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Retrograde Mars in Astrology

Whenever you see retrograde mars in your horoscope don’t jump on conclusion as you heard before, mars will harm you because it is angry planet. No calm down ….. Read this article carefully.

Mars is universe energy, mars also shows human energy. If this is in retro mode then it will show unbalance energy, people will use their energy in one particular task which may be least priority, on same time more priority task they will ignore or in other words individual has misused the Mars energy present in his Birth chart. You should remember my article what is retrograde planet in astrology, I clearly mentioned retro planet loses their karakatwa, mars in retrograde (If favorable) will release his anger and try to evaluate situation first then react instead of immediate reaction which is mars general tendency.
Retrograde Mars or vakri mars gives its results in a very much similar way as a forward moving Mars. Malefic and negative retrograde Mars in their horoscope must be careful as it can cause much more damage than a forward moving Mars. Mars retrograde holds one's anger inside but they can see the boil water inside, but usually they will not openly express it. Retro mars peoples less competitive than usual, Mars energy as you know mars is real fighter but retro mars lose this tendency.

Read Mystery of retrograde planet:

Those who are in a close relationship with Mars retrograde people often have struggle to understand their partner because the Mars retrograde person hides his/her anger even they hides sometime their sex desire as well. Mars rules the sex drive, in some cases, people who have Mars retrograde can suffer from sexual impotence or not much interested in that.

Retrograde mars in Vedic astrology is the natural ruler of the 1st house because it naturally rules Aries, In kalpurush chart 1st house ruler is Mars. Mars affects your appearance and personality because it is the natural ruler of the 1st house. Mars in retrograde motion is not only action-oriented and forward moving but it is resistant as well. This is exactly why most people with bad Mars influence move forward quickly. This is why those with a bad Mars influence or those naturally ruled by Mars (Aries is naturally ruled by Mars) have a reputation as being a good starter but not necessarily a good finisher if mars retrograde in the horoscope.

How do Mars retrograde affect us?
  • Our energy level will not be as expected.
  • Bone, blood related problem may come.
  • Less confidence and more stress with fear.
  • Things don’t go as fast as we want them to during Mars retrograde.
  • Transit of retro mars postponed work, during Mars retrograde is probably for the better. In this time less energy and delay in work seen.
  • Less competitive than usual.
  • Peoples who have Mars retrograde can suffer from sexual energy as expected.
  • Retro mars give the tendency “good starter but not necessarily a good finisher”.
  • New projects, ideas and plans initiated but not develop as expected.

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For Example: 7th house retro mars (well-placed mars in sign,degree,naktara) gives delays and obstruction in marriage.

Retrograde mars in house and other articles, I will explorer in my next article series, I know you want to more and more from me but I already covered most of the point such as why does mars have a retrograde motion, retrograde movement of mars, mars retrograde orbit, mars goes direct, mars in retrograde meaning, what produces the retrograde motion of mars, mars retrograde in birth chart, mars retrograde transits, what does mars in retrograde mean, what happens when mars is in retrograde, mars retrograde benefits, mars retrograde effects, mars retrograde horoscope, mars retrograde love, mars retrograde natal chart, mars retrograde past life, mars retrograde remedies, mars retrograde relationships, mars retrograde woman, mars retrograde wedding, mars retrograde explanation, remedies for vakri mars, mars retrograde in chart, effects of retrograde mars, what is mars retrograde good for, mars retrograde star.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Retrograde Planet In Astrology

Retrograde planet:
Retrograde is one of most important terminology in astrology or Vedic astrology. Retrograde planet is important for calculation of any prediction, they alter results according to their conditions, and it may positive or negative. Remember “retrograde planet” loses their karakatwa or significance, it is not always bad, and it depends on placement and other conditions.

For example Jupiter is retrograde then it means its karakatwa is depth knowledge or learning or gain knowledge in deep, here it will lack. People try to learn many things but not in deep, I taken simple one point (example) it’s not mean you can conclude Jupiter on behalf of this point only.
Saturn retrograde person, there was a lack of discipline or structure, or possibly suffered childhood if Saturn really bad.

