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Career In Astrology

In my view, this is one of the most important and difficult subject to define in astrology.
I will not define this article in simple manner; you should have patience for reading full article because it will be deepest topic ever. After this article my reader will not ask for career astrology free prediction, when will i get a job astrology free, when will i get a job according to my date of birth, free horoscope career future predictions, can have successful career. After reading this article, you feel I gave you easier path for astrology and career decisions, job astrology or career in astrology chart.

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How to find career in astrology: Find career in astrology is one of the most difficult tasks. Reason is, for example if in your 10th house strong mercury is there, you can become software engineer, Astrologer, writer, spokesperson, Executive in MNC, good manager and politician etc. Here how you will decide, what I should choose in all of above during analyzing any chart. This is Difficult one believe me; only proper astrologer who has lot of practice only can do this. What should we need to do in this case? We should check lot of points simultaneously here like what nakshatra mercury sitting ,what planet aspecting, what degree mercury placed ,what sign mercury, how and where they placed in the chart and most important point is KARAK of career and their influence on mercury . After analyzing all condition you can come on final conclusion and get to know career selection through astrology. That`s why, I told it is most difficult task in astrology.

Example: Explaining above example clearly, If in your 10th house mercury is there and aspected by Jupiter definitely Professor/teaching related or higher post will be there, if Saturn influencing mercury then engineering related work will be there. If Sun/Rahu influencing mercury then role in politics. My mean here, one planet cannot decide your career, never! Influence of other planet on 10th house and which planet influence more on your 10th house lord or on 10th house sitting planet(here mercury)decides direction of your career.

House for career in astrology: Most important house for Profession/career is 10th and 6th houses.Mainly these two houses related to career in astrology.Another important point need to read here, Some astrologer suggesting 2nd house, some will tell you 7th house (for business only, not for job), all are wrong. Only two house important here 6th and your 10th house.6th house and 10th house govern your career/job.
Now day’s one new word came into picture everyone knows this word “professionalism its mean run for money only in the office not for money with relation which generally we saw during 1950 to 1999. This is the reason, I will tell you most important house for career is 10th house. (Why I said like this, I will explain you in my next article on 10th house)

6th house career astrology: This is the house which tells you your daily/routine job only or job through astrology. It will tell your daily satisfaction towards job/office. Some peoples gets good job but in office daily politics gives them lot of tension and worry. Here need to analyze 6th house properly. All these answers you will get from 6th house not from 10th house.

10th house career astrology: 10th house shows your overall career & its strength where you will shine which time period you will get success. In job you will get name-fame, rewards, money all these point covers your 10th house.10th house comes after your 9th house and 9th house known for higher studies so this house 2nd from 9th house so it will show you will get success whatever degree you taken .10th house shows overall profession what studies you done you will stick with that on same field or you will change your profession/career. It tells success in job astrology.

10th house astrology meaning: The 10th House is the last strongest Kendra and Artha House. This house shows fruits of your higher studies because 2nd from 9th house. I already told lot of times Kendra is power house of our horoscope. Artha means wealth and relates to resources. Generally People think 10th House is often associated with your profession only but it is much more than that. It also shows fame through our work in society, it is our collective identity, where we fit in the bigger picture.

10th house Vedic astrology: This is the house which tells us, how i know i will get success in my career in astrology.
10th House can be called the house of status . A well-fortified 10th house will often give someone an executive position whether this is recognized by the masses or not. Mass popularity is not a direct result of 10th house, 11th house (largely influence on others), 7th house (dealings with the public) 4th house (masses), 5th house (house of fame) and Sun-Moon (popularity).

5th house careers5th house generally people knows only it is important house but not like our 9th and 11th or ascendant. But they are wrong, I saw many people who have average 9th and ascendant but gaining lot because of this house. This house real meaning is fruits of last birth, and if you brought enough fruits from your last birth then obviously in this birth you will take advantage of this. If we really want to change our lives for the better, the house directly responsible for how well we handle our karmic destiny is the 5th House. The 5th House is the house of wealth, big gains, destiny, magic, intelligence and creativity, the intelligence and creativity we need to explore for our karmas. The 5th House works in direct par with the 11th House.11th house known for gains, wish, desire, and this ultimate desire to attain a particular goal helps us to align our life in a particular direction.

