Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jupiter Transit 2015

Jupiter is known as most benefic planet in astrology, so guru gochar (guru gochar 2015) or Jupiter transit also very important for everyone. 2014 to 2015 Jupiter was in cancer sign which was one of the best transit periods of Jupiter. Now Jupiter will move on Leo sign this transit period will start on July 14, 2015 enter Leo (Jupiter transit in Leo 2015); it will retain its position in Leo till August 11, 2016 (Jupiter transit 2015 date). Now Jupiter (Jupiter guru transit) will move in Leo sign which lord sun also Jupiter great friend so there is no problems. Only problem is in this year, marriage ceremony will not consider very good in certain months but there is no big trouble, Marriages are not advised in Transit of Leo specially during August to October (In north India this time period no marriage generally happens but on other part of India they don’t follow this period but they should avoid in this months). Leo is also a sign of fire, administration, energy, rulership, royalty belonging to the royal planet sun and hence will give a boost to the Royal people. Jupiter transit 2015 to 2016 or guru transit 2015 to 2016 (Jupiter transit 2015 vedic) for all very much beneficial for spiritual pursuits and will give very good results to the spiritually oriented people. The share market or the speculation industry will also get a great boost with stability. Lets start Jupiter transit in leo 2015 predictions

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Effect of guru transition: Leo ruled by sun and representing 5th house of horoscope means gains will come through 5th house related areas. This year chances of male child, higher education, rise through intelligence will be more and the entertainment, media, arts, cinema, drama will touch new heights. So let’s start Jupiter transit 2015 to 2016 predictions or Jupiter transit effect on rashis.

Jupiter transit for Aries or Jupiter transit 2015 in Aries
Jupiter transit effects will be auspicious for you. Jupiter transit houses 5th house transit will be good time for easy gains, male child, career, gains, money, creativity, easy success. Business man will do well and can expand their business in this year. This is a favourable time for your relationships with your children. 5th house transit any planet gives direct aspect to 11th house generally consider as very good for money and desire. This period will give you opportunities and recognition in your work especially in teaching, scientist, education, sports, entertainment etc. You may expect foreign travel, religious journeys. Saturn is transiting your 8th house shows change in your job as well.

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Jupiter transit for Taurus or Jupiter transit 2015 in Taurus
Jupiter transiting to your 4th house so enjoy family function, family peace, good home and vehicle in this year with good change in job also. You may expect promotions, employment, and career growth in this year. Property gains will come in this year. Student should do hard-work and focus in their studies. Jupiter will bless your career and bring you luck with authority figures.

Jupiter transit for Gemini or Jupiter transit 2015 in Gemini
Jupiter is transiting in your 3rd house give boost your career, even job or promotion on the cards in this year. This year Jupiter will give you power and communication to take large activity and accomplish with your confidence. This is really good time marriage and getting engaged. Social circle and monetary gains will come in end of 2015.  Power, administration, communication, Information technology, media, and writers will have a good period. This is a time of expanding your skills and interests. Saturn is moving through your 6th house there is opportunity for a new job or change. Business man will do well and can expand their business in this year.

Jupiter transit for Cancer or Jupiter transit 2015 in Cancer
Jupiter transits the 2nd house from your zodiac sign shows growth in daily routine income, asset and power/gains in work place. This year good proposal for marriage may come. You can buy property or jewellery in this year. You may receive wealth from your in-laws. Saturn transit in your 5th house also enhancing the good results. Jupiter transit 2015 cancer overall good.

Mahadasha of Jupiter mean stability and new start:

Jupiter transit for Leo or Jupiter transit 2015 in Leo
This transit will be one of the best periods for all around success; it will give life stability, career, big jump in work place, gains, marriage, male child, sudden benefits. This is a time of renewed hope, optimism and confidence. You may feel that you are ready to take on a leadership role or lead the large team. This is good year job-seeker, businessman and for students to get good grades, long journeys will be fruitful. Overall a very good year for Leo people ahead. New opportunities come your way and you may receive recognition and/or a promotion. Children may come into your life one way or another.

