Sunday, May 31, 2015

Saturn and Rahu Conjunction

This is one of most discussed and frequently asked conjunction now days. So, I decided to reveal the facts of this yoga or dosh. In astrology this conjunction known as “Shrapit dosh”.

Firstly try to understand these two planet known as most important in kaliyug and when they will meet then obviously large things will happen in life, it may negative or positive.

Rahu is virtual planet and when conjunct with Saturn then obviously energy and power also will come from Saturn. Because Saturn is already dark, night and negative planet and once comes with Rahu then you can think the results.

Read effects of Rahu Mahadasha:

This power depends on Saturn power if Saturn well placed then rahu also consider well placed. Generally you can see Saturn friendly sign and friendly sign of Rahu are common as well. Saturn rahu conjunction in Capricorn or Saturn rahu conjunction in Aquarius consider good but sometimes bad because negative energy of rahu in these two sign also get power which sometime gives negativity if not placed in good strong house.

Next point, how to calculate this conjunction is bad or good? This is not very straight forward article, so I will define this article in my style:

  • Check sign placement if it is friendly and Saturn strongly placed then it will be bad for rahu it increase struggle in life because rahu will share Saturn power and will affect functioning of Saturn, How? Saturn is very slow moving planet & believes giving life lessons but rahu is opposite totally, it will give you worldly pleasure overnight.
  • These peoples can succeed in foreign lands because rahu represents foreign culture or different culture and Saturn is planet of separation, so you can easily separate from your home land and can get success in foreign lands.
  • One more important point here Saturn is a law maker but rahu will destroy rules of Saturn. Saturn rahu conjunction in birth chart shows you will do oppose of man-kind and rules, culture.
  • Sometimes at the old age peoples face lot of issue from servants even some times misshaping because of servants in their life.
Read Saturn mahadasha effects in astrology:

Saturn+rahu combination astrology is really bad in 1st (Saturn rahu conjunction lagna/Saturn rahu in 1st house) and 9th house especially because these two houses give rules/religion/life, so I will consider most troublesome placement of this in these two houses. Saturn rahu conjunction in navamsa/ shani rahu yuti in navamsa (shrapit yoga astrology or shrapit dosh in kundli) or shrapit yoga (shani rahu together) in kundli gives problems in stability that never comes in the life.

What is Saturn Rahu Conjunction?

Saturn and Rahu are known to be responsible for pain, struggle, stress, anxiety and sorrow in your life. But this conjunction is very bad when comes in very close in degree, bad nakshatra and some planetary placements.

Shrapit dosha in the horoscope or Saturn rahu conjunction effects is unable to enjoy the luxury and comforts of life even if they are available to him in abundance. This dosha occurs in a horoscope due to the person being cursed by someone in the past life. This Shani Rahu Shrapit Yoga is an extremely bad yoga and it gives tremendous difficulties in Life and sometimes the whole life goes wasted without any meaningful purpose due to this Yoga. 

