction or drug addiction or over expenditure tendency if it is closely conjunct with rahu. Venus represents sugars, sweets, luxuries, sex, drugs, alcohol, love, pleasures, harmony, and balance in life.

Mars: Mars is also paying some role in this; this planet gives confidence and positive or negative energy which direct us in wrong or right path.

Jupiter: Jupiter ill placed in chart then it will not stop you follow wrong direction and your elder/guru will not guide you. Understand this from example, many children don’t have guardian or even proper guardianship is not present in their childhood they chooses wrong path. This is the role of Jupiter in our life father or father figure direction or sometime little fear is needed in everyone life, hope you understood the role of Jupiter how much is important in our life.

Jupiter Transit in 2016:

Sun: Sun is our soul so afflicted sun will not support your horoscope and Main planet of addiction Rahu/Saturn/moon will play their game easily.

Mercury: Mercury is our intelligence and thought process so it may give addiction tendency but again without Rahu/Saturn/Moon none of these planets play their roles.

People whose will power is weak, when it goes down when Sun/Mars/Moon/mercury afflicted again only one planet here coming in picture which I mentioned above, Yes it is moon or Rahu. Moon plays very important role on the earth in every small happening in your life.

Astrology house of addiction: 3/7/8/11 is houses which show this.

8th house for addiction: In astrology 8th house is the house of hidden pleasure, secret relations, addictions, unknown and continuous search of hidden things of life etc. This house rahu good for Occult science specially which things not introduced to world but on other hands in some certain conditions it my give extreme addiction of sex and alcohol also.

3rd house for addiction: 3rd house for courage and if you don’t have courage then you cannot stop negative energy in your body. This house 8th from 8th house so this is one of the reason it also known for addiction.

7th house for addiction: 7th house kama house shows inclination towards opposite sex, it may give addiction of girls, it may give addiction to cheating to partner it may business partner or life partner. This house may fraud tendency in business or wrong/false commitments.

Job or Business in Astrology:

6th house for addiction: 6th house pay very important role to destroy anyone slowly, this is you can consider slow poison not like 7/8th fast impacts. This is 11th from 8th house so it gives gains in addiction or takes you till disease or bad health level.

11th house for addiction: 11th house is fulfilling desire (Kama house) and it may for high profile life and this high profile life sometimes gives high profile party where drug/alcohol/women/wine everything is easily available or peoples becomes habitual of wrong things.

12th house for addiction: 12th house is also important for addiction but above mentioned are main houses. Rahu or moon is really bad in this house if any relationship between these in the horoscope. They completely destroy life and pull you from spirituality and gives unstable mind.

Signs for addiction in astrology: Most common addictions of zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and other watery signs also play key role in causing addictions to the native.

Scorpio sign governs 8th house in kal-purush chart so it plays important role in addiction, it shows intoxicants. When Scorpio goes to 3 and 7th/8th/ 12th  house mainly and if rahu/venus/Saturn placed there then a chance of this is more.

Astrology remedies for addiction or Vedic astrology remedies for alcoholism or astrological remedies for alcohol addiction: Best practice is spiritual and do meditation or Yoga and Lord hanuman, Shiva and Maa durga Pooja every day.

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