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Rahu moon conjunction in astrology

Moon rahu conjunction vedic astrology called as “Grahan Yoga”. This yoga consider very bad in astrology but in sometimes this yoga give huge fan following like Mahatama Gandhi, reason behind is in astrology any planet among 9 can make you king of world or any conjunction also. No conjunction is completely bad or good, as I told in Rahu-Sun conjunction also may give extreme heights in politics. Moon with rahu may give extreme fan following because moon is planet of public and very fast moving luxurious royal planet when this conjunction placed strongly in chart then makes royal and successful public figure.

Mahadasha of moon in astrology:

Moon is our man (Mind) and when your man is strong then you can achieve anything because you can accomplish any task. Many peoples have potential to reach extreme heights in life but problem is “man” (Mind) is not ready for that. This man, rahu know how to utilize because rahu is very clever planet if positive effects in horoscope then you will become god of world or if bad conjunction in horoscope then your life becomes most painful life.

Rahu is planet of rule breaking and unusualness, and when it comes in close conjunction with the Moon, gives huge damage to mind. This is why conjunction gives unrealistic expectations for themselves and others. Rahu is that uncontrollable desire within us, and when the mind or Moon is sitting with him, there is an emotional unbalance in nature. These people have lust for lime light, luxurious life, sex, relationships and exploration. If this moon rahu conjunction in navamsa or moon rahu conjunction in D-9 chart that also bad for marriage life. Moon rahu conjunction in Scorpio is extremely bad for native specially for women.

Mahadash of Rahu in astrology:

Moon rahu combination astrology especially for women shows some pain will be from your children side such as you will not play true role of mother or you hearted by your children badly. Moon represents women in astrology, so i saw its major impact on women life.

Rahu and moon together may lead in some cases to mental illness or extreme emotional states caused by the highly psychic and sensitive nature of the person which may give full life struggle and sorrow. This conjunction gives addictive life style; peoples may addict from wrong things. This conjunction gives full life depends on drugs such as sleeping pills if badly placed.

Chandra rahu yuti (chandra rahu yuti in hindi) person will like the glamour, sex, lime-light, easy gains, crazy, over the top, and fame. Rahu is depicted as a Dragon’s head which just wants to swallow everything and when with the Moon-which is one’s most ingrained way of behaving, these people can easily become frustrated and stray into addictions.

Rahu moon same house gives very unpredictable and dramatic life because Rahu is planet of drama and moon is very sensual planet and that sensuality and easiness of moon, rahu utilizes. This conjunction woman may involve in many relationship because they can’t easily differentiate relationship and involving in more n more. This conjunction sudden gives fame because of controversy specially moon rahu conjunction in Taurus can do magic in life extreme unpredictable ups down in life.

Mars mahadasha in astrology:

Men are very attracted to Moon Rahu women, because rahu with moon attracts others and with weak moon women easily comes in relationship. Moon represents feminine energy which Rahu completely utilizes. Rahu is also always hungry, so these women tend to feel like their emotional needs are never fully satisfied, so they need more and more and can be often in a state of discontent and emotionalism. Moon in conjunction with rahu gives unsatisfied life and relationship.

Moon rahu conjunction effects on each house:

Moon rahu conjunction in 1st house or moon and rahu in 1st house: Chandra rahu yuti in 1st house gives struggles and bad childhood. Moon rahu conjunction in first house or moon rahu conjunction in lagna sometime gives very early success in media entertainment industry in short time frame spread worldwide but suddenly they retired and involved in other work or may felt in some mental illness.

Moon rahu conjunction in 2nd house or moon and rahu in 2nd house: This chandra rahu yuti in 2nd house gives passion for valuable treasuries but this yoga gives vani dosh and greediness for other wealth and peoples over misery sometime. This house conjunction is not good for marriage as well.

Moon rahu conjunction in 3rd house or moon and rahu in 3rd house: This chandra rahu yuti in 3rd house may give passion for communication/media. These peoples often want media and lime light attraction. This conjunction destroys relationship with co-born.

Moon rahu conjunction in 4th house or moon and rahu in 4th house: chandra rahu yuti in 4th house may give passion for property, vehicle but it destroys family peace relation with mother and husband/wife.

Moon rahu conjunction in 5th house or moon and rahu in 5th house: chandra rahu yuti in 5th house gives passion in share/unearned money, politics, celebrity, games, satta. This conjunction in this house gives lot of unstable relationship mean so many breakups and physical relationships. This conjunction gives abortion or child related problems as well.