Jupiter transit for Virgo or Jupiter transit 2015 in Virgo
This transit is average for you; it may give you foreign travel but not much benefit there. You may inclined spirituality, yog, moksha, finding peace and do well in hospitality sector, foreign services, exports, nursing. This is good period for who are already spiritual. But this period may give over weight and health related problem. Relation and business with foreign lands may possible. Jupiter transit 2015 Virgo peoples may start new relation in foreign lands.

Jupiter transit for Libra or Jupiter transit 2015 in Libra
This is really wonderful period for those who are expecting fruit’s after karma’s. Now time came for fulfilling your desire of money, authority, property and stability in life. Jupiter transits the 11th house from your zodiac shows big success of life in this year. This is really very good time for expecting marriage and male child. All round prosperity will continue to be there for Libra. It is a great time to network and expand your social circles and community.

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Jupiter transit for Scorpio or Jupiter transit 2015 in Scorpio
This is one of the best times for gaining in service, reputation, fame, wealth in life. Jupiter transits the 10th house from your zodiac shows positive gains or change in career. Government job or government will favour your action. Those who are in politics will see many gains in his profile. Jupiter transit 2015 Scorpio will get the favour of your bosses and subordinates this year. This is an excellent time for recognition or a promotion if you have been working towards advancement in your career. Property and vehicle gain will come in this year.

Sun Mahadasha mean King size life start:

Jupiter transit for Sagittarius or Jupiter transit 2015 in Sagittarius
Jupiter transits the 9th house will be blessed with good fortune and luck in the coming year, visiting holy places, getting blessings of saints, long journeys, getting royal favour will be this year. Jupiter transit 2015 Sagittarius is good time for philosophy, learning, writing, advertising and promotion. Jupiter passing through the 9th house will activate your luck and amend many of the pending tasks and projects, Your confidence and reputation will be enhanced, Long due promotions can be expected in your favour, those in higher education and research will do well, those expecting children will be blessed by Jupiter. It is a good time to start religious works.

Jupiter transit for Capricorn or Jupiter transit 2015 in Capricorn
This is bad transit for money gains and promotion and be careful with your investments, this is a time for savings, you will get interested in the occult, spiritual pursuits, yoga etc. You should need to take care for sudden health issues may upset. This in turn expands your hope and optimism as you experience a new sense of freedom and surrender. Jupiter transit 2015 Capricorn or Jupiter transit 2015 makara rasi overall average.

Jupiter transit for Aquarius or Jupiter transit 2015 in Aquarius
Jupiter transits the 7th house from your zodiac shows business, partnership, marriage for many of you, you will be having an all-round prosperity as Jupiter aspects the ascendant making you cheerful & happy, it aspects the 11th and 3rd giving good financial prosperity and benefits from friends and short travels. You will make good contacts in the coming year which will prove beneficial to you in future. Jupiter transit 2015 kumbha rasi make the most of your good time.

Jupiter transit for Pieces or Jupiter transit 2015 in Pieces
This Jupiter transit will give you growth in work place, victory on enemies, post gain, fame game will see this year. This year will give you foreign travel surely.  Your work environment will be pleasant as problems with others seem to smooth out now and there is a general flow to your schedule. Health will be a concern for many of you in the coming year. You can expect a really good time in career if you take care of your health, finances will be good and you will make good money/profits this year. Spiritual progress is on the cards in this year for Jupiter transit 2015 meena rasi.

Remedies for Jupiter transit in 2014: Jupiter in Leo is going to be placed in the 5th house of natural zodiac which is known purva-punya, so do some welfare task for your elder’s family member (specially grand pa or grand ma) or ancestors. Everyone should involve in socialism and for welfare of society and in some kind of donation. Jupiter transit 2015 astrology.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ketu Mahadasha in Astrology