7th houses role in career: The 6th house rules service and the 7th house rules business. If sixth house stronger then 7th house, then service is indicated. A stronger 7th house gives a business enterprise. The dasha period of 7th lord may bring instability in service. A debilitated malefic in the 7th house or malefic in the 8th house will encourage service. Job or business astrology now should be clearer.

8th house role in career: Hidden knowledge, hidden science and hidden wealth all are governs from this house. The 8th house, being the 11th from the 10th house, is the place of retirement or end of career or long leave from career. 

Karakatwa in astrology for career:
Most important point, I want to tell you, our lots of astrologer forget to check karak planet in astrology during prediction. karakatwa planet in astrology you can also read my long back article Karakatwa in astrology in below link:

karak planet for career in astrology : Sun , Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn are the main karak planet for career in astrology. These all 4 planet need to analyze in any chart, it is placed in 10th or not does not matter. We should calculate power of these 4 then we can conclude.

Most Important karak of career or Main planet for career:
I want to discuss with you role of main planet in your career, Many astrologer can tell you in kaal-purush chart 10th house sign Capricorn so Saturn is biggest planet for career. My answer is simply No!
Some will tell you again Jupiter, answer No! Most Important planet for career is SUN, it does not matter it is associated with your 10th house or not but is its role there in every chart. He is the only King and King-maker in astrology in our old texts which generally people forgetting. If sun is not strong in your chart but 10th house is very strong you will shine but problems with main authority and respect sometimes will be affect, I saw this in many politician charts where Saturn/Rahu/Jupiter/Mercury makes him good famous politician but other public not loves them as compare to strong Sun leader.This situation some times can nullify if moon well placed.

D-10 chart in astrology: Now days peoples comes with nonsense idea and tells to peoples most important chart for judging career is D-10 chart, My answer is No. This is the just technique for giving excuse if prediction fails by astrologer. Your D-1 10th house strong but problem in D-10 that is the reason your success delay in career.
D-10 is the important divisional chart but deciding all things of career. It will show only 10-20% factor of your career. D-10 chart in astrology have importance but need to check in proper way. Importance of d-10 chart in astrology no one deny but proper use necessary. Even some places I saw peoples are discussing about parivartana yoga in d-10 chart. Wow!!! How to read d 10 chart firstly need to learn then come d-10 chart prediction. what is d 10 chart , I will start separately.

Planetary role in career:

Sun career astrology: Sun gives career in executive in MNC & Government service (also top posts in government), Social service, politics, Father’s profession, researchers of political and social sciences. 
Sun should be strong or not conjunction or aspected by Saturn otherwise sun with Saturn will bring hardships in native’s professional life, Native will be troubled by the people sitting in power and would even find it very difficult to get a job. The employer will always find fault with him and the native will never get satisfaction in career. But in case both sun and Saturn are very good in the chart, then things would be completely opposite as then power, honor and fame all will come to the native.

Mercury career astrology : Mercury gives shining career in Banking sector, Education department , novelist, Astrologer, author, mathematician, professor, clerk, accountant, statisticians, Communication line, Media, Top executive in MNC, writer, Journalist (top class reporter), Newspaper vendor, postal and telegraph, printing press (If sun supports there), telephone department, journalism, editor, commission agents, postman, broker(If mars also good then in land), public speaker, ambassador(If Jupiter supports there), imports and exports, law makers, law implementation, Auditor, lawyer, judge, councilor, , legal adviser, inspector, consultants.
If strong Saturn aspecting or conjunction with mercury then land business and if strong Jupiter aspecting and conjunction then top most astrologer professor.

Jupiter career astrology: Job in Temple, Priest, professor, Religious teacher, philosophers, bankers, Finance Department, Insurance, accountants, Decision takers, Ministers, strategy maker, lawyers & judges.