Astrological texts and Saturn rahu conjunction vedic astrology also tell same story about this conjunction, they written because of the past birth's (Shrapit Yoga) bad deeds you will face lot of issue in this birth. Even though there are much good yoga in the horoscope good results are not obtained in this present birth. This shows some past bad deeds this yoga came in this birth and sometimes this yoga give paranormal things also.
Shani rahu conjunction in all houses
  1. shani rahu in 1st house/ shani rahu yuti in 1st house is bad for life and stability in life.
  2. shani rahu in 2nd house/ shani rahu yuti in 2nd house is bad for asset/land and routine income and vani dosh will be there.
  3. shani rahu in 3rd house/ shani rahu yuti in 3rd house is bad for co-born death or quarrels of co-born seen with this placement.
  4. shani rahu in 4th house/ shani rahu yuti in 4th house is bad for family happiness and mother.
  5. shani rahu in 5th house/ shani rahu yuti in 5th house is very bad for children and for female child related issue abortion.
  6. shani rahu in 6th house/ shani rahu yuti in 6th house is good, it will destroy all your enemies and if other planet strong then you will be successful person in life.
  7. shani rahu in 7th house/ shani rahu yuti in 7th house is bad for marriage and business.
  8. shani rahu in 8th house/ shani rahu yuti in 8th house is bad for age and accidents.
  9. shani rahu in 9th house/ shani rahu yuti in 9th house is extreamly bad life will be full of pain.
  10. shani rahu in 10th house/ shani rahu yuti in 10th house is bad for career struggle and instability will be there.
  11. shani rahu in 11th house/ shani rahu yuti in 11th house is bad for your desire, it will make highly ambitious but never gives big gains.
  12. shani rahu in 12th house/ shani rahu yuti in 12th house is bad for spirituality and moksha.
This dosh gives many problems in life such as:
  • Bad Saturn rahu conjunction gives confusion and instability in life.
  • Effects of Saturn rahu conjunction disturb family life.
  • Shani rahu combination gives strained relations between Husband and Wife.
  • Shrapit yoga effects come in progeny, abortion, conceiving, miscarriages, and Child delivery related Problems.
  • Shani rahu gochar yuti or saturn rahu conjunction in transit also gives many problems which we just faced back in last years.
  • Shani rahu dosha gives health issues especially surgical/spinal issues.
  • Shani rahu yuti affects job and career.
  • Shani rahu in one house shows bad relation with servant.
  • Saturn conjunction with rahu gives divorce sometimes if related with 7th.
  • Shani rahu same house shows inter-caste marriage.
  • Shani with rahu gives interest in another religion.
  • Saturn rahu in same house shows you may convert your religion.
Guru-chandal yoga in astrology:

Shrapit yoga cancellation: In very few chart this dosha able to cancel , it depends on benefic Jupiter he can handle it only. Shrapit yoga or shrapit dosha explained everywhere but it cancellation depends on this condition only. Shrapit yoga hindi you can read from translator.

Remedies for Saturn rahu conjunction or saturn rahu conjunction remedies
  • Shrapit dosha nivaran puja or shrapit yoga puja, do the worship of anyone jyotirling among 12 jyotirling specially mahakaleshwar ujjan.
  • Do daily worship of maha-mritunjai mantra (shrapit dosha mantra) is one of the best shrapit yog ke upay or shrapit dosha remedy:
ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिंम् पुष्टिवर्धनम् ।
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् ।।
oṁ tryambakaṁ yajāmahe sugandhiṁ puṣṭi-vardhanam ǀ
urvārukam-iva bandhanān mṛtyormukṣīya māmṛtāt ǁ
  • Shani rahu jaap or rahu shani japa is required.
  • Don’t believe on shrapit yoga yantra or shrapit dosh yantra only shiv can give relief from this yoga.
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Venus Mahadasha in Astrology

This is one of the most important mahadasha in astrology, why? After reading this article (Venus mahadasha detail) you will get your answer. Venus is considered as a benefic planet by nature. Venus rules the signs Taurus and Libra. Venus represents females, luxury, beauty, marriage, love, relationships, lust, sexuality, perfume, happiness, arts, music, comfort and luxurious life. Venus also rules the media and entertainment. Venus in our body rules throat, kidneys, cheeks, ovaries, internal generative, private parts, sexual organs.

In Bollywood film “Dirty Picture” one dialogue was there main hoon “ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT”. Yes Venus is the boss of all pleasure in life and ENTERTAINMENT.

Read Venus results in all Sign:

Venus mahadasha duration in Vedic Astrology is longest Dasha in Astrology; it has great impact on human for 20 year Venus dasha. In this period luxury, pleasure and relationship will improve specially with females. We should not think always negative relationship with females sometimes it gives benefits in this dasha if Venus well placed and it may also give honest, holy relationship with female not always affairs and all.  Biggest benefit of mahadasha Venus is it will keep the distress away and would bring peace in mind and prosperity would reside and hurdles won’t leave much impact upon the native. On the other part, the native under Shukra Bhukti would receive true respect and admiration from the society including some state honours.