Master of spirituality wants to take you another world, where satisfaction, peace and moksha are there. On other side this mahadasha for some particular ascendant or in materialistic charts shows very bad results. ketu mahadasha how many years answer is for 7 years (ketu dasa how many years). This 7 year (ketu mahadasha duration) mahadasha will be good for those who have Sun/Jupiter strong in chart rather than Venus/Mercury/Moon but in few specific cases this rules will not work, because calculation in astrology depends on many factors. People born in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius ascendant will enjoy the most benefits of Ketu Mahadasa.  Ketu mahadasha oh my god, we always thinks negative about ketu but this is not true, baba ramdev, ravishankar, Deepak chopra, Mahatama Gandhi even Your astrologer Prateek Bhatt have blessings of ketu. Ketu mahadasha effects gives very powerful Raja yoga these people sudden rise in career or sudden rise in front of world, Ketu presence in kendra or trikona then there could be great gains in life. Ketu mahadasha predictions good or bad need to analyse carefully because ketu is virtual planet and especially ketu has much dependency on other planets and placement. Overall ketu mahadasha 7 years gives enlighten your life.

Read effects of Ketu in each houses:

Ketu (ketu mahadasha antardasha) will give inner strength and more involvement in spirituality where you can find out way of life or philosophy of life or why you came in this world or why materialism never gives inner peace and peaceful life, such many questions-answers you will get easily in this dasha if ketu strong in your chart. This will more involve you in spiritual world rather than materialistic world. Mahadasha of ketu brings about detachment form material world. Most people have always experienced some sort of hardship regarding the house where Ketu was placed in. Starting phase of ketu (ketu mahadasha ketu antardasha) slowly develop your intrest towards good and religious deeds.

ketu mahadasha jyotish turns your interest towards yoga, meditation, finding truth of life, more religious and spiritual, astrological knowledge, occult knowledge and tantra knowledge during Ketu's mahasasha or antra dasha. Ketu originally represents moksha, sorrow, detachment, spirituality, meditation, enlightenment, yoga`s, separate life for spirituality,  interest in occult knowledge, hidden facts of life, past karmas, isolation, temples, self-realization. This dasha may give sudden detachment from family, wealth, materialistic world and people go for inner peace. Ketu is dissatisfied planet because of lower portion of body means no eyes to see the world, so many times it gives unknown dissatisfaction even people have all things in life but unknown dissatisfaction will be there.

Love marriage in Astrology:

Ketu Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology: Ketu mahadasha gives good results in Kendra/trikona but not in all Kendra such as if the native's Ketu is in the 7th house then there could be divorce, sudden separation, detachment or lack of interest in marriage, partnership, business or career in general since 7th house is 10th from the 10th. Ketu in 10th house gives sudden break on career and peoples start different path in career. Ketu in 5th house can suddenly show separation from children. Ketu consider good in Upachaya houses where he performs well for the native. When Ketu occupies on 3rd, 6th and 11th house of the horoscope, then it yield favourable results.

Ketu mahadasha period can give success in two ways that is either by giving huge amount of wealth and popularity so that the person will get satisfied and thinks for human welfare and moves in spiritual path. Or by making the person sufferer like anything and make him think that he or she wants to finish up all the duties on this birth and travel towards Moksha. Mahadasha of ketu and its effects is given below:

Read effects of Jupiter in Astrology:

