Monday, October 6, 2014

Rahu In All Zodiac Sign

Rahu planet known as one of the strongest shadow planet in kaliyug. As all my friends know this is virtual planet, it can take the quality of sign, nakshatra, conjunction, aspect etc where it resides. Rahu has thrust to become king like sun, beautiful and luxurious like Venus, rule-maker like Saturn, dare like mars, famous and shine in public like moon, intelligent and speaker like mercury, knowledgeable like Jupiter but here one twist, Rahu want knowledge of Jupiter but fake knowledge where he can cheat people through his virtual knowledge with use of artificial intelligence.(This is also one of the reason Jupiter is biggest enemy of Rahu) So friends now it will be clear to you role of Rahu in astrology, why Rahu astrology became most important planet category. Significance of Rahu in Vedic astrology or characteristics of Rahu planet is very important to know properly. Peoples have many question such as Rahu aspects, rahu beej mantra, rahu chalisa, rahu dasha, rahu graha, rahu jaap, rahu kaal, rahu nakshatra, rahu qualities, rahu remedies, rahu ratna, rahu stotram,rahu shanti, rahu temple, rahu upay, rahu yantra, rahu yogakaraka.

Read below, Rahu Effects in all 12 house (Most searched article in internet):

Rahu in Aries
Vedic astrology: Rahu in Aries is good placement for seeking opportunities in army, politics, and administrative ruler position. This Aries Rahu make stubborn and aggressive in nature. It gives strong desire to be a winner in every race of life. Rahu in mesha takes mars qualities of fire and use that accordingly where it placed in the horoscope. Mesh Rahu shows harsh actions and speech also. Desire for fast moving vehicles and speedy actions in the life. Politician, Athletes, police-officers, criminals or skill full crimes, good surgeons can be seen with this position. Rahu in Aries brings positive as well as negatives to a person. Aries Rahu makes a person strong, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, such people are very energetic and aggressive. Besides this, they could easily adopt to others opinion to the extent of leaving their individuality at times.

Rahu in Taurus Vedic astrology: Rahu in Taurus one of the best placement. Rahu always want to become Venus because it likes beauty, luxury, money, media, and entertainment. Rahu shows desire for pleasure, material world, comforts and focus on improving bank balance. Rahu in vrishabha makes native beauty loving. He will have strong desire for luxurious life and tasty food. He can become good interior decorators-cosmetic industry people. Venus placement will show the Rahu functioning in chart. The placement of Rahu in Taurus zodiac would bring much of the positive impact because Rahu exalted in this sign. The natives of this combination of Rahu in Taurus (rahu ucha) are perceived to be more strongly bent towards nature and beauty besides which they could be good at the creative side. They are romantic by nature love-making and more than one affair also seen if Rahu related with 5th & 7th house.

Rahu in Gemini Vedic astrology: Rahu in Gemini is also one of the good placements of Rahu because Rahu in mercury sign shows very intelligent entrepreneur and politician. Rahu in this sign gives deep impacts on individual personality, Peoples with this placement will diplomatic and great thinker. Sexual attraction and communication through media will be there with this placement. Intelligent applications of logics are seen here if mercury well placed. Intelligence bureaucrats, good orator, powerful politician, data analysts undercover, media people and software people can be seen from this. Rahu in mithun will be more free living and would lack the understanding in their approach besides which they would stay away from any sort of risk taking in life and would be quiet inclined towards comfort and leisure. Rahu in Gemini zodiac sign some peoples consider as exalted also.

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Rahu in Cancer Vedic astrology: Rahu in cancer is average and sometimes it gives very good results also. Rahu in karka, even in some astrological texts defines this is the mooltrikona sign of Rahu. Rahu in cancer alone works better and moon should also well-placed in the chart. If this placement is well placed then it gives extreme heights in very early age of life. This gives quality of mass leader and huge fan-following in public. Rahu is desire in cancer sign of nurturing-emotional, shows these peoples work for society. Seeking public attention for his parenting nature as a patriot or as a healer. This placement directs affect our mind, emotion, so if it is not well placed then it will be worst placement also. It may affect mental level and some mind related disease as well such as depression. These peoples eat more medicine as normal peoples because always little trouble in the body they may face. The natives of this combination could easily be taken towards any direction.

Rahu in Leo Vedic astrology: Rahu in Leo is known for his enemy sign but Rahu nature is always take the good benefits from everyone because this is most clever in all 7 planets. If this placement in Kendra/trikona and sun not conjunct with this and well placed in the chart then gives very powerful results. Rahu in Leo sign shows a great desire for attention and recognition for their ethics is seen. Rahu in simha shows obsession towards media industry can be seen. Creative writing fiction or illusion-media entertainment is seen. A desire for celebrity status goes high here. Sun and Rahu in navamsa will reveal more about functioning. Sun own sign Leo powerful sign because of supreme potency of Sun, Rahu gives sudden benefits from the government or high placed persons. The presence of Rahu in Leo shows dominance and energetic attitude. These people carry a lot of believe upon the self and confidence level very high. These individuals having Rahu in Leo are perceived to be philosophical in their approach besides which they could also be reserved personas who would lurk their attributes inside them. Besides this, they are creative and exploring personalities.