Moon rahu conjunction in 6th house or moon and rahu in 6th house: chandra rahu yuti in 6th house shows hidden diseases, anxiety which can trouble you extreme depression. This yoga gives victory over enemies but not good relation with colleagues and frequent job changes in life.

Jupiter mahadasha in astrology:

Moon rahu conjunction in 7th house or moon and rahu in 7th house: chandra rahu yuti in 7th house gives lot of partnership in business and in personal relationship. Marriage couple never be satisfied from each other. Chances of extra martial affairs will be there. Partner nature will be opposite and frequent quarrels, disharmony.

Moon rahu conjunction in 8th house moon and rahu in 8th house: chandra rahu yuti in 8th house shows secret relationships with many. This yoga shows extreme anxiety and bad health. This conjunction in 8th house may give accident and disharmony in marriage. Interest in Tantra and occult science.

Moon rahu conjunction in 9th house or moon and rahu in 9th house: chandra rahu yuti in 9th house gives passion for philosophy, preaching but this is really one of the worst position for this conjunction. This conjunction may give you height at some stage of life but lot of struggles, breaks and sorrow will come in life.

Moon rahu conjunction in 10th house or moon and rahu in 10th house: chandra rahu yuti in 10th house shows success in leadership work. Those people who are involved in public domain this is best suited placement if well placed in chart. This conjunction gives long lasting fame best example is Mahatama Gandhi.

Moon rahu conjunction in 11th house or moon and rahu in 11th house: chandra rahu yuti in 11th house gives sudden gains in life, unexpected achievements which peoples generally not deserves.

Moon rahu conjunction in 12th house or moon and rahu in 12th house: chandra rahu yuti in 12th house shows interest in personal privacy. Moon in 12th house consider as one of the worst position in vedic astrology, this conjunction really bad for life stability. These conjunctions peoples never satisfy from life and always unbalance either highly involve in bed pleasure or highly involved in spiritual side.

Remedy of Moon with Rahu or rahu chandra yuti remedies:
  • Lord shiv worship is best pooja for this yoga. Pouring milk on shiving on Saturday and Monday required.
  • We need to avoid excessive luxurious life especially many link-ups and relationship needs to avoid.
  • Respect and care to mother and older women.
  • Moon rahu conjunction birth chart Keep good relations with in laws also improve eccentric nature of Rahu.
  • Wearing pearl and silver good for increasing power of moon.
  • Gomed is the stone of Rahu.
  • Maa durga is the deity of Rahu. Goddess durga protect us destroy our fear, anger and darkness of life. By worshipping maa durga removes struggle and negativity of Rahu.
  • Rahu Strotra or 18000 time rahu mantra need to chant
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rahu and Sun Conjunction

Rahu is strongest planet of opposition (against or vidrohi) and sun is king of his kingdom, Rahu is strongest opposition leader which only want opposition anyhow without logic, without goal just for his own goal. Don’t take here example of rahu as Rahul Gandhi or kejriwal. I am not telling this, only you guys are thinking like that. I can feel bad smile on your face.
I think you got it and understood what i want to say for this conjunction.
Sun rahu combination sucks up all the energy given by Sun, but native still enjoys sun’s positivity if it is powerfully placed in Aries, Leo.
If these two are conjunct in Libra, energy is sucked up by Rahu and it gives waste of life without balance with outer world.

Most important house for gains in astrology:

Sun rahu conjunction vedic astrology only effect badly when close in degree and same nakshatra-pad otherwise this conjunction gives heights as politician, entrepreneur, authority position and wealth wise.
Rahu is virtual planet or Chaya grah and sun is important planet who gives energy, life and do work for mankind in front of everyone. Here is most important difference is hidden in my above written lines, when sun and rahu comes together then Rahu want to take advantage from back door, rahu perform all task in secret manner and will not do in front of everyone such as Sun does. This is the reason this conjunction peoples often comes in public welfare but not perform real welfare.

Sun rahu together in (sun rahu conjunction in lagna) 1st/5th/9th with close relation then known as Pitra dosh it is really one of the bad yoga in astrology and if this yoga in sun rahu conjunction in navamsa also then really very bad or sun conjunct rahu navamsa.