Good effects of Ketu Mahadasha or ketu mahadasha good effects:
  • Mahadasha of exalted ketu gives extreme growth in life.
  • ketu mahadasha benefits happiness will prevail and a lot of wealth will be attained.
  • Ketu mahadasha results Food, land and house may be attained.
  • Ketu Mahadasha gives spiritual growth.
  • Ketu mahadasha cure or ketu mahadasha pooja is worship lord Ganesha.
Bad effects of Ketu Mahadasha:
  • Debilitated ketu mahadasha gives struggles in all time.
  • Ketu mahadasha last phase physical hardships may increase and ailments are possible.
  • There may be obstacles in the acquisition of education and wealth, accident or fall from a vehicle, migration abroad and losses in agriculture are foreseen.
  • Ketu mahadasha last 2 years may give an interest in sinful deeds arising out of conflicts, lack of prudence and mental restlessness.
  • There may be hardships caused by those in positions of authority, and fear of theft, poison, water, fire, weapons and friends.
  • Ketu mahadasha bad effects shows failure, loss of wealth, children and spouse, harm and trouble caused by the state.
  • Ketu mahadasha last bhukti may be loss of happiness, fear of vehicles, fire and public criticism.
  • Ketu mahadasha career shows break or sudden change in career.
  • Ketu mahadasha marriage not consider good.
  • Ketu mahadasha divorce may possible or marriage in ketu mahadasha not consider good.
  • Ketu mahadasha health may affect badly.
  • Ketu mahadasha death may possible or threat for death possible if very badly placed ketu in horoscope.
  • Ketu mahadasha ending results or ketu mahadasha ending period depends on planet placement.
  • ketu mahadasha remedies is chant ketu mahadasha remedies mantra which is available my site.
  • Peoples can wear ketu mahadasha stone will be good for impact of mahadasha of ketu.
  • Remedies for mahadasha of ketu is do service for your grandfather.
  • ketu mahadasha with sade sati gives bad results if both planet not well placed.
  • Ketu mahadasha time is not always bad.
  • Ketu mahadasha upay or ketu mahadasha ke upay is to do the service for handicapped peoples.
  • Ketu mahadasha calculator, you can find in internet. Ketu mahadasha effects in hindi or ketu mahadasha hindi (ketu mahadasha phal in hindi) you can translate from my website. Ketu mahadasha mantra or ketu mahadasha nivaran (ketu mahadasha remedies in hindi) you can find in this website in search option.
Saturn in Astrology:

Now you can read Ketu mahadasha in hindi from translator available in my website.
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mercury Mahadasha in Astrology

Mercury gives smart work not hard work and it shows smart work with full of intelligence and this is the key of success for today`s professional world. Mercury knows how to use intelligently combination of smart work and hard work. Mercury mahadasha duration for 17 years and it will be very good for health, wealth and peace in life if well placed in horoscope.

                        "कमजोर बुध जितना शारीरिक श्रम उतना "

Mercury is planet of intelligence, so its dasha directly impact on our intelligence and education, if it will come in early age then education will be very high and beneficial, if it will come in middle age then people will shine in work place and receives extra-ordinary attention. In later age, it will give political power also.
This is only planet which can give you multitalented skills, multitasking on same time; even it shows more than 2 source of income as well.
Mercury mahadasha benefits (budha mahadasha details), Mercury is known as budh means budh mahadasha gives buddhi and you will show your intelligence in all your dealings.

Read effects of mercury in sign and house:

Mercury mahadasha interpretation: Mercury mahadasha effects controls our intelligence, creativity, higher studies, management skill, negotiation skills, communication, studies, writing skills, speech, fast understanding and business sense. In the time period of Mercury one will tend to suddenly focus on speech, communication, and writing, promotion at work or gaining profit in business deals. Mercury period will insist you to more focus on your speech and interact to peoples as much as possible. You will fond of love to meet new peoples and try to impress them with your way of speech and ideas. You will become successful politician, comedian, anchor, trader, dealer, generalist, fire brand speaker, lawyer and banker.

Mercury mahadasha vedic astrology: They will be clever, witty, very friendly, easy going and talkative. They will judge people very clearly and are very good public speakers. They will see great success in public domain work or public related work and enjoys home-vehicle, finance, share-market and trading. They are very good commission agents like life insurance, any seller, marketing executive, real estate broker, marriage broker, dealer, mediators, communicator and intelligence related work. They will also shine in politics when Sun is placed well on their chart. A person with strong mercury placement can choose his field into science, technology, computer related field, bank and account related, charted accountants and any research including Ph.D. or Doctors. They knows how to use time for their goals.

Twins birth in astrology:

When Mercury is malefic planet or debilitated mercury mahadasha, the person will be bad speaker, bad manager, slow understanding, reserved and hesitate to speak in public. They have less confidence to present themselves in front of public. They will be shy in nature they will do hard-work not smart work. They cannot judge people clearly and will not be in good studies. They will lose money if they enter into trading. When mercury is very badly placed on a chart, the person will have nervous disorder and can become mentally challenged. Long back I wrote Autistic article, autism disease because of badly placed mercury in 6th house.

