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Guru Chandal Yoga In Astrology or Jupiter & Rahu Conjunction

Jupiter with Rahu or guru Rahu same house conjunction is known as guru chandal yoga or guru chandal dosh. The Guru (teacher) and Chandal (demon) create this Yoga (union). In very simple words I will define you Jupiter and Rahu first in single line:

  • Rahu always gives wealth, power, and ambition but never gives peace, happiness and stability in life.
  • Jupiter is totally opposite, it gives wealth, power, intelligence but with stability, peace and happiness.
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The conjunction will last for around one year which means that all persons born during the year will have Guru Chandala yoga. But due to cancellation of guru chandal yoga or sometimes this yoga become benefit guru chandal yoga will give good results also. I always tell to my readers “every coin has two sides”, yes I know, you know also this is style of Bhatt’s articles.
In Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter is known as Teacher which means the guide. Jupiter is considered as a Brahmin and teacher of god. He knows the scriptures, Vedas and is considered as most benefic planet. This planet shows principled, Rules-maker, spiritualism, honesty, religious nature and makes the individual principled. Jupiter also signifies growth, knowledge, wealth, religion, higher values, great teacher, saint, intelligent minister and path maker for life.

राहु की माया, केतु का जाल
जो समझ पाया, उसका हुआ बुरा हाल

What is Rahu: Rahu is known to be shadow planet. It shows virtual or illusion, addiction (Moh-maya). It is known to be the head of a serpent. It is highly intelligent and poisonous but Greediness, rule breaking, disregards culture, disrespectful, never follows rules and regulations, but wants to implement their own rules and regulations on everyone or for society. It is the very opposite of Ketu which shows Hidden pains and sorrow, secluded, desire for moksha and spiritualism because Ketu is lower part of body without head he cannot see the world so he want to moksha and spiritualism and liberation of our soul. Rahu gives illusions of this world. It is highly materialistic and gives the desires of this world. It provides material riches to the native and creates ambition to achieve more but it does not give happiness. Rahu-Ketu does not have a nature of its own. It takes on the qualities of the planet it is with or the sign it occupies and gives the results accordingly.

Guru rahu yuti (guru rahu yuti in 1st house)depends on many condition, we cannot conclude good or bad results of benefic/malefic Jupiter in the birth chart from single point. Guru rahu together is not always inauspicious. If a Rahu Jupiter combination of a benefic Jupiter and a benefic Sun and Ketu is present in an individual’s astrological birth chart, the native may become a celebrity due to strong influence of such beneficial yoga.  Jupiter conjunction north node is strong then it produce successful and religious person if bad then cunning and immoral.

Why it can give bad results because Jupiter has immense intelligence that can use by Rahu & Rahu can dominate Jupiter in the Horoscope and uses Jupiter energy in wrong deeds.

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Conditions: What is chandal dosha in kundli
  • Which planet more powerful Jupiter or Rahu in horoscope
  • Which planet getting aspect from friends’ planet
  • Constellation of planet favorable or bad.
  • How near both planet degrees wise
  • Which sign these planets there?
  • Any other planet has conjunction with this yoga.
  • Strength of Jupiter and Rahu in D-9 or guru chandal yoga in navamsa chart
  • Jupiter Rahu conjunction benefic or malefic
Benefic or good effects of guru chandal yoga:
  • In conjunction if Jupiter is strong then it may give name-fame with wealth.
  • It can give immense wealth and huge social status.
  • People become saint, political leader or any social leader.
  • Deterministic, scholar, scientist, religious mind.

Malefic or bad effects of guru chandal yoga:
  • Fake teacher, cunning and smuggler, earn from charitable trust.
  • Cheating, big fraud and corruption, fraud in NGO.
  • Loose character, immoral deeds if influence with Venus or Saturn
  • If this yoga bad in D-1 as well as D-9 also then it becomes one of worst yoga in the chart.
Example: Sagittarius ascendant, Jupiter and Rahu in Pisces and there is close conjunction of Venus in same house within 5 degree with Rahu. It shows Jupiter has ascendant and own house placement but still 4th house exalted Venus (Nakhstra also matters) gives power to Rahu because close conjunction with Rahu makes people scandalous (affairs, immoral deeds) and less peace in amily. Here Rahu destroys good effects of Jupiter with help of Venus and gives what he wants.