Venus period increases pleasure it depends on particular houses for example in 5th houses gives pleasures from affairs and in 7th houses gives many relationships. 20 year of Venus mahadasha bestows the person with most of comforts and materialistic wealth upon land and keeps his/her life full of amusement and bliss. People feel very creative during such time. They want to create art, design or have tremendous interest in performing Bollywood, films, directing, acting, singing, dancing, fashion, boutique, and drama and media industry. When Venus is a benefic planet, the native can enjoy all the luxuries in his life and Venus mahadasha wealth will be increase year by year. The native can shine in interior decorator, movie, arts industry or hotel business or retail business or jewellery business or diamond related. He or she is having enough power to attract the people born in opposite sex. They will also do well in share market or commodity market or trading and betting. Things will turn around quickly and go in their favour. 

Retrograde Venus, read its effects.

In shukra dasha astrology chances of getting marriage is strong. Venus-mars, Venus rahu, Venus-mercury, venus-saturn period gives extra martial or affairs many times. Venus would endow the person with the treasury of jewels and precious ornaments besides which he/she would possess all the signs and expressions of aristocracy.

The native in Shukra vimshottari mahadasha would carry purity and calmness in thoughts and would get inclined towards pious and social pursuits. There would be a remarkable growth in professional and financial status. When Venus mahadasha coming as a malefic mahadasha for a boy, it is much worse than of a girl because karak of marriage and love in boy horoscope is Venus. Venus mahadasha good or bad it depends on many conditions so analyse properly then give conclusion for any dasha.

Good effects of Venus mahadasha:
  • A Shukra mahadasha effect comes early in first anterdasha.
  • Shukra mahadasha means wealth, jewels, ornaments and clothes.
  • Venus mahadasha benefits show luxury, royal comforts, vehicles and animals.
  • Venus mahadasha interpretation shows good spouse, children, wealth, prosperity, clothes and state honours.
  • Effects Venus dasha Interest in education, singing and dance may increase.
  • Shukra dasha effects give you good natured and charitable nature.
  • Shukra dasha benefits in entertainment industry, trading, profits in business and new ventures.
  • Venus dasha interpretation, one may acquire vehicles, have children and inherit the accumulated wealth of ancestors.
  • Benefits shukra mahadasha shows those are in high position maybe favourable with authority.
  • Venus mahadasha marriage chances are best in this period.
  • One may be endowed with a good voice, good food, happiness and plenty of servants.
  • One may be interested in Astrology, Occult, poetry, arts and humour.

Bad effects of Venus mahadasha:
  • Bad Venus period gives unhappiness in life, divorce, illegal relationship.
  • During this period there may be a loss of wealth, defame.
  • There may be conflicts with women and in family.
  • Venus mahadasha time many problems and fear due to thieves, those in high position.
  • Venus mahadasha phal business, loss in share market, land and family home may be destroyed.
  • Health may give trouble problems with private parts, gastric and cough problem, throat related.
  • venus mahadasha remedies or remedies for Venus mahadasha is worship Maa Durga on every Friday.
  • Venus mahadasha and career has average time.

Now you can read Venus mahadasha in hindi or shukra mahadasha effects in hindi from translator available in my website (find shukra dasha). shukra mahadasha calculator you can calculate your dasha

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vehicles in Astrology

Home, vehicle dreams of everyone, so today I thought I will complete this because last week we already discussed home/Property combination.
4th house is main houses for Vehicle as well, 4th houses gives complete picture about your vehicle class. Main Karak of Vehicle in vahana yoga vedic astrology is Venus and for driving karak Mars, so Mars/Venus most important planet for vehicle.

Read your chances of buying property:

If you are experiencing delay in purchasing or selling of your property or Vehicle, then chances of 4th lord or sitting planet in 4th houses badly placed in horoscope. For purchasing or selling Mahadasha of current planet is most important.

