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Arishta Yogas In Astrology

                                           Arishta Yogas

I discussed a lot of good yoga’s in the chart, now time came to aware and updates your knowledge with some bad yogas which can stop you or stop your success ladder. I will just start with Arishta Yogas after that I will share my points on some grahan yoga as well in my next release of article.Lot of queries asked like Arista yoga, remedies for arishta yoga, Arista bhanga yoga, Arista yoga astrology.

Arista is a “Sanskrit” word meaning sorrow, loss, suffering, or deprivation of any kind.
Try to understand here Arishtra is not any specific yoga like your Gaj-Kesari yoga or any other yoga. Single planet cant gives you full life struggle or sorrow, It happens when some bad combo into your chart. This is basically the yoga of suffering and misfortune & Health-related problems. Usually the suffering is physical,mental.WHY MENTAL? Mental because moon the key player of your mind and if afflicted it can give you the hardest time. The combination of the rulers of the most difficult (Trika or Dusthana-6, 8 & 12th) houses are combined with the ruler of the other auspicious houses. This brings suffering for the individual. Again, any combination of these house rulers would constitute Arista Yoga. These combinations nullify auspicious results and produce hardships.


If the Moon, Mars, Saturn and the Sun are placed in the four centres of the birth chart, then this is an inauspicious sign for the concerned person.

If the Moon, Saturn, Sun and Mars are placed in the Ascendant ( 1st house), 9th house and 8th house respectively, this combination is considered as harmful and inauspicious, but if a powerful planet like Jupiter is looking at the planets positioned in the above-mentioned houses, it neutralists the in auspiciousness.

If a weak Moon (from 6th day of the Krishna Paksha to 10th day of the Shukla Paksha) is placed in the twelfth house and there is an inauspicious planet placed in both the Lagna (1st house) and the eighth house, and also if there is no more auspicious planet sitting in any of the centers it is considered as harmful and inauspicious.

If a weak Moon is placed in the Ascendant and there are inauspicious planets sitting in the 8th house and the center or 12th house, this causes sorrow.

If inauspicious planets are sighting a weak Moon, this is considered as inauspicious.

If the Moon is placed in any of the fourth, seventh and eighth houses and surrounded by inauspicious planets, it causes death and calamity.

If the Moon, combined with an inauspicious planet, is placed in any of the 5th or 7th, 9th or 12th or Ascendant ( 1st house) or 8th houses, and if it is not combined with or being sighted by any of the powerful planets like Venus, Mercury or Jupiter, the concerned child faces imminent death.

Some Common Arishta Yoga

• Ascendant lord, or the dispositor of Chandra be conjunction with Sun and       be without aspect from a benefic, while malefics are in Kendra's  the               native dies in his 20th year. 

• Malefic associated with the 6th, 8th and 12th houses or their lords.

• Malefic aspects on a weak Moon.(Amawasya waning Moon)

• Sun, Mars, and Saturn in the 5th house

• Mars, Saturn, or Sun in the 8th house

• Malefic aspect on weak Ascendant lord, Sun or Moon

• Sun, Mars, Rahu and Saturn (at least two) in Ascendant.

• Mars and Saturn in 2nd while Rahu occupies the 3rd house.

• Bad Rahu in the 4th, and Moon in the 6th or 8th house.

• Mars in the 7th, Venus in the 8th and afflicted Sun in the 9th house.

• Malefic in the 7th and 12th houses.

• Jupiter, Sun, Rahu and Mars occupy signs of malefic planets while Venus         is in the 7th house

• Ascendant lord associated with a malefic or flanked by two malefic, and         a malefic positioned in the 7th house

• Saturn in 8th, & Moon in lagna, or Venus & Moon in the 6th /    8thHouse

• Moon and Mercury in the 6th or 8th house.

Actually, I found some more combination of this yoga but generally this is the most effective combination.

The Arishta yoga can nullify other benefic effects in the horoscope, and the native suffering from this yoga might lead a life full of hardships.

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Love marriage in astrology

This topic is burning topic between youngsters. I will briefly describe this topic today because from long time I was getting so much mails ,massages regarding this topic, So no more wait for you guys.Lot of question you guys ask like love marriage in my chart, love marriage is good ,chances of love marriage in astrology , love marriage possibility ,indicates love marriage horoscope ,planet of love, how can i know in my chart yoga for love marriage,my love marriage will convert into marriage,loyal partner,love marriage or arranged marriage, प्रेम विवाह ,how to predict love marriage in horoscope,possibility of love marriage,planet positions for love marriage,love marriage palmistry.
 Now I can see & feel their smiles  .So let me start this topic from ‘planet of love’ mean ‘King of romance’ mean ‘biggest giver of happiness in the world’    “ VENUS” .
Venus is the key planet of love ,In any chart without support of Venus love marriage chances very low, it may happens because of mars/jup/rahu/moon but you can’t enjoy fruit of marriage life mean some  hurdles always in life. I think you guys understand now importance of Venus in marriage life especially for men.
One more point i want to share with you, Rahu also key planet for Love marriage.I am not going to describe here bad or good Rahu.

