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Retrograde Saturn in Astrology

Saturn retrograde Vedic astrology is one of the most talked and demanded article among all planets. I know many peoples waiting for this article. I got lot of message during this retrograde planet series, everyone want this article as early as possible.

Read below Saturn effects in all zodiac sign

Real meaning of Retro Saturn: Direct Saturn receives order and implements that order accordingly to higher authority but retro Saturn will give opportunity to lead team or give direction to others not believe to take directions.

Saturn retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology: One frequently asked question from me, Retrograde Saturn is good or bad or is Saturn retrograde bad? People wants clear answer from me, is retrograde answer good/bad? I will say it is good for most of peoples depend on Saturn Nakshata/Sign/house/conjunction/aspect. Don’t follow if anyone is telling to you, Saturn retrograde always bad. Effect of wakri shani is generally good but it depends on current karmas and placement of Saturn in the chart.

" Direct Saturn believe in receives order and implements that order accordingly to higher authority but retro Saturn will believe in give direction to others not believe to take directions.

वक्री शनि के बारे मे मै पहले भी बता चूका हु अपनी वेबसाइट में भी की मार्गी शनि आदेश से काम करने वाला होता है जो आदेश अधिकारी का हो उसे स्टेप दर स्टेप फॉलो करो, लेकिन वक्री शनि आदेश देकर काम करवाता है, ये मूल अंतर है शनि की वक्रता का कर्म क्षेत्र में "

Retrograde Saturn in birth chart: Saturn is karmic planet and in direct motion Saturn teaches us lot, so here it will very clear retro Saturn will give more teaching in this time and if Saturn want to teach you more than obviously results will come slowly but this retrograde Saturn will give you very good growth in the life only problem "slow" but don't forget slow but steady. Saturn will teach you lesson, just like a father and authority figure would do. Saturn will also cause you to hold others responsibility for their actions. When Saturn is in retrograde motion this is where your actions and reactions will be addressed. They can make very high demands on themselves for personal achievement. Saturn retrograde jyotish shows these peoples are hard task- master and never want to leave any opportunity.

Retrograde Saturn in birth chart: These people behavior always shows some suspicious and secretive by the nature. They can be very childlike in their behavior & fearful of taking chances. This is an ego-reducing kind of situation. There is usually an unknown fear of rejection or loss. Their limitations & responsibilities are self-imposed. These people are not easy going, when taking work or responsibilities, then their work style will be strict and before releasing the work they will not sit easily. Saturn retrograde vedic shows peoples have high acceptance criteria and try to implement in everywhere in life, sometime because of this behavior others may feels troubles. Retrograde Saturn often resents too many demands and can react against these with indirect ways, you can say, this is quality or disqualify of shani retrograde.

Is really shani sadde satti bad?

Saturn retrograde how often: Saturn is retrograde for approximately 140 days and is stationary about 5 days before and 5 days after retro gradation. You can check Saturn retrograde cycle from Saturn retrograde calculator.

What does Saturn retrograde in Libra mean or Can Saturn show retrograde motion?
Libra Saturn if retrograde, then it clearly shows you should do something for lower class people in our society. Libra Saturn generally gives relief to lower class peoples not high class peoples, even you can see this fact recent Saturn transit of Libra Saturn 2011 to 2014, many unexpected results came from supreme court for lower class peoples. You can see sudden drastic change in election 2014, corrupt govt. gone etc.

Saturn retrograde motion (meaning of Saturn return) shows people will do-over and they allow you to do something over and do it right the next time. Saturn is the 'father figure' and 'authority figure' planet of the zodiac that basically says, "You don't get a reward until you learn the lesson." Retrograde Saturn and past life has strong connection because this is karmic planet and its shows you did not finish your last birth some work, you should need to complete in this birth.

Saturn (meaning of Saturn) wants to reward but not if you cannot accept responsibility and self-imposed limitation or crossing limits in hard-work.
SATURN KEYWORDS: Fear, past deeds, karma, patience, Slow, effort, discipline, responsibility, restriction, teacher, taskmaster, lessons, hard, father, authority, seriousness, stability, caution, mature, concentration, Steady, endurance, work and persistence.
These people often have their own set of values. People with Saturn retrograde are often very self-critical and hard on themselves.