Retrograde planets Vedic astrology: The best way to handle this retrograde planet is to go within you and seek self-improvement in those areas which retro plant refers. Retrograde gives opportunities to make correction of past wrong decision or deeds. Retrograde planet shows something in past you did not able to fulfill and this time you will put your energy on those areas. (Ex: If you have retro Jupiter in 4th house it means you will more causes about your mother, attachment with mother also more, attachment from mother land, you want your Home, vehicle in early age, and overall you want to fulfill that area which you did not do in last birth). 
With retrograde planets you have a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the areas signified by the retrograde planets. Whenever retrograde planet is angular/trine, it become more powerful mainly depends on some condition for calculating benefic or malefic power.

When the planet changes direction by going retrograde, the person that is signified by the re-retrograde planet, re-considers, re-thinks, re-reconciles, re-peats, re-builds, re-coups, re-adjusts, re-collects, re-pulses, re-fuses, re-sists, re-paints, re-decorates, re-adjusts.

Planet whenever appears to be in retrograde motion its influence does not change, but your individual response to grasping the power of that will change. You must be remembering that, this is merely an illusion. It`s not REAL.
As per my opinion and experience retrograde planets gives more strength and their influence in chart also strong. Whenever in your ascendant planet has retrograde motion its influence more as compare to other planet.

Note that the Sun and Moon are never retrograde.

What is retrograde motion of planet?
Logically speaking, no planet actually moves backwards in their orbits around the Sun. The retrograde motion is the apparent backward motion of a planet caused by its being lapped by another planet, or vice-versa. Both planets move in a direct motion around the Sun, but the planet with the inside (smaller) orbit moves faster than the planet on the outside (larger) orbit, and when it passes the slower-moving planet, we feels that other planet as apparently moving backwards relative to its normal motion around the sky. In this "retrograde" motion, neither planet is actually moving backwards; it only appears that way, during the time that one laps the other. I feel retrograde planet gives strong impact on the chart.

For example: If you are traveling in a train and there is another train moving next to yours in the same direction. If that another train is slower than yours, it will seem to you that it goes backwards, in fact it goes forward. The concept of retrograde motion works in a same way. It depends on the relation between the speed of the Earth in the Space and the speed of another planet; it may seem that that planet goes backwards.

I will start each planets retrograde effects, it will clear your all doubts retrograde planets, retrograde planets by prateek, retrograde planets in birth chart, retrograde planets meaning, retrograde planets and karma, retrograde planets past lives, effect of retrograde planets in horoscope, vakri planets effects, retrograde planets in astrology and effects in different houses, effect of retrograde planets vedic astrology, retrograde planet in exaltation, result of retrograde planets, retrograde planets chart, aspects of retrograde planets, retrograde planet effects, articles on retrograde planets in hindu astrology, vedic astrology retrograde planets, what does mars in retrograde mean, planet in retrograde meaning, retrograde planets and the soul, retrograde planets and past karma, retrograde planets and the soul, what do planets in retrograde when you were born mean

This is also myth which you heard before exalted retrograde planet behaves like debilitated planet and debilitated retrograde planet becomes exalted in the results.

Retrograde Planet Effects:
Retrograde Mars in Astrology

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

2015 Astrology Prediction

2015 Astrology
2015 will be one of the most powerful years as compare to last 5 year. In this year benefic Jupiter will be exalted till July and rahu-ketu will be in Virgo -Pisces which known for powerful and friendly sign for those two. Saturn already moved in Scorpio which will do task much faster as compare to previous year. 2014 sum was 7 which represent Ketu and Ketu was on arise till July 2014 and Rahu with Saturn in Libra was bad time for most of peoples. Now, time will improve rapidly. 2015 number if you will add then number comes 8, this is number of Saturn which is hard task master and will be in Scorpio which is also known for fast work so in this year lot of pending work will finish and year will be fruitful for most of peoples.
2015 will give opportunity in career, finance, government will take favorable decision for common peoples and law & order will be good. People who are seeking opportunity to change job or finding opportunity in foreign lands will succeed.
Cancerous Jupiter will give health, finance and own house related results in this year, overall it shows stable and growing year. Many question will answer today such as 2015 astrology predictions by date of birth,2015 astrology predictions free, 2015 astrology predictions moon sign, 2015 astrology chart, 2015 astrology horoscope, 2015 astrology overview, 2015 astrology transits, 2015 vedic astrology, 2015 indian astrology, astrology prediction 2015,

Major planet transit in 2015
Jupiter transit 2015, Jupiter will be in cancer more than half of the year will be good for career, finance, stability and for marriage, new married couples.