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The effects of Guru Chandal Yoga in different houses or guru rahu chandal yoga effects
Guru chandal yoga 1st House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 1st house: Guru chandal yoga in lagna(guru chandal yoga in 1st house) or If this Yoga is in Ascendant (Lagna) gives instability in life, sudden down fall in the life or moral character of the person will be questionable. The person will be self-centered, but wealth gains and in money matters he will be lucky. When yoga is strong, the person will have no regard for spiritual values. If Jupiter is strong and benefic, the person will be well behaved and learned.

Guru chandal yoga 2nd house or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 2nd house: Guru chandal yoga in 2nd house and Jupiter is benefic, individual will be wealthy and will have good strong career, assets, home or if Jupiter is malefic, there is indication for, worries, mental stress, financial losses and family problems.

Guru chandal yoga 3rd House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 3rd house: Guru chandal yoga in 3rd house native will be very courageous, born leader and lucky. People may have brothers and take benefits from them. If Jupiter is malefic native will have loss of brother, low confidence, even the native may be notorious.

Guru chandal yoga 4th House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 4th house: Guru chandal yoga in 4th house shows good education and native will be sharp, intelligent, witted and government job. Person will have own house or property, if aspected by benefic planets. If Jupiter is malefic, there will be disturbances in family life and may involve in immoral deeds.

Guru chandal yoga 5th House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 5th house: Guru chandal yoga in 5th house, If Jupiter is malefic or afflicted, then there may be troubles in having children or troubles through children. Education also suffers and bad luck due to bad deeds of last birth. People may have self-centered nature. Jupiter is benefic, and then native will be learned, intelligent, wealthy, well-educated and lucky regarding progeny.

Guru chandal yoga 6th House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 6th house: Guru chandal yoga in 6th house confers native will achieve success and wealth; however, there can be issues with health. Jupiter and Rahu malefic then may have some problems with enemies and court-case. It may give disease in lower part of body, difficult to identify disease and mental problems in office.

Guru chandal yoga 7th House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 7th house: Guru chandal yoga in 7th  house affects marriage. Guru chandal yoga and marriage , this is not good placement for marriage, sometimes one partner cheat others, If Jupiter is afflicted by malefic planets, there will be troubles in married life. If this placement has strength then gives very good business sense and political success.

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Guru chandal yoga 8th House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 8th house: Guru chandal yoga in 8th house and Jupiter is not well placed, accidents, injuries or destruction is indicated during periods of Jupiter or malefic planets. The native suffers from colic pains or he may suffer from the injuries near the naval. These injuries are likely to give lifelong scars.  If tis conjunction is benefic then gives knowledge of occult, scientist, great healer and yoga guru.

Guru chandal yoga 9th House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 9th house: Guru chandal yoga in 9th house bad often. 9th house one of the most strongest house, If this conjunction badly placed then gives struggle in life, punishment from government, sudden loss, unstable job, unhappiness because of partner, sudden loss of money and job. Jupiter aspect 3rd house may give problems with co-born. If well placed Jupiter is there then it can give very religious mind, peoples may face some problem in life but their positive attitude gives strength to regain again. The native will achieve success through all means. They may success in late age and faraway place from birth.

Guru chandal yoga 10th House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 10th house: Guru chandal yoga in 10th house gives unstable career. A person born under Guru Chandal Yoga in the tenth house will lack moral courage but there will be no obstruction in getting wealth and material prosperity. He will own many houses and commercial properties. This placement not strong then may give very unstable career, loss of wealth, bad relation with higher authority.

Guru chandal yoga 11th House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 11th house: Guru chandal yoga in 11th house not good. This placement may give huge amount of money but from wrong places. Sudden loss and gains of money also seen from this yoga. If this Yoga is strong and benefic in the eleventh house, there will be influx of money, though the money may come through wrong channels. The native will enjoy a luxurious life.