Saturn career astrology: Saturn gives career in Judiciary department, politics, Electronics-electrical related work, mines or mines owner, Petroleum work cleaners, security guards, peon, leather related or own factory ,sweepers, cobbler, brick Layers, Coal worker and owner, Shoe maker, shoe polisher slaves and wood cutters, Secret organization.

Rahu career astrology: Rahu is mainly determined by seeing the person's passion and obsession in life through the main chart which governs by Rahu. Rahu gives career in politics, media, entertainment industry, coolie, drivers, rickshaw pullers, stone breakers, building workers, vehicle cleaners, ,Defense, research and investigation: CBI department, defense department, Theft or illegal activities, Robbers, picketers, thieves, smuggling, Sex toy makers, spam mailing business, cheating, chain snatching, underground work, black magician, and prostitution, cigarette, wine, bomb, chemicals provider and electronics, foreign land, photographers, actors, snake keepers and prison.

Sun in 10th house for career:
Sun is the most important karaka for the 10th House. 

Mercury in 10th house for career: Go to below link for read this.

Jupiter in 10th house for career: Go to below link for read this.

Saturn in 10th house for career: Go to below link for read this.

Other planet role in career:
Moon: Medical, clothes, nursing, public domain, women, travelling, marine, cooks, restaurants, import/export, water related business.

Mars: Land buy-sell, related , Broker, management line, fire, energy, metals, weapons, construction, soldiers, police, surgeons, engineers, gas agency.

Venus: Hotel chain, beauty salon chain, pleasures, luxuries, beauty, art, music, entertainment industry, sex industry.

Ketu: Yoga, Reiki, enlightenment, religion, secret affairs, poisons, metaphysics.

Boss in service: Check your boss through astrology, Boss is seen from the 9th house while subordinates are seen from the 5th house. If 9th house is strong then higher authority support always will be there.

Careers by sign:

Aries career prediction: Inspector, army and police, surgeon, mechanics, iron and steel, fire officer, athletes and cricketer.

Taurus career prediction: Hotel industry, salon, luxury goods, jewelry, cosmetics, music, actors, tailors, fashion, property.

Gemini career prediction: Accountants, Astrologer, media and journalism, representatives, translators, writers.

Cancer career prediction: Medical, Cloth, naval and marine, fishing, nursing, interior design, food, water.

Leo career prediction: Politician, administrative job, government jobs, politics, religion, investing, diplomacy, higher studies.

Virgo career prediction: Engineering, IT related, computing, astrology, accounting, media, doctors, healing.

Libra career prediction: Politician, judges, artists, cosmetics, fashion, advertising, interior decorating, prostitutes, jewelers, diamond business, gems related.

Scorpio career prediction: Fighter, sportsperson, chemicals, drugs, liquids, insurance, doctors, nurses, police, occult.

Sagittarius career prediction: Professor, religion, banking and finance, entrepreneurs, athletes, clothing and shoes.

Capricorn career prediction: Lawyer, judge, raw material extraction and processing such as lumber and mining.

Aquarius career prediction: Petroleum, mines, advisers, consultants, philosophers, engineers, computing.

Pisces career prediction: Water, doctors, marine related, chemicals, oil, painters, hospital, prisons.

Careers by house:10th house lord in different houses, I will start this in different thread because this article going to very long, so I will just give small introduction detailed article will come later regarding this.
1st house astrology careers: Strong chances as administrator, self-employment, politics or the public at large, the body (e.g. health club).

2nd house astrology careers: banking, investments, accountants, restaurants, teaching, consultants, psychologists, writing. 

3rd house astrology careers: communication, arts, sales, advertising, computing, writing, publishing.

4th house astrology careers: agriculture, building trades, real estate, vehicles, water, geology and mining.

5th house astrology careers: politics, stockbrokers, religious rituals, entertainment, authorship.

6th house astrology careers: lawyers, military, police, labour, health related professions, food, waiters.

7th house astrology careers: business, trade, merchant, females, foreign business.

8th house astrology careers: insurance, research, death-related, metaphysics (e.g. astrology), sex industry.

