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Sun Mahadasha in Astrology

Sun mahadasha interpretation will clear your doubts in which particular area sun will give you success or in that period what will enhance in your body or soul (sun mahadasha prateek). Sun is the father of all planets. Sun has direct connection with all human, without sun energy we cannot do anything. Sun is prime significator of life and energy in the earth. In this time period inner energy will be put into the search for the person's real identity.  It adds on to charm and magnetism to our persona. It governs Fame, authority and advancement in careers. The sun Mahadasha also relates to our Father. If it is placed well, it will give highly auspicious results. 

Sun mahadasha in vedic astrology shows power, wealth, high ambition, desire and fame for native. Sun mahadasha duration for 6 years (surya vimshottari mahadasha or sun vimshottari mahadasha). If sun is placed in angular or trine houses then it will be good for peoples. Surya mahadasha meaning shows intelligence and brilliance in the native’s life. It is a potent and strong planet and is believed to be of supreme place and so on in general, it bestows the native with dominance and higher position. During the period of Sun (sun ki mahadasha), the person lives in foreign lands, moves in faraway places from home land. Wealth will be obtained through the sources of Brahmins, Gods, fire, kings, Astrology and medicines. Education, spirituality, politics, medicine, business, high office in government and all forms of public success and acclaim are prominent. It does also support immigration to another country for long time or permanent settlement.

Effects of your Sun in each sign:

Sun mahadasha benefits impacts or boosting your career in politics. The strong position of Sun makes a person to attain perfect and respectful position in his or her life. Wealth accumulation during sun mahadasa depends on the house it rules with respect to lagna. In either case, Sun mahadasa cannot give significant amount of wealth rather it makes the person so popular and he or she will have great respect from people in the society specially if placed in 3rd house. Sun mahadasha results shows high position in career, achievements especially in the areas of politics and career. Without strong sun you can earn good money but fame and lime light in work place you will not get. Easy or early success also seen from strength of sun placement in the chart. Sun mahadasha and marriage have strong significance, in that period person will marry powerful partner.
Sun is atmakarak planet or soul it tells us in his dasha, how we should live life, sun tells us where we should work hard, in which area success is there. This planet confers in his dasha with good health, wealth and power, Sun tells to peoples for what purpose he/she born in this world.

Sun mahadasha effects or surya mahadasha are perceived to attain a good and strong place in the social circle as they would receive the support of higher authorities/Boss, government and the person would acquire power & authority. This period will also enhance the anxiety and restlessness because of too much work in work place.

In this period, people are perceived to receive good affluence from variant sources power, land and royalty. Mahadasha of sun will enhance the inclination and vision towards the spiritual aspects and could lead the person towards pilgrim visits or religious place. sun mahadasha in hindi

Effects of Sun in every House:

Bad effects of Sun mahadasha: Sun mahadasha period also holds the fear and threat from thieves, enemies, government and fire along with some health problems including venereal diseases, severe and fever besides which there could be lack of mental peace leading to unhappy living. Neech sun mahadasha or debilitated sun mahadasha could enclose the person and his closed ones with fears, distress and sorrowfulness. But the person would grow socially even if his/her personal life won’t remain good.

Effects of Sun Mahadasha
  • There is an increase in spiritualism, astrology and mantras.
  • Honour from public or increase in respect during sun mahadasha
  • Friendship with government and political background.
  • Over work or work load will increase in this period.
  • Fame and popularity in the world may increase.
  • Wealth and house or land/property will buy.
  • New home or vehicle will come in the family.
  • Parents will be happy.
  • One will migrate and settle abroad.

Ill effects of Sun Mahadasha:
  • There may be disturbance with brothers, friends, and separation from father.
  • There may be fear due to thieves, fire, enemies and the government.
  • There may be ailments of the teeth, eyes and abdomen especially gastric position.
  • There may be decrease in the number of the servants.
  • Anger increases and fight with family members.
  • sun mahadasha remedies or surya mahadasha remedies required if sun badly placed in the chart.
  • sun mahadasha and sade sati on same time bad.
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Mahadasha in Astrology

This is one of the most important articles in astrology because as per my view this is key point to predict any life event. Many times we saw in our surroundings peoples have strong chart with well-placed planets in Horoscope but still life in struggle with problem and all. Why this happen in anyone`s life? Main reason of this, Horoscope well placed planet promise not fructify in the life because strong planet Mahadasha not came. All events of life will fruitful if dasha is good (mahadasha and antardasha). I will provide brief details on each and every planet mahadasha and vimshottari dasha means. Now you can read mahadasha and antardasha in Hindi in my website and soon I will provide mahadasha and antardasha calculator here or dasha antardasha calculation free.

Read reality of Rahu-Ketu in astrology:

In many successful peoples or celebrity, you can find this fact (mahadasha periods) by yourself. Their main period of life or midlife period strong Mahadasha came and they became celebrity on that period. You can see this fact in shahrukh khan horoscope (He became super star in very short period in Jupiter dasha which is lord of 5th house sitting 11th house which is known for biggest gain or biggest desire fulfilment house), same thing happened with Salman khan which promise good dasha of Saturn in last phase & in mid phase. Mr. dhoni suddenly came in picture in Indian cricket and ruled Indian cricket many years, even without outstanding talent which Indian captain needed for survival. This is the magic of planets and its vimshottari dashas. That’s why I said:
“He plays well but not outstanding
    But his luck playing outstanding.”

Dashas in astrology: This is Mahadssha in astrology which can make you multi-millionaire in short time span. This is mahadasha only which can give you all around success in life that is the reason old peoples normally tell “Samay Hot Balwaan .. Time is the most Potent and powerful! समय बड़ा बलवान 

Yoga`s Formed by Rahu:

Most important house mahadasha: Many queries asked which house mahadasha most important for gains, money and stability. I am truly speaking any house mahadasha can play important role in your life only one condition you should check, well-placed house or strong planet/own house planet with strong nakshata/sign and carefully analyse vimshottari dasha interpretation. I will tell you some special house which plays vital role to make celebrity or special for life period.

1st/4th/5th/9th/10th/11th houses mahadasha generally gives very good results if its lord and house also well placed by strong planet in horoscope.
All these houses mahadasha proves very good for everyone if these houses planet also well placed or interchange house which knows as parivartan yoga in astrology.
Ruler of mahadasha and well-placed in Kendtra/trikona house makes your life easy and gives success in life. Mahadasha and antardasha effects need to analyse carefully in the chart.

1st/4th/5th/9th/10th/11th houses mahadasha come in between age of 30 to 60, it will be great for you but particular planet should also strongly placed in above mentioned houses. Mahadasha and antardasha prediction or mahadasha and antardasha analysis should important parameter in any prediction, even sometimes mahadasha antardasha and pratyantar dasha also very important.

Sudden Multimillionaire yoga, how? read below article.

What is vimshottari dasha mean: This bhukti astrology calculating from nakshatra manly where moon sits in your house? This is one of the most important and commonly used dasha systems Vedic astrology.

How to read vimshottari dasha antar dashas: I will explain in coming articles every planet mahadasha interpretation and its effects so stay tuned my website.         
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Sun Mahadasha in Astrology

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