Sun is the king and the Rahu is a king of addiction/corruption/smuggler. Sun rahu yuti in this conjunction, Sun never benefitted because sun has high valued principle and he cannot throw his principle’s but rahu is very happy with sun because now he has more power or you can say highest power and authority because rahu always takes strength from conjunction/sign/Nakshatra etc. Rahu takes full advantage of the Sun Kingdom. Rahu uses power of Sun to achieve kingdom, they will show diplomacy but will not do good deeds for public. 

Sun is our soul, pride and father when rahu comes with sun or father then rahu just used sun wealth/power not gives respect to elders. Rahu always try to cheat his leader or father. However, with every conjunction there is good and bad, and the good really shines when these people are in performing media line, entertainment, fashion, politics, and or entrepreneurs. 

Jupiter strong aspect to sun or Jupiter placed from 5/9 place (Nav-pancham yoga) from sun or If the Sun is exalted in Aries (exalted sun with rahu) or in his own sign of Leo with Rahu, then the Sun will be able to handle himself far better than being in any other sign. Sun rahu same house (sun rahu in same house) overall not consider as good combination in most of the cases.

Sun rahu conjunction effects on each house:

Sun rahu conjunction in 1st house or rahu and sun in 1st house:  sun rahu in 1st house conjunction gives pitra dosh and full life will be ups and down and no stability in life.

Sun rahu conjunction in 2nd house or rahu and sun in 2nd house:  sun rahu in 2nd house conjunction gives passion for treasuries/asset and greediness. These peoples want others wealth. Sun with rahu gives vani dosh(sun and rahu in same house). These peoples are less social and don’t have respect in social circle.

Sun rahu conjunction in 3rd house or rahu and sun in 3rd house:  Sun rahu in 3rd house gives passion for communication. These peoples don’t want do hard work they want authority role from his communication. They will do well in politics.

Sun rahu conjunction in 4th house or rahu and sun in 4th house:  sun rahu in 4th house gives passion for property, vehicle. Differences with family and mother. Less peace in home. Marriage relation of husband wife will not be good.

Career in Politics:

Sun rahu conjunction in 5th house or rahu and sun in 5th house:  sun rahu in 5th house or sun and rahu in same house gives passion for politics, celebrity, share market, satta. These people will not behave good with family and children. Success will not easy for these guys in life.

Sun rahu conjunction in 6th house or rahu and sun in 6th house:  sun rahu in 6th house gives illegal activities; low morale and hidden health problem but this conjunction will destroy your enemies.

Sun rahu conjunction in 7th house or rahu and sun in 7th house:  sun rahu in 7th house gives passion for partnership; cheat in business and in marriage.

Sun rahu conjunction in 8th house or rahu and sun in 8th house: sun rahu in 8th house gives passion for secrets, occult and hidden facts of life. These people may involve in secret work and relationship.

Sun rahu conjunction in 9th house or rahu and sun in 9th house:  sun rahu in 9th house gives passion for philosophy, preaching but unstable luck and life.

Sun rahu conjunction in 10th house or rahu and sun in 10th house:  sun rahu in 10th house gives passion for leadership power if this conjunction not badly placed then immense success as leader/ politician or any authority post.

Sun rahu conjunction in 11th house or rahu and sun in 11th house:  sun rahu in 11th house gives passion for prizes, achievements and lot of unearned wealth if not badly placed.

Sun rahu conjunction in 12th house or rahu and sun in 12th house:  sun rahu in 12th house gives passion for privacy, extreme spirituality or extreme bed pleasure and private relationship.

Sun rahu conjunction remedy: rahu in conjunction with sun remedies you can see in mu previous article:

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Planetary Transits 2015

2015 half of the year we already passed now for rest of the year i am giving the details of major planetary changes transit/combustion/retrograde.

Jupiter Transit: Jupiter is one of major planet and its transit effects also gives strong indication, I describe jupiter transits effects sometime back, please see below link:
  • 14 July  "Jupiter transits in Leo"
  • 12 August  "Combustion in Leo"
  • 10 September  "Rise in Leo

Read Jupiter Transit effects in your chart:

Venus Transit:
Venus is planet of love, sex and luxury so its change will important for everyone. This year November will not good for Venus govern guys.
  • 05 July "Venus transits in Leo"
  • 13 August  "Venus transits in Cancer"
  • 01 October  "Venus transits in Leo"
  • 3 November "Venus transits in Virgo"
  • 30 November  "Venus transits in Libra
  • 25 December   "Venus transits in Scorpio"