Rahu in Virgo Vedic astrology: Rahu in both mercury sign gives very good results. Rahu in Virgo zodiac gives excellent skill for communication and business. These peoples do well in media, banking, politics, management, entertainment, speaker in public domain and foreign affairs. Rahu is skillful in Virgo sign of details management shows great desire for getting his work valid. Researchers, mass-communication professors, banking personalities, scientists and civil architect also have this combination. This will bring quiet balanced nature in dealings with public and wealth management. This could be said as Rahu further intensifies the visible shades of Virgo. Virgo individuals with Rahu are the super perfectionist among the rest of Virgo natives. The influence of Rahu in kanya rashi would also further develop the analytical vision of Virgo individuals. These people are believed to be strict with cleanliness and health. They are the people of strong logic's.

Rahu in Libra Vedic astrology: Rahu in Libra gives opportunity in glamour industry, artistic attitude, and women-wine important for these peoples. They don’t like difficulty in the life and wants luxurious life with full of joy. Rahu is skillful, balance in relations and business, shows desires for balanced relations in every aspect of life. Rahu in Tula peoples very active in social life, they want to become success in every front or every phase of life. Saturn in Libra if placed in good house & powerful in the chart then it can give very successful life. These party peoples always smile in social gathering and show their beauty with luxury at the event. They like beautiful women, wine and luxury in the life.

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Rahu in Scorpio Vedic astrology: Rahu in Scorpio one of the weakest placement of Rahu. In this watery sign Rahu never feels comfortable because this sign tells us hidden things, hidden knowledge, occult, inheritance wealth in late age which Rahu never likes because Rahu wants things fasts and in easy way without hard-work. Rahu want to shine in the world and Scorpio darkness & thrust of knowledge Rahu never likes. Rahu neecha rashi generally gives bad results for individuals. Rahu in vrischika rashi, positive side of Rahu in this sign is secrets-mystery, shows his desire for getting validation of unknown things. Rahu is highly adventurous, in Scorpio sign of adventure-occult lord mars karaka of competitions, makes highly competitive and adventurous in the life. The placement of Rahu in Scorpio zodiac would bring fighter and competitive nature but it shows negativity too. These people would not forgive easily and carry a lot of strength in mind and are strong personalities from inside.

Rahu in Sagittarius Vedic astrology: Rahu in Sagittarius also bad placement. In this fiery sign Rahu generally alter the results what Jupiter expects in its own sign. This is one of the strongest and positive sign but Rahu takes advantage of this sign`s energy and fire of this sign and use that energy in without religious places or not using in spirituality.  Rahu in Sagittarius sign of wisdom shows desire for greater wisdom or material depending on horoscope. Rahu is illusion; badly placed Rahu can make you spiritual Teacher but that teacher may become corrupt in some phase of life. Rahu in dhanu shows desire for reputation, wisdom, to chase the illusion. The placement of Rahu in Sagittarius zodiac will bring balanced nature and gives ability to take good decision. The presence of Rahu in Sagittarius would show they are strongly optimistic people and if Rahu well placed in the chart, then they will follow right virtuous path in the life. The natives of this combination of Rahu in Sagittarius are perceived to be creative personas.

Rahu in Capricorn Vedic astrology: Rahu in Capricorn gives generally good results because we know Rahu vat shani mean in Vedic astrology Rahu treated as Saturn. In this earthy sign Rahu has desire to become highly successful and reputed peoples in the society, generally it happens also if Rahu well-placed in the chart. Rahu in Capricorn sign shows desire for prestige for his work or achievements. Rahu want to achieve success in profession life, leadership, shows great intentions to turn into a social leader if Saturn supports and Rahu also well-placed in strong Kendra/trikona. Rahu is skill in Capricorn sign of structure shows desire for maintaining the structure of the work.
Rahu in makara gives success in profession; fame in profession, Rahu mainly depends on Saturn for the level of fame. The placement of Rahu in Capricorn zodiac would bring positive impact upon the individuals. The natives of this combination having Rahu in Capricorn would be stable, dutiful people and self-centered. Rahu in Capricorn would bestow the strength of mind and courage to the Capricorn natives because of which they would take risky but intellectual steps upon land.

Rahu in Aquarius Vedic astrology: Rahu in Aquarius gives very good results in this airy sign Rahu makes highly ambitious person. Rahu if well placed in Kendra/Trikona then it can immense wealth and success in profession.  Rahu is shows desire for making large social circle, friends, and worldwide network. Rahu in kumbha gives desire for recognition, if Rahu well-placed in the horoscope. For profits the native might manipulate data. It gives power to handle large organization, good management and efforts for getting wealth is seen. The placement of Rahu in Aquarius zodiac would bring immense wealth and good career if placed in ascendant or in 10th house. These people makes very clear target for life and see towards the world with a visionary approach. These people slowly reach on the top in life if Rahu well placed along with Saturn in the chart.

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Rahu in Pisces Vedic astrology: Rahu in Pisces depends on Jupiter placement in the chart if well-placed Jupiter aspect Rahu, then it will give good results. On other side if Rahu with Venus or Saturn makes lusty and less religious person. Rahu is desire for connecting with spiritual world if Jupiter well placed then gives success in this line otherwise failure is seen. Sometimes it may give desire for occult knowledge is seen. Rahu in this spiritual sign makes very good Spiritual teacher but if ill-placed then fake teachers can be seen if other badly combination also present in the chart. The Pisces natives of Rahu in Pisces shows teacher or artistic teacher like chorographer if Venus also well-placed in the chart. Rahu in meena shows different approach which could make them stand with unique thoughts at times. Rahu in Pisces, if Rahu badly placed, it may give tendency to do immoral deeds.