Read Rahu effects in all zodiac sign:

Rahu-Ketu 2015, Rahu-Ketu 2015 in Virgo-Pisces will be good for diplomats and public dealing peoples and for those who are earning from share market as well.

Saturn transit 2015, Saturn already in Scorpio will expect hard work and passion for work and gives big success in career because Jupiter 5th aspect towards Saturn.
Overall 2015 number is 8 ruled by Saturn will be favorable for most of the peoples new opportunity and new ventures will come in the life.

Career: Everything will go smoothly at work. Atmosphere in job and work culture will improve because 10th house siginificator Jupiter and Saturn will support. Their boss or leaders will start to attach more importance to their job performance and they can always get along well with their colleagues. You can welcome a promotion within this year. Peoples they should keep a low profile because this is Saturn beauty.

Wealth: Good wealth in this year indicating because hidden treasure means Scorpio 8th sign Saturn with aspect of Jupiter will provide good gains in this year. As long as they work hard, they will welcome a salary rise from their jobs especially in the first half of the year, when they should consider making a smart investment. No speculation is suggested and lottery should just be regarded as a recreational activity because Rahu master of speculation will give benefit those only who have strong Rahu in birth chart.

Relationships: Blessed love life will be in coming year 2015. They will enjoy great fortune in their love life. The affections between lovers will be deeper. Activated 8th house Scorpio will give good opportunities. They keep a happy relationship and marriage is about to take place in 2015. Couples will have a stable relationship.

Health: There may be some problem related with private disease or private part related and bone related. They may have minor illnesses like cold and fever, but they will recover soon. Extreme sports should be avoided when traveling or doing other outdoor activities. Besides, the heart attack, skin diseases and eye diseases may happen. The elderly should keep a healthy diet and should pay attention to their blood pressure.

Education, student Study in 2015: This is one of the good years for student and for competitive exam participants. Generally, their study performance is better than the last year, but they still need to study hard in 2015 because hard task master Saturn required more work but Jupiter will give success in the exams.

Guru-Chandal yoga:

Aries 2015: Aries in 2015 will enjoy of home and family peace, 2015 astrology aries it will give good career growth also. Relationship with mother and family environment, land benefits or shifting in new home can be expect in this year and overall this period will be good for 2015 astrology for aries.

Taurus 2015: Taurus in 2015 will feel rest and joy in spiritual front; they will feel lucky in business. 2015 astrology Taurus Money wise this is good year. Jupiter transiting in your 3rd house shows growth in powerful post, communication, courage, travel, writing and media mass communication related field. Those who are interested in public dealings or work for public time will support for those 2015 astrology for taurus.

Gemini 2015: Gemini in 2015 will enjoy money and gains, peoples will enjoy property gains also.  Health wise there may be some problem. 2015 astrology for Gemini Jupiter transiting in your second house gives you rise in daily income and improve your communication. Your desires and career will surely be in good direction and this year will prove one of the good years for you.

Read Saturn effects in all zodiac sign:

Cancer 2015: This is one of the best years for you;2015 astrology cancer Jupiter in ascendant will give peace, stability and good life throughout the year. You will become more spiritual and money flow will increase from right path. This is one of the best year for you, you should give time for yourself and make decision for future life. 2015 astrology for cancer, Your health will be good and you will shine in all fields. For bachelors good new they will find very good partner marriage life.

Leo 2015: 2015 astrology predictions leo will be mixed results in this year and 2nd half will be giving some mental tension. Jupiter transiting your 12th house and Saturn in 4th house not good for family peace and 2nd house Rahu and 8th house Ketu also not very ideal positions, you should take care during make any big decision. 2015 astrology leo is not good position in dealings with home, land or vehicle. Some health related issue may come also.

Virgo 2015: 2015 astrology for virgo will be very good period for money front, you will enjoy socializing and expanding your network circles. Gains and power in this year you will feel. 2015 astrology virgo in 2nd half you should need to take care for health and wealth (more expenditure). Overall health wise also good time sometime little bit differences with your partner.