9th house astrology careers: law, university teaching, travel, religious professions, foreign countries. 

10th house astrology careers: government jobs, dealing with public and the masses, managers, politics.

11th house astrology careers: trade and business, accountants, financial institutions, group work.

12th house astrology careers: foreign, jobs requiring secrecy, travels, hospitals, prisons, charities, advocacy.

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Rahu-Ketu Transit 2014

Biggest and most important transit of 2014? 2014 first deep and detailed article on transit of Rahu-Ketu and Jupiter. I will cover all questions like Rahu transit results, Rahu transit remedies, Rahu Ketu transit report, Rahu transit and marriage, Rahu transit for kanya rashi 2014, Rahu gochar transit, Rahu transit period, Rahu transit 2014 Vedic astrology, when is the next Rahu transit, Rahu transit is good or bad.

From last 2 year people faced lot of problem in every front. Career/Money/Struggle lot of problems most of the peoples faced from last 2 years. This transit will bring good results for most of the peoples. I will give Rahu-Ketu transit 2014 predictions. 

Why last Rahu 2012 transit was bad? Generally Libra Rahu is one of the good transits but problem was Saturn, Saturn Rahu conjunction gave badly results most of the people. So now Rahu going on one of the favorite sign Virgo, This will give success in career and in finance.
Rahu and Ketu take about 1 Year 6 months to go through a sign and since they move in retrograde or backwards motion, Rahu will enter Virgo (its own sign but contradict) and Ketu will enter Pisces (its own sign but contradict) from July 2014 and stay there till January 2016. The house in your chart that Rahu in Virgo is transiting for the next 18 months shows where you will want to gain material results and intellectual understanding.

Rahu transit on Virgo in 2014: This is the strong sign for Rahu & most of the people who were tensed from last 2 years will get release after June 2014. Virgo sign is earth and ruled by Mercury .So earthy benefits & material gain will improve throughout 18 months.

Ketu Transit on Pisces in 2014: Ketu is the planet of spirituality and coming in Jupiter sign which gives comfortable zone to Ketu. The ruler of Pisces is Jupiter also getting exalted and will give their most beneficial aspect to Ketu, which represents what value you place on wisdom, inspiration & expansion. June 2014 to June 2015 Ketu will give powerful positive results because in sign of discipline Jupiter. When Ketu is in Pisces, the opportunity is to “re-evaluate” what is important to you.

2014 presents a lot of opportunities for expansion with Jupiter in Cancer (Exalted) and hard work and focus with Saturn in Scorpio and materialistic (Rahu) and spiritual balance life (Ketu) gain with Rahu-Ketu.

See below Transit of Jupiter Link:

Most of the people will enjoy their life in this transit. Rahu transit moon sign:

Aries Sign or Transit of Rahu in the 6th house from Natal Moon/Ascendant.
         This year will give some minor disease but home pleasure & job                     change. 

Taurus Sign or Transit of Rahu in the 5th house from Natal Moon/Ascendant.
         This is a lucky year to gather exceptional social credit. (Good for                   Sudden gains)

Gemini Sign or Transit of Rahu in the 4th house from Natal Moon/Ascendant.
Best for Vehicle, land bad for student in studies lack of concentration.

Cancer Sign or Transit of Rahu in the 3rd house from Natal Moon.
         Power and Confidence for new work will be there.

Leo Sign or Transit of Rahu in the 2nd house from Natal Moon.
         Some problems in daily income

Virgo Sign or Transit of Rahu in the 1st house from Natal Moon.
         Biggest Wish Fulfill with monetary gains.

Libra Sign or Transit of Rahu in the 12th house from Natal Moon.
   Some losses and expenditure due to wrong decision but foreign travel and career growth.

Scorpio Sign or Transit of Rahu in the 11th house from Natal Moon.
         Good for gains but no mental peace.

v  Sagittarius sign or Transit of Rahu in the 10th house from Natal Moon.
 Best for career Income, mainly for those who involved in Entertainment/Fashion/Media/Politics/Travel Industry.

