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Saturn, most important and most talked planet. In every forum, every discussion, every debate Saturn is a common point between all astrologers, learners and listeners. You people know a lot of things about Saturn, so today I will describe to the point about Saturn for all houses. Frequent asked queries from me like Saturn planet, Saturn Astrology Saturn quality, Saturn effects, exaltation of Saturn, Saturn Dasha, Saturn conjunction, Saturn Retrograde, Saturn facts, Saturn Friends, Saturn Transit, Saturn God, Saturn Bhukti, Saturn yogakarak, Saturn Number, Saturn mahadasha,Saturn-Jupiter,Saturn Life, etc....

Saturn is a karmic planet, accordingly our karmas. Saturn gives results. Saturn doesn't make things easy. That's the role of the taskmaster of the zodiac. Saturn commands us to get to work and to work hard. Discipline and responsibility are important to this planet.
Saturn needs about 28 years to move through all twelve signs of the Zodiac. Not until your 28th to 30th birthday will you experience your first Saturn return, when the planet finally returns to the place in the sky where it was at your birth.
The first Saturn return is a turning point in a person's life, when they've seen and experienced enough of life to get a firm grasp on what direction, they want to go in their lives. Luck start favors individual on same time generally.
I will also tell only few lines for Saturn before starting.

  • Slow but steady
  • Slow but permanent
  • Slow but huge
  • Slow but stable
  • Slow but sure
1) Saturn in the 1st house – 1st house strong Saturn gives very good gains in political line for ex: L.K.ADWANI, ATAL JI etc. because this is the placement where peoples can do hard-work. Their thinking above from society. Saturn in 1st house gives bold voice and average height with lean body. Saturn in the first house delays marriage if Venus is not supporting, But if Saturn is in a good sign and degree like Libra or own sign or Taurus, it can give a very good career with its 10th house aspect. Saturn in 1st gives good thinking for society but a different type of views. Male generally lives rough and tough life-style like big hair, shaves. Saturn here also makes the native Disciplined, organized, hard worker, especially hard task master. Saturn presence in 1st house, achieve most of the thing late in their lives, it comes through hard work. Career wise they can go into Politics, Mines-related jobs, law-judiciary, engineering, mechanical career, construction or coal business, iron-related works, electrical, electronic related field. These type's Saturn persons lead large organization it may be political or something else.

2) Saturn in the 2nd house – This is not very good position for Saturn. This is the place of family life and our voice that may disturb because of Saturn If mercury also with rahu or making any connection with rahu. Saturn restrict here mainly assets, daily income delays and houses/property/vehicles also late in life. In the second house Saturn aspects the 4th house of mother`s house that is not good generally. Peoples with 2nd house Saturn gives loud voice, if rahu also afflicting this house then vani dosh and not good for marriage and income. It may give sudden downfalls. You are a practical person and once getting money you are reluctant to let it go. You gain money through hard work and it doesn't come easy to you. You do not acquire wealth through luck.

3)Saturn in the 3rd house- This is a very good position for Saturn as it makes the person very creative with scientific attitude,  in scripting and in writing these can excel easily. This Saturn makes person very intelligent. Own business and be their own company is best for this position. Relationship with siblings certainly not in good shape. Direct aspect on 9th house is not good for father. You are versatile and tend to be an agreeable person. This position also good for communication and for politics.

4) Saturn in the 4th house- This house for Saturn either very good or very bad. Reason is Saturn gives huge mass appeal if strongly placed here like Amitabh Bachhan others combination also in his chart. But badly placed here then lot of worries related with home/mother, disharmony in marriage. Wealth come with slight delay from the age of 35 or 44. In the basic education people’s faces lot of struggles generally if badly placed. Saturn also aspects from 7 aspect to the 10th house, which means the native would be very passionate for work profession, hard worker, stubborn.  You may dream of being famous and successful, yet believe that this success will never come your way. Yet through working on this and with effort applied to self-development you can in time attain your goals.

5) Saturn in the 5th house- Romance in serious mode, mean you can say dead romance. Whenever strongly placed Saturn sitting or aspecting 5th house delivers scientist and great researcher or highly intelligent attitude guy. Saturn gives everything slowly in life so matters of 5th house will come from some delay such as love marriage, children and romance late in life and wealth also comes slowly and chances of unearned wealth is negligible. Saturn delays the marriage, but it brings a stable partner, beneficial marriage  and family oriented partner. 
Saturn's aspecting your 7th house so may some delay you can see in marriage as well. You may be involved in scientific work, politics, in entertainment industry if venus well placed as a manager, however your work environment will hard work .You may have a tendency to be controlling with children, and try to make them grow up before their time. You may be somewhat afraid of children, thinking of the bad things that can happen. And your attitude towards children will be more possessive, that may give problem in later age of life.