Libra 2015: 2015 astrology libra is wonderful year for family front as well as for profession. You will earn much and enjoy money also. Foreign travel also in this year on the cards. 2015 astrology for libra, 10th house transiting Jupiter will give you good career opportunities, growth and recognition. In this year health, wealth will be good chances of increasing income, buying land, and properties. Saturn in2nd house will give boost in income as well as assets.

Scorpio 2015: 2015 astrology scorpio is good year because money fronts some relief will come and after July career also grow because Jupiter movement in 10th house, your desire will fulfill but still mental tension and some worry and fear in your mind. Saturn with your natal moon may give some problems in sleep. Relationship, marriage related may face some ups and down in life. 2015 astrology for scorpio, overall Saturn with moon not good but because of Jupiter in 9th house will be silver spoon and providing power to your chart.

Mangalik yoga or dosha read below:

Sagittarius 2015: 2015 astrology Sagittarius Jupiter will be transiting cancer in the 8th house of hidden treasure, change and reformation. You will loans, partner’s money, settlements, investments and inheritance. 12th house sitting Saturn will give you spirituality because Jupiter also in 8th house or you will involve in occult science. 2015 astrology for Sagittarius, money wise mixed and career wise good results will be there.

Capricorn 2015: 2015 astrology for Capricorn year bring good success in money front sudden luck will support you and you will abundant money after hard-work because Saturn in 11th house. Yoga`s for marriage will be strong. 2015 astrology Capricorn will be year of opportunities, business and marriage on the cards.

Aquarius 2015: 2015 astrology aquarius year will give mixed result Jupiter in 6th house will give more stability in job but tension will be there because Saturn in 10th house, success will come sure but after hard-work. 2015 astrology for aquarius money will be average but you should need to take of your health in this year.

Pisces 2015: 2015 astrology pisces is one of the good years for Pisces, in this year you can see good growth in career and finance. 2015 astrology for pisces, Jupiter in 5th house aspect 9 and 11th shows good luck and gains with foreign travel.

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Saturn dhaiya or ढैया या लघुकल्याणी?

What is dhaiya in astrology?
Dhaiya period of Saturn is known for 2.5 year periods. Shani dhaiya is also known as Small Panoti (Small Trouble), Saturn`s Dhaiya and Kantakshani, or Ashtamshani.

How to know shani dhaiya or how to check shani dhaiya
When Shani transiting over the Fourth and the Eighth house from the Natal Moon, it is called the Fourth & the Eighth Dhaiya respectively(Ashtamshani). Vedic astrology says that these two are most tensed or stressful periods, though not as much as the Sade-sati. You can check your dhaiya from online shani dhaiya calculator. Astam shani sometimes gives food but without salt, so you can not enjoy food mean you will survive in this period somehow but no enjoyment. Peoples confused with asthma shani and dhaiya there is no difference, effects ashtama shani or ill effects ashtama shani ,ashtama shani period, ashtama shani dosha, ashtama shani meaning, small panoti effects or ashtama shani pariharam all are covers in dhaiya.

--> Ishta dev worship is most important, Know your Ishta dev:

Saturn Dhaiya is not bad for all; it depends on such condition which I told you in last article (Saturn Sade sati) . Dhaiya is also depends on other planets transit such as rahu-ketu transit, Jupiter transit etc. Dhaiya gives problems in career, finance, no promotion during dhaiya, no satisfaction from life etc.
The Dhaiya of Saturn in relation to the 4th house affects the native on the following things Family peace, mother, education, health, land and property, happiness etc.

The Dhaiya of Saturn in relation to the 8th house affects the native on the following things: accident, debts, loss, health, longevity, legacy, in-laws,

The effects of planet Saturn are also impacted by the Janam-nakshatra, Ascendant, Dasha of current planet and position of other planets. 
In Saturn`s dhaiya period we should chant shani mantra and should perform shani dhaiya remedies or shani dhaiya ke upay.

