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Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra: Hasta lies between 10°00 Virgo to 23°20 Virgo

Hasta Nakshatra comes under the planet Mercury and Moon. Hasta is one of the auspicious nakshatra called “The golden handed one’’. Mercury shows creative intelligence, good speech, creativity and transforming energy.
As Hasta from name is clear they will skill hand and do more and more hard work and will rise in life from their qualities. For hast also mentioned in holy books “The first ray of the of the Rising Sun’’. Rahu placed in Hasta shows extreme heights through communication, intelligence and gives destiny through his own efforts. This is pure materialistic placement of rahu which gives extreme height on the earth and restricts spiritual growth but if moon highly afflicted then it gives sudden ups down because this is moon influence.

Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra Pada 1: Rahu falls in charan 1 in Aries navamsa and is ruled by Mars, this is the quality of mars it gives administration and energy to perform tough task which pay in their success in mid age. These peoples very intelligent and always accepts challenging task this is the key of their success. This pada gives abundant energy, and makes one an expert at mathematics and in surgical skill. This is the good combination for become great surgeon. These people perform well in government field also.

Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra Pada 2:  Rahu falls in charan 2 in Taurus navamsa ruled by Venus. Rahu in hasta in pad 2 gives promises huge materialistic success in life. These peoples get success in fashion/media/entertainment industry where they knows for their witty attitude and communicative nature. This pada relates to the artistic side and the native is honest and cheerful. These peoples luxury oriented and at particular stage of life always finds opposite sex enjoyment. They will do well in career after age of 32 and will achieve success suddenly after this age. They enjoy their life with family and friends. These peoples find of nice fragment, beauty, attractive places etc.

Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra Pada 3: Rahu falls in charan 3 in Gemini navamsa ruled by Mercury. This pada is the most dextrous and clever. The native is intelligent. Strongest placement of rahu if mercury also well placed in the chart then person can achieve whatever they want from life. Huge success in all undertakings, very intelligent, very successful after age of 32. Even person born in poor family but his success remarkable world-wide. They are king maker and enjoys their life with highest authority in the country. Easy success, gains, wealth, destiny support all materialistic enjoyment in their life.

Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra Pada 4: Rahu falls in charan 4 in Cancer navamsa ruled by Moon. This pada focus on finding motherly love and good family life. They achieve huge wealth in life from their hard work. This is one of the good placements in medical field and people who need to handle others emotions perform well in that line. These should always pay their responsibility towards their family and mother. Rahu in in this last pada gives early rise in life, their childhood will be good and maternal side support will be there in life.

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Extramarital Affair in Astrology

Extramarital affair in vedic astrology is common word in present time, even I can see some people are very keen to read this article and many people smiling because now days this word is very common and peoples are openly discussing. Indians are more open about expressing their sexuality now. Many years ago we cannot discuss these subjects openly even your astrologer tells if extra marital relation in astrology in horoscope is present in your chart indirectly but now days you can read this article openly and astrologer warns you directly. Reason is very simple Rahu dominance and power increasing in the society in Kaliyug and peoples are very open for these things now and they are crossing their boundaries. After reading this article as usual I can feel smiley face and your doubts will be clear (extramarital affair from horoscope/ extramarital affairs in kundli) and you never read this kind of detailed article before anywhere (reasons for extramarital affairs or extramarital affair website). Extramarital affair and astrology has direct connection with planets.

Planets role in extra marital affairs or planetary combination for extramarital affairs:

Extramarital relationship in astrology or cheating in relationships astrology, First key thing I want to tell you regarding this “RAHU is prime planet for any kind of cheating (rahu and cheating, rahu and lust) and RAHU does this mistake of affair in any age of life and repeats over duration of time (rahu and extramarital affairs). Reason Rahu has desire like Venus, rahu has sharpness and cleverness like mercury, rahu has quality of expansion like Jupiter, rahu is powerful and diplomatic like Sun, Rahu has emotion but fake emotion like moon, Rahu has immense courage to do wrong thing such as Mars, rahu has quality of Saturn for breaking rules and opposition. I think my friends you are now getting what I want to explain you in very simple manner. Extramarital relationships vedic astrology birth chart or physical relationship in astrology or sexual attraction or physical attraction in astrology occurs in some specific condition’s. Extramarital affairs in western countries America (USA), UK is common now-days but it always damages marriage and family.

Good or Bad, Retrograde planet in Astrology:

RAHU and Extra marital affairs: Rahu is main significator of extramarital affairs astrology because rahu is master of cheating and if mercury supports rahu then these people involve in many relationships but successfully manage or hides from society and family. Rahu and Venus and combination or supports in the chart then desire crosses boundary and tactfully they handles their relationship. Planets responsible for extramarital affairs are:
You will not believe when I will select only two main planets for this otherwise 4-5 planet you read everywhere but I will directly tell you two are most important even I can say real don for extra marital affairs others all planet which I mentioned below in my list just subordinate of them or helper.