Vehicle yoga in astrology:
  • 4th house is considered house of vehicle, In Mahadasha-Antardasha a person can buy a vehicle.
  • Earthy sign is good for vehicle pleasure.
  • If fourth house is strong, it is helpful in buying a car. Vahan such (वाहन सुख) in kundli seen by this only.
  • If Ascendant lord has a relation with 4th house/lord of fourth house a person can buy a car in dasha-antardasha of lagnesh.
  • If 4th lord is exalted, then a person will get many vehicles in his mahadasha (much vahan sukh astrology).
  • Karak of Vehicle, Venus is very important. 
  • If 4th house/4th lord have a relation with 7th house or lord, 8th house or lord, then person will get a vehicle with help of his in-laws
  • If 9th house have a relation with 4th house or lord, person will get a vehicle easily in early age or from father. 
  • If lagnesh and 4th lord have 'Nakshatra-parivartan yog' then the person will get a vehicle by his own earned money in dasha-antar dasha of 2nd/4th lords.
  • When the lord of 4th house is exalted and the lord of the exaltation house occupies a kendra or trikona, the vahana yoga in astrology is formed.
  • Venus and moon is most important for good and many vehicles. (vahana yoga in kundli)
  • Mercury/Jupiter in 4th house or in his exaltation sign, identical with a Kendra/ Trikona confers vehicles or vahana yoga in horoscope.
  • Vehicle accident in astrology seen from 8th houses and badly placed 4th houses also.
  • Vehicle number astrology or Vehicle number calculation is also very important for many peoples.
  • Vehicle colour astrology is most important (vehicle colour as per astrology), we need to check our lucky colour and then should buy particular colour. Vehicle and astrology or astrology for vehicle should analyse carefully.
Check your Moon Mahadasha results:

Timing of astrology for vehicle purchase:
  • Any good dasha will give your car or vehicle, vehicles astrology for car purchase will give you exact time for buying vehicle.
  • Good 4th houses and its dasha are good for astrology for buying car.
  • Astrology and vehicles in 9/10/11 houses dasha shows good strong results.
  • 4th lord and 4th house placed planet gives vehicle in dasha-anterdasha.
  • Venus and moon gives vehicles in early age.
Your Vehicle depends on planet placement in your 4th house or its lord:
  • Sun gives a government vehicle with driver and royalty.
  • Moon gives a many white cars with luxury.
  • Jupiter gives strong and safe car.
  • Mars gives many cars with different types.
  • Mercury gives highly luxurious and attractive car.
  • Venus gives a lovely car and collection of many cars.
  • Saturn gives stable but old car blue colour.
  • Rahu gives big car in black colour.
  • Ketu gives car in late age or no vehicle because this is plant of denial.
  • Moon and Venus combination gives most beautiful and grand vehicles.
Check your retrograde Venus Effects:

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Property in Astrology

                              सबका सपना एक घर हो अपना
“Home sweet home (home in astrology)” this is the dream of every human. In this article, I will discuss only House/property not vehicle. Everyone wants to own a property. Can everyone do that? You guys know the answer, I can’t do that anything for you in buying property, I can only pray for you. But definitively one favour I can do for you guys. I will tell exact and 100 % correct and true combination for looking property and home in your horoscope. So stay tuned with your friend astrologer PRATEEK BHATT.

4th house in the horoscope judging property-related matters or house of property in astrology. Fourth house in horoscope is very important for lot of reasons; it indicates happiness, house, vehicle, mother, peace in life, affection through mother etc. 4th being one of the quadrants is also responsible for conferring Raja yoga. Mars being griha karaka should be looked at for immovable property. Astrology for land purchase gives path for choosing right property o right time.

Do you have Raja yoga or Wealth yoga?

When you will look into house/property/land in any horoscope then most important point naisirgik karak of land or planet for land in astrology which is “MARS” and 2nd karak for land astrology Saturn, please read it again, here I told you only land now come on home/house for this two planet are most important Venus/Mars. Mars can give big land but home decoration and interior attractive construction part govern by Venus. Now you can understand many people have lot of lands big-big lands because of good Saturn/Mars but constructed house either not there or small home or simple house.