Venus - Karaka of Love

Venus plays a very important role in deciding whether the marriage would be a love marriage or an arranged one. Venus is the ruler of pleasures, joys and desires, and it should be pure and unaffected for a pure love and a stable emotional life.

Venus the Karaka of love, when aspects ascendant, 5th house, 7th house or 11th house depicts the loving nature as an individual. Venus signifies purity and senses. So, when it is unaffected and well-placed, senses would be under-control and the love would be pure. When such Venus is the lord of 5th house and is placed in the 7th house, your love can definitely have a happy ending of a love marriage.
The probability of a love marriage is also present as the condition when Venus is placed in the ascendant in the Chandra chart or is present in the 5th house from the Moon.

Mars is also key planet for love:

Venus and Mars to have a great impact on the success for a happy, committed relationship. Venus and Mars are "relationship foundation" planets. When these two planets well placed on the chart then always marriage will be successful. For women, Jupiter also plays an important role but doesn't forget we are talking to mainly love marriage now.Why Venus & mars only: Venus as I already described it gives happiness stable marriage life and mars you people know a lot of things of this planet in marriage, which can you easily found in Google!!! ! I am not going to describe such nonsense like mangalik (Mars means mangalya kaam but Astrologer using this for fear), But I will tell something more, why this planet important …. Fall in love very easy, but sustain your love and fight for your love is most difficult. This is the quality which mars gives you. Boldly represent your marriage in front of society.

To evaluate your chances for a love marriage:

Your 5th house which denotes several aspects of intimacy, closeness, love and romance with your partner.

Your 7th house which represents aspects of married life and your desire for love and partnership
Your 11th house which reveals harmony or disharmony in marital relationship and this house 5th from 7th and 7th from 5th house, It clearly indicate your success or fulfillment of your desire towards love marriage.
Mahadasha-anter-pratyanter of native also plays important role. If is it good then success will come easily.
Exchange between 7th lord and 5th lord.
Exchange between 12th lord and 2nd lord.
Combination or aspects between 7th lord and ascendant lord.
Combination of 2nd lord and 12th lord in 2nd, 5th or 12th house.
Combination between 2nd lord, 5th lord, 7th lord and 12th lord.
Combination of ascendant lord with 7th lord, 5th lord, 2nd lord and 12th lord.
If Moon is associated with ascendant lord in ascendant or with 7th lord in 7th house.
If Venus posited in 5th or 9th house, according to ascendant or Moon sign.
Placement of Rahu in ascendant may be the Yoga of Love marriage, if Jupiter has no relation with 7th house.
Jupiter and Venus is the main ruling (KARAKA) planet of marriage and married life. So these both planets play an important role in Love marriage. 
Rahu on the seventh lord, Saturn or Venus increases chances of love marriage.
Combination of Rahu and Mars in 7th house is also a signification of love marriage.
If the 7th lord combined with Mars and Rahu in Taurus or Libra sign then the possibilities of love marriage goes to strong.
If the 2nd lord and 2nd house has relation with Mars according to ascendant, Moon sign and Sun sign, then the native get love marriage.
Combination of fifth and the seventh house and mutual aspect or sign exchange causes love marriage.
Association of Venus with Jupiter or Mercury in KENDRA or TRIKONA creates the yoga of Love marriage.
If 2nd house is in evil effect, Venus is associated with Saturn or Rahu and 7th lord is related with Venus, Moon & ascendant then the possibilities of love marriage goes to strong. If 7th lord posited in 7th house, then 7th house goes to strong and possibilities of love marriage goes to strong.
When Saturn or Ketu are in the seventh house the chances for love marriage increase. In case of ketu chances is less and if happens then few chances for success.
Some powerful combination for love marriage:
1) Venus-moon conjunction in 1st,4th,5th,7th and 11th house gives love marriage.
2) Rahu in 7th gives love marriage even out of cast/community marriage and if this rahu damage then out of religion.
3) 7th house in 9th gives love marriage because person choose far away person mean which is not from your community.
4) Mars in 7th house give love marriage with beautiful/handsome wife or husband. Depends on sign lord strength also.
5) Saturn gives very good love marriage if strong in 7th and aspect by Jupiter.

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