Guru chandal yoga 12th House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 12th house: Guru chandal yoga in 12th house.This yoga can delivers highly presided saints but spot in his spiritual career will be there. It shows spiritual aspirations will be wrong channels and the persons thinking will not be right or what they think is always wrong. When Jupiter is strong and occupies a benefic or favorable house (Bhava), the Yoga becomes beneficial and effects of Guru- Chandal yoga are minimized. If aspected by benefic planets, then native will be very active in religious activities.

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Guru chandal dosh remedy or remedies for guru chandal dosha
Guru chandal dosha nivaran is important, you should just do some simple remedy.
  • Wearing Rudraksha.
  • Wearing energized Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone. 
  • Take care of a cow everyday
  • Always go to the temple and offer your services there
  • Eat turmeric and daan of turmeric
  • Care of your mother or mother in law.
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Ketu In All Zodiac Sign

As I told you many times, rahu-ketu results totally depend on nakshatra, sign, degree, house placement, conjunction etc. So don’t jump on conclusion on behalf of Ketu astrology sign or placement, they takes strength or air-water for living life from other planets. Planet Ketu in your horoscope plays important role for achieving extra ordinary success in the life. Ketu qualities you will get to know after reading my all articles on Ketu. Ketu graha is one of the important planet for everyone`s life because Ketu is prime significatior of moksha, Ketu gives moksha. Ketu is lower part of body has thrust to getting moksha.  Ketu aspects, ketu beej mantra, ketu colour, ketu graha shanti, ketu japa mantra, ketu ke upay, ketu kavacham, ketu nature, ketu negative effects, ketu qualities, ketu remedies, ketu stone, kethu temple all are burning question in peoples mind, i will try to describe all in upcoming article.

BEEJ MANTRA FOR KETU-  “Om shram shreem shrom sah ketve namah “

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Ketu in Aries Vedic astrology: Ketu in Aries is one of the good placements. Ketu in mesha gives fiery attitude and commanding administrator.  Ketu in Aries gives political attitude and easy success in public domain. This Ketu sometimes become dominative and especially very bad in 7th house if Venus-Jupiter also not well placed. Ketu in Aries may give cut on the head, headache or some injury related with head if badly placed. He may not get materialistic comforts and luxuries.

Ketu in Taurus Vedic astrology: This is bad placement of Ketu because Ketu never understand feelings of this sign, Taurus represent love, care, feelings, touches which is not the part of Taurus placed Ketu. Ketu in vrisabha also known for debilitated Ketu and this placement gives hurdles in luxury and in love-life. They feel hurdles in family life and in domestic affairs. The influence of Ketu in Taurus could turn the natives in the immoral direction besides making them more stubborn and egoistic in attitude. 

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Ketu in Gemini Vedic astrology: Ketu in Gemini is not again good placement for Ketu because this placement did not like mercury witty nature and his intellectual and sharp mind. Ketu in Gemini sign would be more free living and would carry a more unstable mind with the lack of firm thoughts. Ketu in Gemini sign may produce witty, clever saint who knows how to attract public. Ketu in mithun may give some problem with speaking and sometimes in development of brain. He will achieve substantial knowledge and involved in the occult.

Ketu in Cancer Vedic astrology: Ketu in Cancer gives average results it depends on nakshtra and moon placement.  If this placement is strong in the chart then it can give extreme heights in spirituality and in public domain or if badly placed then individuals may possess instable mind and fluctuating life path. Moon which is owner of this house gives management skills to the native. Ketu in kark means Ketu and moon combination shows religious mind as well. These peoples endowed with grace and idealism has much sympathy for others.