                     “सबके पास शाहरुख़ खान जैसा मन्नत नहीं होता “
               “Everyone don’t have Mannat like Shahrukh khan”

Home depends on many conditions:
  • First check most important 4th house sitting planet and its lord.
  • 2nd most important point is mahadasha running in your horoscope because “SAMAY BADA BALWAN समय बड़ा बलवान” and without time permission you cannot do anything. Even you can buy but after sometime because of some reasons you need to sell out your dream home/land.
  • Karak of home, don’t confuse here with Saturn/mars/Venus/Jupiter main karak is Mars. Land and astrology has dependency on above factors.
  • Property in vedic astrology karak is Mars/Saturn but home where you will live main karak is Venus/ Mars. 
  • Check earthy sign placement and its lord placement in horoscope (ghar in astrology). Land signs astrology is important.
  • 11th and 2nd house should strong because without money you cannot buy your home from your own efforts this is the reason 2nd house known for daily routine income as well as Asset. Same for 11th houses also.

Timings of getting property or home:
  • Mahadasha is most important factor for predicting timings of property.
  • 4th/2nd/11th/9th house mahadasha are most favourable for buying property.
  • Land purchase astrology in Jupiter/Sun/Venus/mars/Saturn dasha in good.
  • Good dasha gives astrology buying land chances.
  • Sun gives house in middle age.
  • Moon gives early age house.
  • Mars gives middle age.
  • Mercury gives houses in 32 to 36 year.
  • Jupiter gives house in early 30`s.
  • Venus gives early houses.
  • Saturn gives house after age of 44.
  • Rahu gives early house.
  • Ketu denies or gives house after age of 52.
Neecha-bhang Raja yoga can gives many houses, read below:

Good yoga`s for owning home/land or property yoga in astrology:
  • Earthy sign in 4th house with well-placed planet gives many houses.
  • 4th house be in the 4th house and the ascendant lord be also there and receives aspect by benefic planet.
  • If the lord of the 4th house is placed in its own sign or exaltation, the native gets the comforts of having land, conveyance, and house.
  • 4th house and 10th house together placed in “Kendra” or a “trikona” the native’s house should very big and house will be worthy of a king.
  • If Mercury is in the 4th house the house would be attractive and more then 1.
  • Planets in exaltation in the 4th house also give a multi houses or lands.
  • Lord of the 9th house in the “Kendra”, the 4th lord in friendly sign or exalted planet in the 4th house gives a beautiful house with lot of pleasures.
  • If the 4th lord favourable conjunction with Mars/Saturn/Venus, this gives most pleasing house with multiple houses.
  • If “Ascendant” lord and the 4th lord are in the 4th house they indicate gain of house in most unexpected manner.
  • Interchange of 4th lord and 1st lord makes favourable yoga for houses/property.
  • Strongly placed 4th lord in 5th house or 9/10 houses shows large paternal property or parental property in astrology (ancestral property in vedic astrology).
  • If the 4th lord is in the 10th house and the 10th lord is in 4th house with strong Mars, it opens up the possibility of owning much property.
  • Support of Jupiter and Venus are very important because both are benefic planets gives blessing and happiness.
  • Mahadasha of Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mars are generally good for buying property.
Your home depends on planet placement in your 4th house or its lord:
  • Sun gives a large house with greenery area.
  • Moon gives a posh area house and beautiful house.
  • Jupiter gives a big, strong and durable house.
  • Mars gives a rough and tough house.
  • Mercury gives interior attractive but exterior average.
  • Venus gives a lovely house and most attractive house.
  • Saturn gives stable but used or an old house.
  • Rahu gives big house but work in those houses never finishes.
  • Ketu gives house in late age and ordinary houses.
  • Moon and Venus combination gives most beautiful and grand house.
Read mystery of mysterious house 8th house:

Loss of Property: - There are some astrological combinations and bad placement of planet in horoscope gives loss in property:
  • If the 4th lord is badly placed in the 3rd house such as Libra sign rising in 4th house and Venus in 3rd house in Virgo one bad combination for loss of property.
  • The lord of 4th house if placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house with affliction to “lagna” lord may be responsible for property loss through government action.
  • If the lord of the 4th house is in debilitated stage and no planets in 4th house, mars/Saturn also weak chances of loss of property or no property.
  • Property acquired by government if baldy placed sun in 4th house and lord of 4th also weak.
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