6) Saturn in the 6th house –This Saturn gives great patience and always satisfied attitude towards life. This is a favorable position for Saturn .Here, Saturn will destroy all enemies, i will consider this as shatruhant yoga, it helps lot in work place and person get easy support from collegues and authority figures. You can concentrate on work so much that you neglect your nutrition and exercise

Adminstrattive position often seen with this placement of saturn but saturn should be in Libra/Caprocorn. For Judicery peopls this Saturn is one of the best placement. This position also gives long life because it aspect your 8th house as well. Saturn in the sixth house makes one organized, discipline and very managerial in their approach. Saturn in the sixth house grows better with time and the native would defeat his or her enemies through patience and discipline. Saturn here gives lot of from partners familys. 

7) Saturn in the 7th house – Digbali Saturn is there, best position for Saturn because in kal purush chart sign of Libra is exaltation for Saturn which is the 7th original house. This is one of the strong position for profession, a politician, Film industry or for night worker. Saturn in the 7th house usually delays the marriage unless it's in Libra/Taurus/Gemini/Capricorn. This placement makes the personality of the native very calculative in life and organized. You will be very possessive towards your wife & great chances of love marriage. There may be hidden anger or other emotions .Must be Avoid Smoking, drinking. Spinal cord and lower part related diseases will create the problem.

8) Saturn in the 8th house- Generally feedback from Astros  for 8th house is good for Saturn because its increase longevity and all bla bla bla, but I am totally disagree with this thought. This placement of Saturn I found in most of cases is very bad. This placement can be good and bad depending upon the sign that Saturn occupies. Saturn in the 8th house gives a very long life, but gives black magic ability, interest in occult science but not genius of occult and bad luck. 8th house is deep dig so everything related with mines, petroleum, long cases in court you can realize in your life. This placement bad for father and extremely bad relation with in-laws, even you can face problems in marriage life because of your in-laws behavior. Aspecting 5th house can delay children and abortion also. Chances of bad marriage or unusual marriage. 

9) Saturn in the 9th house – Saturn shows very diplomatic behavior here because religion wise this is not the house where Saturn feels comfortable. But for money or job related things Saturn can give extraordinary heights because good judge, lawyer and high position government job, electronics related jobs get good support in 9th house placed Saturn.  Higher education does not come easily to you, and you might need to work hard in order to succeed. . From the 9th house Saturn aspects the 11th house of gains, and large network circle. If Saturn is well placed by signs then there could be tremendous gains in professional during Saturn's Mahadasha. But it blocks social presence, Because Saturn feels alone is better. Aspecting the 3rd house, native would take great interest in yoga, spirituality and philosophical thesis. That person always thrash their enemies because of boss support which they are getting from 9th house. But for parents, this is not good placement. You will always have big differences in views.

10) Saturn in the 10th house – Perfect position for Saturn, in beginning some difficulties after huge success but if Saturn weaker here then it will never grew up to you and will pull down in life. You can reach the top in your career, but only through long, hard work. Professions that require a long period of study, such as medicine and science are examples of this. Saturn gives very good results in its own house. Saturn brings very powerful career and succes in every venture in this house. This placement brings a perfect career, usually in the law-judiciary, politics, mines, oil, security agencies, leather, electronics, Iron industry but it all varies depending upon other conditions. 10th house is strongest Kendra and Saturn one of favourite zone where Saturn’s feels comfortable. There would be slow but steady rise in the native's career but extra-ordinary. The individual is organized, structured and well-disciplined. This placement of Saturn can show working with government as an administrator, lawyer, judge or executive in public sector, job related higher court. Big house, vehicles from government always you can enjoy. But father will be the ordinary person you will not get inheritance from your father.

11) Saturn in the 11th house – This is also one of favorable house of Saturn, it gives immense wealth but after 40 if well placed. In kal purush chart 11th house is the own house of Saturn's sign Aquarius that can give huge success in real estate business and wealth, it fulfils all your desire like one Bollywood star Salman Khan. Saturn consider very strong here and gives much gains in life. If Saturn badly placed here then really survival of life is very difficult. The native has lot of support through their professional network to rise in life. This placement gives sometime rude and very moody or mood swing in nature. Due to some mood swings, sometimes you may feel opposition in life from your friends and family.

12) Saturn in the 12th house – This is not house of Saturn. It brings struggle, unnecessary expenditure or loss, lack of luxury, mental stress, bad health even if mars aspecting then jails or court cases you can face. But savings points of view it is average placement if other planet are well placed in the chart. 12th house is also foreign lands, so it gives long time settlement in foreign countries depend on sign. This can give opportunity to go in foreign lands. The native can also be a Security guard, Night watchman, warden, police officer you may work for a big organization which is related with hospital, prison, or even organizations like security agencies. If badly placed and afflicted from Venus or rahu then women, wine will be the cause of your downfall. This placement gives success in spirituality and peoples often inclined towards spirituality in some phase of life.

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