Remedies for vakri shani: Respect your elders and do worship lord shani .You should do some good work for poor peoples.

Effects of retrograde Saturn or Saturn retrograde effects
  • Sometime retrograde Saturn Peoples think so much for taking any decision, if and but condition always in their minds (apparent motion Saturn).
  • Effects of retrograde Saturn comes in their look also, peoples likes rugged look.
  • Success sometimes slows specially in Saturn transit in Libra.
  • Saturn retrograde natal chart meaning less proud in people.
  • Retro Saturn people try to involve with base peoples.
  • Shani retrograde effects people will do their work after doing some homework.
  • Meaning shani vakri is slow but sure.
  • Vakri shani effects in your confidence if Jupiter and sun also not well placed in the chart.
  • Retrograde Saturn and its effects sometimes very positive if peoples will be grounded and show respect to poor person.
  • Saturn retrograde in birth chart meaning slow but sure.
  • Saturn retrograde conjunct ascendant shows something big success for you in this birth but Saturn should be strong.
  • Saturn retrograde exalted not act as debilitated these are only bullshits.
  • Saturn retrograde karma should be good and pure for society.
  • Saturn retrograde new job is not suggested.
  • Effects Saturn retrograde natal chart gives tendency to deal any tough situation.
  • Retrograde Saturn with Rahu is bad for most of time.
  • Retrograde Saturn yogakaraka? Yes but should be strongly placed.
  • Retrograde Saturn mahadasha depends on condition of Saturn placement in the chart.
  • Don’t confuse with Saturn retrograde sade sati always bad it again depends on Saturn placement.
  • Saturn retrograde marriage will not affect marriage if nor connected with 7th or marriage related houses.
  • Retrograde Saturn aspects give starting delay which houses it aspect.
  • Saturn retrograde and relationships suffers (Specially with father and co-workers) if Saturn badly in the chart.
  • Saturn retrograde business shows delays in start.
  • Saturn retrograde wedding mainly gives delays in marriage.
Is really shani dhaiya gives bad results everyone?

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Retrograde Venus in Astrology

As I told in my all articles, retro planet gives us time to fix the gap between holes (fix past wrong decisions). Venus Retrograde is a time when issues with Lover and relationships need to be settled down. Why many times peoples earns so much wealth but never enjoys that money for himself, even family members enjoys his money, Reason is those peoples have well placed wealth houses but badly placed retrograde Venus restrict him to enjoy his wealth, these peoples always busy in earning money only.

Venus retrograde Vedic astrology: Retrograde Venus has unique ideas regarding pleasure, beauty & love (Venus retrograde beauty), & less concern for the social amenities but sometime because of this tendency peoples called those guys self-centered. Retrograde Venus is not bad but if horoscope is not strong and Venus badly placed then it gives many setbacks in area of finance in the life. Sometimes retro Venus gives delay in success, marriage especially in men, luxury coms after hard work or in later age.

Venus retrograde meaning: Retrograde Venus astrology represents Love and beauty; therefore these two areas of our Life slow down and basically take a back seat. Starting a relationship on a Venus retrograde often ends badly. Old affairs may suddenly reappear. Overall Love becomes expensive; Venus retrograde wedding sometimes suffers if not well-placed.

What does Venus in retrograde mean: Retrograde Venus in birth chart re-arranges and re-ignites unfinished past relationships. During Venus Retrograde any new relationships developed over this time can feel like burden after sometime. (Venus retrograde past life unsuccessful)

What happens when Venus is in retrograde: During Venus retrograde in transit relationships sometimes ends badly, sometimes these relationships ends because of money matters. These peoples take time after breaking relationships. Venus retrograde karmic relationship needs time to move on from one relationship to another. Venus retrograde and health relate with each other’s specially women health affected during this time

Retrograde Venus quality: These people can be very shy specially when it comes to love relationships or expressing their love. There may be physical problems or introvert nature towards love that prevent one from pursuing a love relationship if placement of Venus also bad in horoscope other side direct moving Venus loves socializing. In addition, one or more of the areas ruled by the house in which Venus retrograde is posited, along with the houses with Libra and Taurus can experience delays or other problems (Venus retrograde break up). Retro Venus related with 5/7/8/12th houses makes native more "materialistic" and physical.
Venus retrograde aspects are in doubt if this is "real love." Venus retrograde and relationships abused love sometimes; it depends on Venus retrograde effects on signs.