Ketu in Leo Vedic astrology: Ketu in Leo zodiac sign gives powerful administrative quality and late success in life but it gives surely depends on strength and nakstara and others factors. Ketu in Leo sign known for good public dealing and management ability with money benefits. These peoples acquire wealth easily and know how to rotate wealth in proper place. Ketu in singha gives success in politics and in public domain. Ketu in Leo was very much self-centered in his past life and had no time for others because Ketu shows emptiness and sun is a public planet, Ketu in his sign shows past life missing areas. He will have the tendency to neglect home or office daily routine or don’t want to take responsibility of administration which generally sun shows.

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Ketu in Virgo Vedic astrology: Ketu in Virgo gives intelligent and managerial skill to the native but mainly depends on mercury placement and strength in the chart. Ketu is satvik planet so in this earthy sign does feels good and if mercury also not well placed then this placement gives negative results in property and wealth. Ketu in kanya and Rahu opposite in Pisces which shows person has thrust for achieve something extraordinary it may be in spiritual also. Ketu in Virgo combination are perceived to be more practical in their approach.

Ketu in Libra Vedic astrology: Ketu in Libra shows authority and hardworking peoples who knows very well how to deal public and react in crowd or in front of media. If Venus also well placed then it will be boon for person. Ketu in Libra sign more in public dealings it may politics or bank or any direct interaction with public. Ketu in tula gives stubborn nature and hard-taskmaster if Saturn also well placed in the chart. Ketu in Libra peoples are the people who would be highly dependent upon their relations or family. These peoples engaged in higher spiritual learning and good things in life are the main pursuits of his soul. 

Ketu in Scorpio Vedic astrology: This is one of the best placement for Ketu, in this watery sign Ketu feels bless with Scorpio sharpness and never to die attitude, these peoples very hard-worker and strong and authorative by nature. These peoples would be stronger at mind and would carry a harsh personality.  This is very good placement for occult science and for spiritualism. These type peoples involves deeply in any subject or field. Ketu in vrischika is good placement for tantric, occult and become spiritual guru. This is also known for exalted Ketu position.

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Ketu in Sagittarius Vedic astrology: Ketu in Sagittarius gives very intelligent spiritual leader who got name-fame suddenly after age of 34. These peoples involves in spiritualism if other planet supports then it gives great heights in the life. These people intelligent by nature and give respect to elders and respected in society. Ketu in dhanu known for Ketu exalted which gives big success in religious fields. They preferred life of freedom and independence.  
Ketu-Jupiter combination shows quiet serious approach towards life and lacking at the side of fun.

Ketu in Capricorn Vedic astrology: Ketu in Capricorn sign is average placement but it can also give good results it depends on Saturn and which house placed. As I told earthy sign is opposite nature of Ketu, so overall Ketu not feels very comfortable in this sign but if well placed then gives keen interest in new ideas and enterprises if they relate to comforts. Mars with Ketu then this placement gives extreme heights in property dealing or as builder of many lands. Generally these peoples have satisfaction and patience. These peoples suddenly do well after age of 28 and slowly grow in life but reaches in good recognized position. Ketu in makar mean Ketu and Saturn combination shows patience and dutiful nature.

Ketu in Aquarius Vedic astrology: Ketu in Aquarius sign shows good results in later part of life. These people are very strict and stubborn by nature and some problems come in inheritance. Ketu has thrust to achieve everything and Saturn sign Aquarius is not permits easily for success. These type person very dominative sometimes and may be relation with children not in good shape. This placement sometimes restrictive for property and vehicle mainly in initial part of life, after 43 home and vehicle pleasure comes in the life. Ketu in kumbha have tendency to take typical task and prove them on every task. This placement of Ketu shows peoples will build many houses and will travel in foreign lands.

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Ketu in Pisces Vedic astrology: Ketu in Pisces sign shows dreamy nature and thrust for achieving special something in the life. If well-placed Jupiter in the chart then it gives moksha and spiritual life. These people do well work for society and very humble in nature and gives respect and regard to every elder. These peoples life involves in religious deeds and they serve for temple, church, mosque and become famous in later part of life. Ketu in meena have tendency of Jupiter, Jupiter is friend of Ketu helps in religious deeds, getting moksha and sudden access to much wealth.

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