Mystery of Autism revealed by Prateek Bhatt first time in Astrology:

The person in Mercury  or Budh Maha dasha (exalted mercury mahadasha) would attain excellence in this period through his/her creativity, intellectual and determination and would grow towards a acknowledgeable height along with financial and social growth of the person.

Good effects of mercury mahadasha:
  • In mahadasha of mercury people can gain money through friends, contacts with big people, dear to powerful man and family members.
  • Budha dasha shows excellence in higher education, skills in speech and crafts.
  • Master of time management.
  • Mahadasha of mercury astrology gives love and respect for elders, teachers, and intelligence may increase.
  • Budha mahadasha meaning interest in home, land, construction and gain of new clothes, vehicles and jewellery is possible.
  • Mercury mahadasha phal gives gains through trading gold.
  • Mercury mahadasha predictions shows life will be live happily with health, wealth and fame.

Bad effects of mercury mahadasha:
  • Mercury mahadasha results cheat from partner or friends, fear of enemies and those in high places may prevail.
  • Budha bhukti gives unhappiness, sorrow and painful relation from mother side relatives.
  • There may be obstacles in celebrating festivities, opposition with dear ones.
  • Inclination towards sinful deeds and harm to wealth, land, agriculture and cows may occur.
  • Trouble may come in many forms. There is mental unhappiness, enmity with the family and state, and public criticism. Eye ailments are possible.
  • Laziness, physical hardships, ailments loss of appetite, ear problems, etc. may prevail during the Mahadasha of Mercury.
  • Mercury bhukti may give possibility of migration or transfer.
  • There is a possibility of residence abroad, and hurdles to happiness, anxiety and worry prevail.
  • Mercury planet mahadasha may give gastric problems.
  • Mercury mahadasha remedies or mercury mahadasha upay worship lord Vishnu.

Now you can read mercury mahadasha in hindi from translator available in my website.
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Saturn Mahadasha in Astrology

Saturn known as hard task master so its dasha also will give you opportunity for hard task. Saturn mahadasha in vedic astrology (Saturn mahadasha of 19 years) wants hard-work if you are doing then you will achieve your target otherwise this will be tough dasha. Saturn is planet of discipline, patience, delay, slow and steady growth. Saturn gives excellent results in upachaya houses such as 3rd, 6th and 11th which are about gains and money. Saturn mahadasha interpretation is started now.

Saturn shows your inner strength, inner unfinished work which you will do in shani mahadasha, this time period not only good for wealth, post even this period will teach you your life time lesson. You may deny your relation and family in starting phase of period but end of Saturn dasha you will realize you done wrong here and you should try to compensate your mistakes.Many hidden task, sudden nature and behaviour change you will feel in satrun time period. Many dark side relation and dark side hidden truth will come to you. You should finish your unfinished task especially for friends and family which saturn generally denies.

Start phase of Saturn mahadasha (saturn mahadasha saturn antardasha or shani mahadasha shani antardasha) gives opportunity in jobs/finance within 2 year of period but same time I saw peoples performed too much work for receiving that much results. Saturn mahadasha effects all about results depends on its placement in particular houses; well-placed retrograde Saturn gives you new heights in work place mainly administration or more authority place. Direct Saturn gives more hard-work with position but less administration. This concept you can use during mahadasha of Saturn but Saturn should be well placed otherwise retro Saturn may give many problems as well.

Read Below Saturn effects in house and sign:

For example: Suppose in any college you are vice principle mean authority post and you are doing more hard-work also then principle because principle busy with public interaction (More administrative) rather than arrangement of college. It shows indirectly you are governing college but from backside, this is the magic of direct and retrograde Saturn.

Saturn dasha represents karmas, dark-side of life, hard-work, truth, reality of life, ambition, lessons of life, land-property (2nd karak of land after mars), pressure, sorrow, and pains in life, so these areas will impact during Saturn mahadasha. Saturn rules jail, prison, labour workers, hospital, handicapped and old-aged people. Saturn rules bones, teeth, skin, bones and joints. Strong Saturn placement especially in 9/10 or ascendant gives astrology knowledge and hidden knowledge in his dasha period. Saturn mahadasha end (Saturn mahadasha last phase) shows stable post and stable life if Saturn well placed.