Venus retrograde cycle or how often does Venus go retrograde
How long is Venus retrograde? This is common question among all, I will tell you the answer of that, and Venus is Retrograde approximately 40-43 days every 18 months.

Effects of retrograde Venus or Venus retrograde effects
  • Venus retrograde remedy is give respect to women.
  • Venus retrograde in your birth chart shows improvement in relationship area.
  • Vakri venus shows setback in luxury or in relationship.
  • Venus retrograde in kundli shows unhappiness in marriage.
  • Effect vakri shukra sometimes good if well placed in the chart.
  • Hidden desire and hunger may come, which can disrupt the balance of one's life in transit of retrograde Venus. 
  • Relationships may undergo a lot of stress during the retrograde period.
  • Relationships are strained and sometimes break in retrograde Venus transit.
  • Avoid getting married or making wedding plans in retro transit.
  • Don't start a new relationship or break-up from your current one in retrograde transit of Venus.
  • Evaluate your relationship now and try to fix old problems.
  • Do not initiate financial investments during Venus retrograde in sky.
  • Don’t buy vehicle and invest in interior this time
  • Be careful of buying things, especially luxury items.
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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Retrograde Jupiter in Astrology

Most important planet in Vedic astrology gives huge impact in your horoscope, always careful during prediction of retro Jupiter. Retrograde Jupiter peoples always in hurry and want to do work in hurry. Retro Jupiter effects give confidence which can help other peoples to improve life and work-life.(Without asking they gives advise)
Born with Jupiter retrograde peoples always lives life in luxury and enemies cannot survive against him. Jupiter retrograde birth gives fast results and takes you on top of society but main problem is they always gives advice to others without asking by others or I can say they always try to teach all without demanding by others. Jupiter wants from you good karma or deeds (Jupiter retrograde karma) towards society.

Jupiter retrograde meaning: Retrograde Jupiter teaches us in own way, Retro Jupiter if well placed in Kendra/Trikona gives immense success after age of 30.This is only planet who can give health, wealth, happiness with stability or you can say everything in the life. This is only planet which has power to balance your horoscope or removes ill effects of other planets.

Check Saturn sade satti effects:

Jupiter retrograde past life: Vedic astrology retrograde Jupiter people are capable of taking advantage of opportunities that others ignore. They prefer to “take another crack” at things others have tried & failed. Their moral & ethical code, religion & philosophy are their own. They seek abundance in new, untried & unproved areas. Jupiter shows connection with past life it shows you should improve and do something more for particular house where your Jupiter placed.

Retrograde Jupiter in kundli: Retrograde Jupiter astrology in birth chart gives one a sense of inner fulfillment, peace and contentment. They often seek out spiritual knowledge on their own and have their own beliefs. They can think for themselves, and they often look for their spiritual answers from within. Retrograde Jupiter aspects gives very positive results where it aspects. Retrograde Jupiter lagna also sometimes delays in family stability. In women chart gives delay Jupiter retrograde wedding but Jupiter retrograde husband or partner point of view, it is good, retrograde Jupiter marriage comes late but stable with family.

Such people achieve name, fame, success and respect in the life (Jupiter retrograde benefits). It is a karaka planet of growth, expansion, spirituality, divine knowledge so it will give inner strength. Retrograde Jupiter in Vedic astrology in birth chart in the 2nd & 4th house is considered good for asset, property and vehicle. It is good mother and relationships with family. Retrograde Jupiter mahadasha gives success and stability in life in middle period of mahadasha if Jupiter well placed in the chart. Jupiter retrograde relationships improve time after time. Jupiter retrograde transit shows confusion sometimes from yourself. Retrograde Jupiter exalted or retrograde debilitated Jupiter becomes opposite in results it’s not true exactly, so you cannot judge Jupiter retrograde good or bad.