Saturn Transit: There is no change in Saturn transits because you guys know Saturn takes 2.5 year from one sign to another sign but it will combust and retrograde in this year.
  • 12 November  "Combustion in Scorpio"
  • 18 December " Rise in Scorpio"
  • 15 March  "Retrograde in Scorpio"
  • 02 August  "Direct in Scorpio"
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Mars transit: Mars is important planet for courage and wealth. This year can see some changes of Mars below:
  • 16 June  "Mars transits in Gemini"
  • 31 July  "Mars transits in Cancer"
  • 15 September "Mars transits in Leo"
  • 03 November  "Mars transits in Virgo"
  • 24 December  "Mars transits in Libra"
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Mercury Transit:
Master of communication and intelligence effects see below:
  • 05 July  "Mercury transits in Gemini"
  • 20 July  "Mercury transits in Cancer"
  • 04 August  "Mercury transits in Leo"
  • 23 August  "Mercury transits in Virgo"
  • 29 October "Mercury transits in Libra"
  • 17 November  "Mercury transits in Scorpio"
  • 06 December  "Mercury transits in Sagittarius"
  • 26 December  "Mercury transits in Capricorn"

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Planets and their gemstones

We know Vedic astrology govern from 9 planets (Rahu-Ketu virtual planets). All 9 planets have different-different gems and mantra (gems and planets) which we will discuss in this article. Sometimes many planet in our horoscope in sleeping mode, for those planet we need to energize those planet by gems and mantra and need to take full advantage of planets power.

Why planet required gems: What are gems contains, it contains water/earth material and all material represent by planet such as water represent by moon and moon gems pearl comes from sea.

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Planets represent metal also that is why gems required in particular metals. Planets and their stones required for taking advantage from the horoscope. Many peoples thinks which gemstone should i wear, recently i saw many times advertisement of rashi stones or gemstones according to rashi, this is really nonsense. Gems should be worn according our chart and planets. Even gemstones according to rashi and nakshatra should not wear. Don’t take gems from dealer or jyotish astrology gemstones for rashi. In current time, it is difficult to find best quality gemstones.

Many question frequently I am getting from my readers, so basic table I will present in this article according to your common questions such as which gemstone suits me/ how to know which gemstone to wear/ which gemstone should i wear free advice/ free gemstone suggestion/ astrology gemstone recommendation/ how to select gemstone for astro/  know your gemstones/ gemstone according to horoscope/ When gems are to be worn/ do gems really work/ gemstone and finger/ which stone to wear in which finger/ wearing of gemstones in fingers/ gemstone conflicts/ gemstones compatibility/ gemstones and their effects/ effect of gemstones astrology/ types of gemstones astrology/ astrology stones effect etc.

Matches in Heaven but match-making with PRATEEK BHATT:

Each gem is required to be wear in particular metal. These metals are usually gold, silver, copper and amalgams etc.
In the selection of gems, the ancient "Garuda Purana" of India insists that the gems must be of superior quality. The ancient texts, such as the Guruda Purana, caution against heating gems. Natural, eye-clean, without substitute or without glass particles insertion stones are best for astrological healing purposes.

For each person's chart, particular planetary gemstones (vedic astrology gemstones) take on a positive or a negative attribute, according to that person's astrological constitution. 

Generally women should wear gems in left hand and men should in right hand. In few cases it may differ.

Main Gems
 Substitute Gems
Red Spinel, Garnet
Gold, Copper
Ring finger,
Left or Right hand
Little finger,
Left or Right hand
Green Tourmaline
Silver, gold, copper
Little or ring finger,
Left or Right hand
White Sapphire
Platinum, Yellow gold or
white metals
middle finger,
Left or right hand
Red Coral
Red Agate
Red Onex
Gold, Copper or Silver
Index or ring finger,
Left or Right hand
Yellow Sapphire
Pure Gold, in few cases Copper

Index finger,
Left or right hand
Blue Sapphire
Neeli, Amethyst
Silver, Platinum
White metals
Middle finger,
Left or Right hand
North Node (Rahu)
Orange Zircon
Middle finger
Left or Left hand
South Node (Ketu)
Cat's Eye 
Silver, Gold or White Metals
Middle finger,
Right hand

  • Rahu-Ketu gems metals should decide according their   sign/Nakshatra/Sign lord placement. It is not easy task we should analyse properly then suggest for rahu-ketu gems.
Planet and gems
In my opinion it is important to understand the Ayurvede and metals terminology for taking best results from gemstones. Ayurveda gemstones increase wealth or gemstones prosperity wealth but need to check properly.
Incorrect gemstone recommendations can create a problems.

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