So time came for reveal the fact:
Moon: Moon natural instincts, our moods, our true inner selves, our feelings, emotions and heart of the relationship, Yes this is your mind Moon is responsible for emotional unbalance and findings your thirst in others or I can say your mood swings are really plays important role to decide to go or not go. Moon governs your mind and if moon is week then chances of low confidence and due to emotional unbalance you will fall in affair. Strong moon controls your mind and everything happens within you because of your Mind movement if you think I want to do this then you can do no one can force or stop you. Chances of extramarital affairs in astrology become more then this planet weak in the horoscope. Good or bad all thinking process comes from our mind and this mind or man governs from moon, so moon is most important here, one line i will say in Hindi "मन के हारे हार है मन के जीते जीत"  

Rahu: Why rahu, you know this is the planet of cheating and hidden pleasure who want all kind of pleasure which can be done in the night or from cheating/stealing someone wife in extramarital affairs in horoscope etc. During prediction always keep in mind for Rahu predict extramarital affair.

Time matters, Check your all mahadasha effects:

Venus: The planet of love and lust, NO. There is one difference between love and lust, love governs from Venus and lust governs from Rahu because rahu is planet of excessive tendency. Venus the Goddess of love represents our love nature, enjoyment, style, the way we act to attract. It rules luxury, creativity, beauty, and the arts and is representative of our physical and tangible pleasures. The primary driver for exotic relationships is Venus. If you have a Venus with Mars or Venus with Rahu a hyper active Venus you are sure to flirt! However, damage or week Venus who has affairs to satisfy his or her sexual obsessions. Venus with rahu or any relationship in the horoscope converts love into lust.

Mercury: Mercury is prince charming and very young so opposite sex will attract you if mercury well placed in your chart. Mercury is very sharp intellect and he uses his sharpness in extra marital also without knowing anyone he enjoys his life but if any direct strong connection with Rahu in horoscope this damages marriage.

Mars: Mars is our energy and if this planet strong but influence of Rahu/Venus is there then mars use his energy it these cases.
Extra marital not happens because one planet or houses it happens due to some conditions and many planets involves in sex and horoscope, sex and jyotish and sex astrology.

Jupiter: The planet of principles, goodness and religion. It is only when you have a weak Jupiter would you think of an extra marital affair. Your conscience does not bite you and you feel you have done nothing wrong. A strong Guru will prevent flirtations and cheating. Jupiter in earthy sign and rahu venus as i mentioned above afflicted then chances are more for this yoga.

Sun: Planet of royalty and faith if this planet is strong in your chart you will be principled and thinks twice before doing such activities, even vedas says strong Sun peoples never be mean.

Houses role in extra marital affairs:
Mainly 5th/7th/8/11/12th house responsible for extra marital and prime are 7, 8th and 11th. If these house lords are not well placed and hemmed between malefic aspect/conjunction and planet then chances of kundali extramarital affairs will be there.

11th house for extra marital: 11th house extramarital affairs, 11th house are the 5th from the 7th house and 7th from 5th house. This house all about gains means you will get your desire or desire may be extra martial. It shows success in extra marital affairs after marriage. There should be a relation between ones weak seventh house and the eleventh house. If you are undergoing the weak and afflicted eleventh house lord dasa and current transit also not favourable then chances of affairs will be there.

5th house for extra marital:  The 5th house stands for love, romance, and scandals is the primary indicator of affairs. The combinations for such relations are Venus-Rahu in the 5th or Mars-Venus in the 5th house or Venus-Rahu in 5th house. 

7th house
for extra marital: The 7th house stands for marriage. A strong 7th house means that you will never have affairs because you are devoted to your partner. This house weakness shows you will be easily involve in illicit relation in astrology. 

8th house for extra marital:  The 8th house indicates hidden pleasure, illicit relationship astrology, hidden relationship, sexual attitudes, orgasm, hidden sex, masturbation etc. The 8th house indicates whether the affair will be physical or not. The 8th house is about give and take in relationships. 

Vehicle in Astrology:

Nakshatra role in extra marital affairs:
Rohini, Bharini, Shrava, Shatbisha, Revati, Ardra and Swati are prime nakshatra if they are afflicted in 5/7/8/11/12 houses then chances are more.

Conjunction role in extra marital affairs:
Rahu especially with Venus/moon/mars/Mercury chances are more in any house and with other planet in 5/7/8/11/12 houses for illegal relationship in astrology.

Exchange yoga role in extra marital affairs:

7th lord weakly placed in 5/6/8/11/12 houses and vice versa.

Some other combination for extra marital affairs:
  • 7th lord Venus in 6th with Saturn & Rahu
  • 7th house with Venus and Rahu.
  • 8th house occupied with Rahu and Venus.
  • 5th house Venus or Rahu.
  • 2nd house Venus or Rahu.
  • Rahu with moon in 2/4/5/7/8/11/12 house.
  • Rahu with Venus in 2/4/5/7/8/11/12 house.
  • Rahu with Mars in 2/4/5/7/8/11/12 house.
  • Rahu with mercury 2/5/7/8/11/12 house.
  • 7th house is weak and 8th house is strongly placed by Rahu/Moon/Venus.
  • Rahu in 4th and connected with Venus.
  • 7th lord is connected with Rahu or Ketu.
  • 7th and 2nd lord is influenced by Venus or Rahu.
  • 7th house is occupied by Rahu, Saturn and Mars.
  • Person running Rahu’s Mahadasha.
  • Saturn and Venus in 7th house.
  • Mars is in Rahu/Venus/Mercury’s Star.
  • Mercury is in Rahu’s Star specially Swati.
  • Rahu in Mercury’s Star Aslyesha.
  • Venus is in Moon’s Star.
  • Sun and mercury in 5th house shows open for affairs specially in women.
 Astrological remedies for extramarital affairs:
  • Do the Shiv Pooja
  • Do the Hanuman ji Pooja
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