--> Know one of most important chart,Bhav chalit chart:

Negative effect of shani dhaiya
Bad results of shani dhaiya gives low morale, frustration from life, Lack of success, Career disturbance, unfulfilling desire, debts, emotionally unstable and having difficulty in coping with personal relationships, Destroys the peace or tranquility, mental and physical health ailments.
If you are Experiencing discomfort and unbalanced life in this period or suffering from various ailments marked by causing sadness or sorrow then maybe you are in due need to take blessings of lord Shani Dev.

Shani dhaiya remedies or shani dhaiya ke upay
I already discussed last time Saturn sade sati remedies or upay, Please go through below link use same for shani`s dhaiya.


Peoples asked me many times ashtama shani remedies, remedies for ashtama shani, remedies for ashtama shani vedic , Please do same remedy as per above given link.

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Sade Sati in Astrology

What is Shani Sade Sati or what is sade sati in astrology?
Sade sati vedic astrology is the 7½ years long period of Saturn (Shani). Saturn sade sati may be very distressing and alarming word for the common peoples specially in India. I will define sade sati now, When, Saturn transit through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal moon (where one's Moon is placed in the birth chart), this is termed as Sade satti. According to those beliefs, this is a period with many challenges, hurdles, struggles etc. but my view is different Saturn is hard task master and gives success after hard-work, so this period one of the learning period for individual, peoples  does mistake and learn from their mistakes and ready for next challenge. Overall this period teach us in many ways and gives maturity for living life or life balance. Saturn takes 2.5 years to pass through each sign (29-30 years to make one round of the zodiac), its passing through 3 signs make it 7.5 years. Sade means "half" and Satti translates to "seven" and hence the name Sade Satti. Even you can check sade sati position from some sade sati calculator available in the internet if you not understating astrology terms. Currently Saturn sade sati Scorpio, Saturn sade sati Libra and Saturn sade sati Sagittarius going on. It is said that people of Moon sign Aquarius do not have any ill effects from Sadesati, while people of Moon sign Leo feel the most impact but I have little bit different theory which I will explain you deeply.

--> Read Saturn effects on each Sign

Fact of Shani Sadde sati or Truth of sadde satti: Sade sati astrology period mainly gives us learning lesson for life. In this period Saturn mainly teach us how to live life with balance and how critical life if we are not prepared and ready for life challenges. Peoples asked generally sade sati always bad, my answer No, Sometime end sade sati or start of sade sati is seen good. Don’t confuse if peoples will tell you sade sati dosh, nothing like that in astrology.

"What Saturn represent in astrology? Saturn represent lower class peoples, needy person , poor peoples, pains , punishments and sorrows, servants, and judgement(Court Decision), who is not behaving nicely with above mentioned peoples earlier then Saturn will punish you in sade-sati. Always remember if you have well placed Saturn, then always do something good for poor peoples result will be Saturn will always smile on you, On other side if you have bad Saturn then take extra care of poor peoples because Saturn wants your services for poor peoples."

Sade Satti Influence or sade sati jyotish: This period is usually considered to be very troublesome, difficult and hard for the native. But, it is not necessarily bad for every native; it is equally beneficial for many. There is a general belief that Sade Satti period brings hurdles, dissatisfaction, disappointments, depression, disharmony, sudden failures, sade sati job issue, money and health problems, but actually this is not the case. Saturn does not always behave this way and it really depends on individual's chart. For example if Saturn is acting as a yoga karaka, there is no way it can cause all that problems in native's life. Generally saddesati comes 2-3 times in all peoples life and all peoples faced this fact, some feels happy and some feels bad in this period but not all peoples suffers in this period. Lot of celebrity you know or their children who born in silver spoon and never feels any disappointment or failure in life, so we should not blindly blame to sadde sati.
What can you expect during Sadesati?
Saturn may put you under financial and personal stress, create frequent obstacles and stop you from achieving success easily. Saturn will challenge you and if you do not rise up to the challenge then you may face failure. This time mainly effects mental peace and problems seen to making wise & right decision.