Remedies for retrograde Jupiterr: I will not suggest you any specific remedies for Jupiter retrograde horoscope (vakri Jupiter) only do the Thursday pooja and give bread to cow everyday.
You can read this article in Jupiter retrograde meaning in Hindi with option given in the site right side.

Check Saturn Dhaiya effects:

Effects of retrograde Jupiter or Jupiter retrograde what does it mean
  • Jupiter retrograde jyotish gives energy to initiate work but before completion of work they want to switch in another work.
  • Retrograde Jupiter natal chart gives delay in marriage if retro Jupiter connected with marriage house.
  • Feels superior from others.
  • Makes their own principle for religion.
  • Would be God Fearing and have a spiritual bent of mind and thinking.
  • Without need they give advice to all.
  • Good for materialistic gains.
  • Multitalented and don’t want expert in only one area.

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Retrograde Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is messenger of god means it makes bridge between you and your outer world so it becomes most important planet in your life and life-events & in current professional world you cannot survive without clear communication. Mercury retrograde effects your communication and decision making power, money loss also seen if mercury retro, mainly because of wrong investment and avoid buying a house during mercury retrograde. Retrograde mercury generally gives average results except your mahadasha and anter not bad with bad transit. I will try to explain mercury retrograde in depth.

Mercury has to do with communication, dealings and transportation. What to do during mercury retrograde, this is not the time to make 'new' purchases that involve these two things. What mercury retrograde means, Mercury also rules social circle, neighbors, siblings, we should improve our social circle because always takes benefits from social circle. Mercury rules the MIND, its impacts generally seen over mind if retro mercury not well placed. People born with mercury retrograde advantage are energy, getting more detailed, organized and clear vision.

Retrograde mercury vedic astrology motion pulls back and gives you an opportunity to take care of your past deals, investment, dealings and management (old business). The past that needs to be resolved is directly related to the planet involved. Retrograde motion isn't a bad thing folks, it's actually meant to serve your higher purpose. Everything is always for your higher purpose.

Retrograde mercury in birth chart can sometimes be slower in learning or understanding, those who are born with this planet direct. These people can get lost in details and have trouble seeing the entire point and thought process may affects sometimes. They will be either very fast or very slow in work.  They will grape knowledge very fast or very slow.  Mercury retrograde meaning or effects of mercury in retrograde usually indicates problems concerning one or more of the areas of life ruled by Mercury: speaking, writing, learning, the senses: sight, and hearing, the brain, perceiving information and verbal expression. In some cases, those who have retrograde Mercury can be reserved, shy, and quiet. This is myth mercury retrograde bad luck indicating.

How does Mercury retrograde affect us or how to survive mercury retrograde?
  • Slow decision maker
  • Fickle mind or unstable mind, easily confuse.
  • Retrograde mercury in birth chart shows lack of communication or low vision in communication
  • Effects thoughts and thinking
  • Knowledge thrust sometime over limit.
  • As the messenger of the gods, Mercury in astrology governs communications and travel. Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks, every four months.
  • Bad mercury can gives computer problems, communication issues.
  • On the positive side, retrograde planets give opportunity to correct your wrong decisions.
  • It will give you time for review or reprocess your work.
  • Baby born during mercury retrograde sometimes irritate easily in childhood.
  • Lot of famous people with mercury retrogrades also there.
Again I will say don’t confuse with retro mercury and go in tension with these questions such as was mercury in retrograde when i was born, born during mercury retrograde, what happens during mercury retrograde, when will mercury retrograde be over, when does mercury come out of retrograde, how long is mercury in retrograde, how to survive mercury retrograde, You also have other 8 planet which can give lot and your mercury intelligence may cover by Sun/Jupiter.

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