Saturday, October 1, 2016

Rahu in Vishaka Nakshatra

Vishaka Nakshatra: 20°00’ Libra - 03°20’ Scorpio

Vishakha nakshatra one of the jupter nakshtra where Rahu gives good results. Generally Expansion quality of Jupiter is one of the desire of rahu and Rahu in vishakha nakshtatra due to Jupiter spiritual presence gives good results and right balancing effects.

Due to blessings of both great planet Jupiter and Venus, Rahu enjoys materialistic gains in this sign with public fame and achievement.
Vishaka Nakshatra known for particular ambition, task, higher goals of life and purpose of life. Rahu in vishakah gives good results with positive targets in life, hard-working attitude, enthusiasm, optimistic nature and hope for the future because positive rays of Jupiter does well and Rahu not affecting horoscope in negative manner. Rahu generally not known for patience but in this nakshatra shows patience and determination to accomplish any hard task or work.

Rahu in Vishaka Nakshatra Pada 1: Rahu in vishakha charan 1 falls in Aries. Rahu in charan 1 shows strong results, will power, energy, firing attitude, administrative qualities. Due to influence of Mars it shows administrative and dominating nature also but this is good in achieving high goals and executive post. Rahu in Vishakha nakshatra peoples blessed with managerial and leadership qualities also. These people bold, aggressive, quick decision maker and fast forward in life.

Rahu in Vishaka Nakshatra Pada 2: Rahu in vishakha charan 2 falls in Taurus and gives materialistic gains, luxury, love, romance, smart wife and gives success in art, media and entertainment industry. Rahu gives grand success in media, entertainment and public domain with good name-fame. These peoples think broadly and due to god grace they attract to others easily and get big gains or deals from others also.

Rahu in Vishaka Nakshatra Pada 3: Rahu in vishakha charan 3 falls in Gemini navamsa is one of the excellent placements for rahu again. Rahu become more intelligent with logical attitude, firming mind, communicative, philosophical and do well in professional life. They enjoy life with friends and family. They impress people from their speech and communicative skills. These people usually get success after age of 32.

Rahu in Vishaka Nakshatra Pada 4: Rahu in vishakha charan 4 falls in Cancer navamsa gives firming mind but sometimes this is bad for mental peace. This pada sometimes give emotional misbalance and negativity in nature. Over thinking becomes problem for these peoples and some health issues always there. This is over all not good placements Rahu where gives negative thoughts with damage marriage life or sexual pleasure also. These never stick with one thing for long time even they take interest in occult science as well but not for long time. If other planets well placed then situation can improve but generally this not consider good in this charan.

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