Take consultation from your astrologer Prateek Bhatt and enjoy life with wealth, health and peace:

Saturn mahadasha benefits shows Law and justice in life, perfection, spirituality, detachment, concentration, dutifulness, honesty, sincerity, stability, longevity, responsibility, continuous stable growth, and consistency. Weak causes continuous and painful diseases, leg fracture, skin diseases, paralysis, arthritis, gout, thinness, rickets, indigestion, insanity, coldness, windy diseases, impotence in men, asthma, holding of urine, intestinal obstacle.

Saturn gives us to take workload and finish in time (Saturn must be good) but it gives overtime work also. Their job nature will more work alcoholic and manual or you can say more hard work as compare to other planets mahadasha.

The shani mahadasha rises up to new heights in government and public domain. When Saturn is a benefic planet on a chart, then native will see great success and popularity in his or her life, especially in power position in middle age of life. Saturn gives good success in leather, property, electric, mines and political related career. There is no surprise even if he becomes world famous and become richer person. People running favourable Shani Mahadasa will see great fortunes in any business or jobs. They will be placed in a very high position in their career (saturn mahadasha career). Many business men, Actors, Constructor, builders, bureaucrats, and spiritual leaders arise during Saturn Mahadasha. A debilitated Saturn dasha may give the lower jobs such as mine labour, sweeper, blacksmith, construction work. Saturn mahadasha good or bad depends on such factors.

Is Saturn dhaiya is really bad for you:

Saturn (Sani) Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology
When Saturn is badly placed in horoscope, then Saturn mahadasha gives less wealth, poverty. Their family life will become miserable. They will see slowness in anything they do; even many targets not finished after hard work or you can say No Results. This time may send you in jail as well depend on some particular combination such as 6th house badly placed mars aspecting 12th house badly placed Saturn. They will look much older compared to their age.
  • Good effects of Saturn Mahadasha:
  • Yogakaraka Saturn mahadasha or saturn mahadasha for libra ascendant is very beneficial if well placed Saturn in horoscope
  • Good saturn mahadasha shows some sort of authority in the city, village or society may be acquired.
  • Leader, administrator and coal mines related work will be good.
  • Modesty, intelligence and knowledge are enhanced.
  • Saturn mahadasha phal shows happiness may be from government and servant.
  • Saturn mahadasha good effects give vehicles, clothes, gold and wealth.
  • Saturn mahadasha period shows faith in God and interest in the construction of temples may prevail.
  • Effect of saturn mahadasha may bring name and fame to the family.
  • Saturn mahadasha positive results show immovable assets, government vehicle and wealth will be attained.
Truth of Rahu-Ketu, never read before:

Bad effects of Saturn Mahadasha:
  • Bad Saturn mahadasha gives health related issue mainly back-bone, headache, lower part of body may affected.
  • Bad saturn or ill placed saturn dasha shows father may be harmed or may expire.
  • Maha Dasha of Saturn, wealth, spouse, children, siblings and servants maybe harmed.
  • Debilitated Saturn mahadasha shows bad feed maybe consumed and one may be defamed.
  • shani mahadasha astrology land may be lost.
  • There may be fear of demotion or suspension and imprisonment by the government.
  • During the Maha Dasha of Saturn, there may be restlessness and fear of the powerful, thieves, fire and poison.
  • The spouse may suffer and elders in the family may be in pain.
  • Saturn mahadasha with sade sati is bad sometimes.
  • shani mahadasha calculator (shani mahadasha details) you can check that dasha.

Saturn mahadasha remedies/saturn mahadasha upay/ remedies shani mahadasha is chant mantra of shani on every Saturday.
ऊं प्रां प्रीं प्रौं : शनये नम: ||

Shani mahadasha hindi you can translate this article from English to hindi.

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