What is the impact of Sade Sati or sade sati effects?
Saturn generally affects the health, mental peace and finances for an individual it depends on phase of sadde sati also because if it is 1st phase then Saturn will be in your 12 from natal moon will give sudden expenditure, when it will 2nd phase then effects on decision making and health and then last it will give trouble in family life and finances but sometimes if Saturn is well placed then gives sudden rise in finances. And it normally occurs thrice in one’s horoscope in the entire life time. These three periods can be broadly categorized into: 

Three Cycles of Sade Satti or meaning of sade sati

Sade sati first phase effects or Sade sati first phase
In the first phase of Saturn affects generally expenditure, wealth related issue. When Saturn transits 12th house from moon for 2.5 years, the evil results are felt more by the parents and native himself. This time bed pleasure and spirituality badly impacts. There could be some eye related problems to people. This period gives unnecessary expenditure and loss. Need to careful for any new investment.

Sade sati second phase effects or Sade sati second phase
Second phase when Saturn transits first house from moon for 2.5 years, this conjunction of moon-Saturn affects the native himself because in moon chart this placement in ascendant gives troubles in life most of the sphere. This will directly impacts our mental peace, this time peoples takes wrong decision. It directly aspect 7th and 10th house gives troubles in profession or in marriage. Even sometime peoples loose the job or demotion in the life.
Sade sati last phase or Sade sati third phase effects
Last phase of Saturn transits in the 2nd house from Moon, this transit 8th house aspect gives accidental and health issues mainly and sometimes worst for some peoples who stay-away from spirituality and try to involve in hidden pleasure because this period will insist you to wrong deeds or immoral deeds and last period of Saturn will punish you.

However before coming to any conclusion an astrologer must check the following points.
  • Is Saturn acting as a yoga karak or well placed in the natal chart?
  • Is Saturn coming under aspect of any naturally benefic/malefic planets?
  • What is the Dasa/anterdasha running during that time? Is Saturn involved there?
  • Is the transit of Jupiter & other planet also bad?
  • Nakshatra under which Saturn falls in natal chart?
  • Well-placed planets in Trine and Angular, How well placed is Lagna and Lagna lord etc.
  • Saturn placement house or sign in the chart?

Positive effects of sade sati or positive effects of shani sade sati: I always found in my research, Saturn always gives lessons to peoples so sadesati also teaches in many front, yes sometimes it’s hard or some time in easy way. I will tell you if you adopt spiritual path, sade satti will give less harm to you. It generally shows major changes in life which can give new direction. Sade sati is a turn of the path when you confront your mistakes of the past times and realize how wrong you were doing earlier. This period is dominantly known for freedom from the feeling of materialism and attachment from the worldly things called as “freedom from Moh Maya”. There is other many ways to overcome sade sati also.
In many places mentioned generally Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius is less impacted sign from Saturn sade satti but I will tell you again it depends on lot of factors. Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio signs enemies of Saturn sometimes more bad in sade satti.

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Remedies for sade sati: I will tell you some remedies of Saturn also such as remedies for sade sati effects or shani sade sati remedies or upay for sade sati or how to get rid of shani etc.
  • Spirituality is best remedy during sade sati.
  • Shiv Pooja with shiv amogh kavach 
  • Shani Mantra,Click Here (http://prateek8686.blogspot.in/2014/09/all-planet-mantra-or-beej-mantra-for.html)
  • Hanuman Chalisa every Saturday.
  • Mrityunjaya Mantra: त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्  | उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् Om Thryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim PushtiVardhanam | Urvarukamiva Bandhanath Mrithyor Mooshiyamamrith.
  • Donation of blanket and black cloth to very needy person.
  • During Shani dasha period try to do donation of the following at a temple or to poor people:
  • Black cloth, Gingerly Oil,Blanket,Iron, Black Cow, Buffallo, Black Gram (Urud Dal)
  • Provide  “Anna Daan” (free food) on Saturdays to Orphanage or Beggars.
  • Shani Temple Darshan
  • Visiting Navagraha temple and doing shani pooja on Saturday is one of the most commonly suggested remedy during Shani Dasha.If possible visit the following famous and powerful shani temples :
  • Shani Shingnapur (In Maharashtra for North India)
  • Put an piece of iron or iron coin into flowing water (River / Sea) on     Saturday and prey.
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Prevention during Saturn sade sati:
Make distance from legal agreements; avoid any risk related work, unnecessary discussion with boss or colleague, laziness, Carelessness, No new business or work, threat from servant, stay-away from alcohol, immoral deeds or extra martial.

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