Capricorn Sign or Transit of Rahu in the 9th house from Natal Moon.
This is a lucky year to gather exceptional social credit. (Good for Foreign Travel)

Aquarius sign or Transit of Rahu in the 8th house from Natal Moon.
Bad for gains and for health.

Pisces Sign or Transit of Rahu in the 7th house from Natal Moon.
Good for business dealing and foreign travel. Women linkup chances are there.

                     Rahu 2014 Transit Effects
    üRahu gives strength to horoscope, if placed in 1st, 3rd, 6th, 12th and         10th house.
    üamong all the planets, Rahu alone can give the success suddenly
    üMaterialism, Media, Political changes, faith in God will increase in this year. Advancement in IT/Communication/Fashion will increase.
    üRahu is known as the most dangerous planet among all the 9 planets, because of its sudden results.
    üProblem in private parts, Hidden disease, Mental and other related disease will start overcome in this transit.

    Rahu In All Houses:

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Jupiter Transit 2014

                         "A good Jupiter erases a million sins " 
In earth without Jupiter blessings nothing possible. From last two year many peoples came to me and want solution of their problems, most of the problems related with career/business & money/finance.

Now time came money and career both will take shape in this year without fail. Why, I am telling this? Jupiter signifies Money and career both, so Jupiter transit in 2014 will be one of the best transits in recent years. Cancer (moon) which is biggest friend of Jupiter and if in your chart strong gajkesari yoga there then you will be well benefited during this transit. (See below which sign will take most of benefits of this transit)
Even in 2014 end Saturn also move, and most discussed planet rahu-ketu will become positive and will give good result’s atleast not block your money and career.

Jupiter will move from the sign of Gemini to the sign of Cancer on 19th June 2014. This transit is special as Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer. Most of the people will enjoy their life in this transit.
      Aries Sign        -  Jupiter will be in the 4th (Best For Property)
      Gemini Sign     –  Jupiter will be in the 2nd (Best for career Income)
      Cancer Sign     -   Jupiter will be in 1st (Best placement)
      Virgo Sign       –   Jupiter will be in the 11th   (Biggest Wish Fulfill)

      Scorpio Sign    –   Jupiter will be in the 9th  (Best placement for Luck)
      Capricorn Sign –   Jupiter will be in the 7th  (Marriage on Cards)

      Pisces Sign     -    Jupiter will be in the 5th (Child birth)
Now, Jupiter turns direct in Gemini on March 6th and will remain there till June 19th, 2014. 

Jupiter 2014 Transit Effects
    ü Jupiter gives strength to horoscope, if placed in 1st and 9th house then it can nullify Malefic Saturn/Rahu-Ketu effects.
 ü Among all the planets, Jupiter alone has the greatest power to grant wish and fulfill our ambitions.
 ü Spirituality, Religion, religious teacher, faith in God will increase in this year. Advancement in spirituality is not possible unless the purity of heart is maintained with higher principles which come to Jupiter in our soul.
 ü Jupiter is known as the most auspicious planet among all the 9 planets, because of its abilities to bestow all that is good for a generous and respectful life.
 ü Problem in Liver, stomach, Fat and other related disease will start overcome in this transit.
 ü Jupiter increase influence in these areas: Great Fortune, Wealth, Children, Knowledge, Spirituality, Popularity, Religion (Righteousness), Gold, High positions, Religious teacher, Power, Reputation, Holy places.
   ü Jupiter gives you knowledge, Good Career, Money, fortune, removing struggle & expansion in your life.

Jupiter transit effects on all Sign:
Favorable: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces
Average: Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius.

Jupiter Transit effect on Career:
Jupiter plays very important role in career, so this time we can hope our career will take good move during this transit. When luck favors, career and money flow become easier, And this is the planet which knows for fortune.
Aries,Gemini,Cancer,Libra,Scorpio,Pisces will take advantage of this transit in career as well.In the second half of 2014 you'll take pleasure in working, your results will be appreciated and generously rewarded, there will be opportunities to advance, to find a better job, and especially to make professional changes that will prove to be beneficial and profitable. 
Success will come especially towards the end of the year (November–December 2014).

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